Friday, October 10, 2014


I am finishing my fall decor today. I bought a large pumpkin yesterday at the farm to go with the mum and my Mr. Pumpkin head for the front door area. No body for Mr. Pumpkin this year just his head will sit on the steps on a little metal table. I need to add a few more touches to my kitchen window decor and hang my ghoul and skeleton. Same things every year but I am one that loves tradition the same items going up every year brings me contentment. About the only new thing I buy in the line of holiday decor every year is candles. I have orange mini lights that will die out at some point, this year I have them strung through my wine racks. Every year it seems I put them somewhere new. I love them as they give such a cozy glow in the evening.

I got so much accomplished yesterday it must have been because of that caffeine high! Same thing is happening today. One coffee pod made in the Keurig pot and I am flying. It is a good thing today as I sleep like hell last night. First of all about midnight I had a allergy attack with much sneezing so two hours later and empty box of Kleenex that event was finally over. Then I was fighting leg and toe cramps. Good grief I was about ready to give up but finally early morning I slept for a couple solid hours. So the coffee was much appreciated this morning as I needed a big lift.

Today I will remove the rest of the patio furniture from the deck that we will not be using this winter. We do keep the table and chairs out on the deck snuggled partially under the eaves. The big grill will be housed in the garage as soon as hubby gets home and the two of us roll it out there. We have our small charcoal grill on a stand with wheels that we will keep on the deck under the eaves, which reminds me I must get a little cover for it.

Last night we dined on an array of veggies stir fried in the wok. I served them over rice. I bought two huge bags of veggies and fruit at the farm yesterday morning.
For tonights meal we are having pulled cuban style pork sammies on toasted burger buns with sloppy horseradish sauce and slaw to the side or tossed on the sandwich too.

This is what I did to the pork loin roast. I made a rub of kosher salt, black pepper, cayenne(a wee bit) cumin, coriander, brown sugar, garlic powder and paprika. I patted the rub in good to both sides of the pork roast. Then laid the roast in the slow cooker lined with a slow cooker bag(only way to go). Then I made a mixture of three parts apple cider and one part apple cider vinegar and poured along the edges of the roast. The rub with a sweet hot combination of spices will meld nicely with the tang of the cider and vinegar as it all slowly cooks together.
After it is fork tender I will shred it for the sammies.

It is another beautiful day here in Eugene. Lots of warm sunshine in the mid seventies today. Our street trees have yet to change color. But the trees has gone dormant as there are few leaves now fading and there is little blotches of bright color here and there. 

Tonight we will watch a college football game and tomorrow night the OREGON game.
Again I must say how much I love this time of year. The weather, the geese flying over with their big honks, the football games droning on in the background, the changing foliage of the trees, and apples from the farmers fields adding their sweet scent to the cool air.

Well I am anxious to get back to decorating. I am having a fun day today after such busy busy days.
See you all tomorrow.

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