Monday, March 31, 2014


Here are my parents in March 1983. Just a year later in March my father died.
As I was cleaning out my linen closet yesterday my mind was flooded with thoughts of Mom and Dad. I let go of two older small size quilts that they had sent me. Dad cut the squares and Mom sewed them together. I have so many quilts I still have five left. How many quilts can I use?  My kids have as many as they need and they made quilts for all the grand kids too.
The little vest my Mom has on in this photo was knitted by me. Yes I used to knit. Knitting is hard. It is so much easier to crochet. I made quite a few sweaters knitted and crocheted in the seventies.
This photo was taken at their home in Longview Washington.
Love Mom's big eye glasses. Remember the days of the extra large glasses? I know I had sunglasses that covered most of my face. Probably not a bad thing considering skin cancer.

Today is laundry day for me. The hamper was full again. Most of the laundry is hubby's work clothes. I am conservative with my clothing since I do not work outside of the home any longer.

Our taco's last night and the beans and rice especially were so tasty. Tonight we are having baked chicken tenders, fresh spinach and cheddar mashed potatoes. I thought I had purchased frozen boneless chicken breasts but when I grabbed the bag out of the freezer this morning they are tenders. Oh well I will just bake a few apiece for us. I salt and pepper my chicken and dredge it in flour, then into beaten egg, then into a half and half mixture of italian bread crumbs and panko. Put them on parchment paper on a baking sheet and sprinkle them with a little paprika and drizzle them with a tad of canola or olive oil. Bake at 425 for about 40 minutes. I turn them over once about half through the baking time and drizzle with more oil. 
This make for a crispy brown crust. Of course if you are using bone-in large chicken breasts you will bake them closer to an hour.
Another thing I sometimes do is add grated parmesan cheese to the final dredge.

Well the dryer is screeching at me so I must attend to it before it drives me insane.
Even though it is Monday, have a good one!

Sunday, March 30, 2014


Hello Sunday. Hello clean and orderly linen closet!
So Sunday usually a lazy day for me was a productive day and once again the back of my SUV is loaded with items for St. Vinney's.
What an assortment this time from sheets, throw pillows, blankets, fabric, lamps, toaster oven, Cool Daddy deep fryer used once (we did not like it). And all sorts of oddities, decor items, silk flowers and plants. How did all those items other than linens wind up there? Well I will tell you. My linen closet is huge. Floor to ceiling it goes the length of the rear hallway by the laundry room. So I have always stored extra items I need like paper towels, paper plates, solo cups, light bulbs etc are tucked in there. I also keep my plastic ware in there in a big bin. My roaster pan, dehydrator, pressure cooker and items I do not use that often are at home there also.
It took me the better part of the day to do this chore and I am so thankful it is done!

My daughter and her husband are moving to a gorgeous home. The kitchen in that home is magazine worthy. I will look forward to cooking there with her. A lovely gas range, I adore cooking on gas, tons of counter space all topped with granite. They will be moving the 10th of May after her hubby gets back from a business trip to Europe. I cannot wait to go after they are settled to have a late celebration of our birthdays. The house is located in what they call the Caulfield area of Oregon City. The house is fairly new being built in 2007. Gina said it is so well made with all the bells and whistles. I guess so, cherry floors, tray ceilings, stone fireplace, arches,lots of tile.  She is so excited like a little kid.

Her daughter, my granddaughter Kali is also moving to her own place. She has been living with Gina and Doug for the past four years so it is time for all of them to have their own space. Her father is helping her buy a condo and she is over the top right now with happiness also as she condo shops. 
And here is my son also a home owner now settled in Central Oregon so a lot of good changes for my family.

Our patty melts were so yummy last night. I love patty melts a fat fix I know but oh so good. I seared the burgers in my black iron skillet but they were medium inside and so juicy with white cheddar oozing out the edges of tuscan pane bread. I love using this bread as it gets so crispy. We had a green salad and italian dressing to go with.
Tonight we are having rice and beans. The recipe calls for small red beans, onions, peppers, stewed tomatoes and topped with cheese. To hang out on the plate with that I am making taco's. Hubby loves this meal.

We have an overwhelming week coming up. We have so much planned to accomplish. For one thing we are getting our new smart phones. I think I want the Blackberry Z10 I am not sure what hubby has in mind. It will be fun to have new phones as we are both in need. Of course we could go on using what we have but I want more technology but I hope the phone is not to smart for me.

I am reading a book now that is blowing my socks off(does anyone ever say that anymore?)
Regardless this book is overwhelmingly sad and heart wrenching in places and is a certainly a page turner not knowing what will happen to all these intriguing characters.

Well I am ready now for a glass of wine. I want to relax a while before it is time to get dinner prep going.

I hope you are having a good Sunday, I have loved mine so far.

Saturday, March 29, 2014


I just could not resist......This little cutie is so bright for six months old. In every photo her personality shines. I love this one. They were at the Oregon coast aquarium looking at the fish in the tanks when this was shot.

We stayed up late playing cards last night and I am feeling the effects today. I am tired. I did sleep ok however. I will recoup soon as I just had bowl of multi grain Cheerios's with soy milk, oh it tasted so good.

This afternoon hubby is going to watch a movie and I will be busy on the computer doing a few things that need doing. Then I will read for a while.
It is gray out today and that does not raise my energy level by any means. If fact it makes me lazy. But I really do not need to do a thing today other the office work.

Tonight for dinner we are going an easy route and making patty melts with white sharp cheddar. I will make a salad of crispy romaine, sliced sweet onions and tomato with creamy italian dressing. It would make the salad even better if I added homemade croutons but due to the fact we already have bread in the sandwiches I will pass on them.

I forgot if I mentioned how delish that linquini and asparagus was. My husbnd especially liked it and requested we have it again. The sauce is what is surprising it is just beaten egg yolk, with finely grated parmesan cheese and cooking liquid from the asparagus with salt and pepper. The entire dish was easy to make and tasted of fresh natural ingredients. So I will post the recipe for you tomorrow.

So off to the shower and finally out my sweats. Here it is almost noon, I am ashamed.

Friday, March 28, 2014


Yes the past few days have been grim. Just as this photo out my door depicts. Dark gloomy and cold.
Today we went into monsoon weather to pick up my mother-in-law to take her to lunch. You cannot believe how hard it was raining the windshield wipers could not keep up. Hubby parked in the reserved parking in front of his mothers unit and left the car running so I could stay warm. When he came out with her in hand it was a torrent. By the time she got settled in the back seat of the SUV all was wet, the seats and my hubby's momma and hubby were sopped. It did not get any better by the time we parked at the mexican eatery. When we all entered the restaurant we were chilled and wet. Is it really the end of March? Oh yes it is Oregon and anything can happen this time of year, how do we forget?

After we warmed up I will say that his momma enjoyed her meal so much and we could tell she was happy to be out enjoying a lunch with her son and his wife,(me). We had a leisurely lunch letting her chat to her hearts content. It was good. The weather turned better as to mean no rain at the moment when we left. I am happy we made the effort as she seemed better today and was very congenial in our company. My husband is such a good man, it filled my heart to see him so tender with his mother. Holding her hand as he walked her to the car and so tenderly helped her inside. He is such a caring son and that just makes me love him all the more.

I wonder how many of you are fans of the show NASHVILLE. We love that show.  Granted it has almost turned into a soap opera. Well who cares? My hubby said, "this reminds of MELROSE PLACE". Well I said, didn't we love that? And he replied yes. Well I rest my case.

I will leave you now as it is Friday night and I am reminded it is a anticipated night and I want to have fun with my husband. The best way to be having fun is with the one you love.

Thursday, March 27, 2014


So what a day I have had......busy, busy!
First of all up at six, fixed my husbands breakfast and lunch and out the door he went. Quickly glanced at the paper and gulped two cups of tea. Tidy'd the house, into the shower and out the door at 8:30.
First stop Freddies a $140 dollars later over to St. Vincent De Paul to unload the back of the SUV, my old treasures for someone else's new treasures.  Then off to another shopping area two stops later racing home.
Hauled in groceries, stored three half cases of soda's in the garage fridge and racked 10 bottles of wine in the wine rack and wine cooler. Then put groceries away while talking to my daughter as she had called. Then after we said goodbye I cleaned veggies and stored them in the fridge bin. Then I got out my ingredients for original toll house cookies. Mixed them up and started baking. While the cookies baked I unloaded the dishwasher. Now that the final batch is out of the oven cooling I am plopped in the comfy computer chair writing this blog after taking a photo of the cookies......lord I am ready to sit down it is after three. I still have the baking mess in the sink soaking however, my back would not let me carry on without a rest.

The visit with my daughter was a good one as always. I love when she calls. I also had communication with my son today he emailed me. He is so darn happy it makes me so happy.....Ah mothers and their children. He was in his office a 2nd bedroom he made into an office. He said it was snowing hard and it was so wonderful to be cozy in his house and writing to me while watching the snow fall.
His big ol' dog was brought in as he has no dog house yet.  He was in the laundry room cozy and dry also. Mike said he ordered him a Igloo Dogloo. They are good dog houses. Insulated and large made like a igloo. It should be delivered in a few days. As the winters are so severe there it is good to have decent warm shelter for the dog so he does not need to be indoors. He is to big for a house dog. So anyhow all seems good with man and his dog in snow country.

I also heard from my old school chum this morning via the email. My schoolmates get together every few months and share news and stories and catch up. How nice that would be. I wonder if I were to see them again if I would remember them. I have been out of touch since I left high school with most of them. If you do not stay in the area I suppose that is what happens. I heard that a couple school friends have passed......sad. The one gal I actually went to grade school with also. She was always the smartest girl in class. Makes you think when we get to this age that you had better not take a thing for granted.

Tonight in my kitchen I am making  fettuccine with asparagus in a light sauce. Sounds good huh? I have not made the recipe before but as this is asparagus time of year and we cannot get enough of that tasty green stuff.  I thought it would be good in a pasta dish. I will report tomorrow.

Well best get at cleaning up my baking mess.
Then to my chair, a glass of nice pinot noir and my book to read until hubby comes through home.
See ya.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Here are some photos taken at various times we visited Death Valley National Park. Top photo left is a hike that hubby and I went on one afternoon. We hiked about four miles up a trail from where we were camped. Before we returned large dark thunder clouds rolled in and it smelled like rain, but it did not. I was happy to be back at the motorhome without being caught in a storm.
Top right. I was getting ready to take my bike off the rack. We biked every morning a few miles before the heat came up. This is not a flattering photo as I was wearing overall shorts that hang like wide sack on your body but they were comfy for riding. Bottom left another bike ride this time to the Mule Team Borax camp. The ride was on pavement and downhill all the way, oh what fun! Well the uphill climb going back to camp was far from fun but I was a trouper and kept up with my hubby. Of course my legs were like jelly when I got off my bike and was so happy to get back. Then my husband said, do you want to ride over the pool? I could have hit him! Last photo on right is at the golf course. They have an array of picnic tables set up among covered wagons and other old artifacts. We would rent a driver and couple buckets of balls occasionally and hit to our hearts content. There rarely was anyone about. We would take a bottle of wine and picnic lunch quite often to this spot. Great memories for us both.

Well another change in plans. My daughter e-mailed last evening. Gina asked if we had plans for the following weekend and if hubby was working then. They both want to come next weekend instead of just Gina coming this weekend. We concurred it would be better as hubby has nothing scheduled for then and the weather is not going to be nice this coming weekend. Besides our guys enjoy one another so much. So next weekend it is. That does give me time now for a few other things I would like to do this week. 
So the guest room is now clean and organized waiting for company. The following weekend after Gina and Doug are here we are having my hubbies brother and wife from Bend for the weekend. As my husbands niece Sarah is arriving from Scotland and everyone wants to see her and meet her boyfriend who is coming with her. He is from Scotland but his family now resides in Holland. He is studying to be a research oceanographer,if I remember right. Also my husbands other niece Kara is graduating after getting her associates degree in business. So there will be a lot going on over the next few weeks.

We have had showers and blustery wind today. Seems more like early March weather. But as I have been busy in the house I have not cared.

Our chicken veggie soup and biscuits were wonderful last evening. Who does not like home made soup on a rainy night? I made enough that we will enjoy the same meal tonight. Those biscuits.. well I will not go on about them again.

I must now make out my menu and grocery list for tomorrows shopping so I will leave you.
Hump day today. Hump day for me when I worked was Thursday as I got Sunday/Monday off. 
Till tomorrow.


Ah spring so enticing with your blue ceiling and your green blanket. Birds, squirrels, bugs and butterflies nibble at what you have brought forth for nourishment. I myself open the windows to your warm breezes and fragrant perfume. We have waited so long so many dreary grim days we have longed for you. When the fog covered us and held us tight we thought of you. When the rains soaked into the earth and pounded on our roof tops we cried out to you. When the sun teased us and the showers came we knew you were on your way. When the plum trees awoke and their pink buds opened we rejoiced and our hearts sang to one another knowing you were finally close.  You made your appearance a few days ago and oh how happy you made every living thing. You stayed for a while and played with us in the warm sun. Though we know you are here you have now left us to hide in the rumbling thunder clouds and you have let the wind have it's way with us.  Rain has come hard to the upturned faces of the flowers that were wanting your sweet kiss instead.  I heard you will be gone for a while.  Well we will be here waiting for you and hope fills our hearts as we know when you come again you will stay with us, touching us with your warmth and fresh breath until your sister Summer flies in on a hot breeze.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


It is a busy day for me today so I will not bother to post a photo as I usually do.
I have my list of to-do's in front of me.

One extra plus about having company is getting your house perked up and cleaned.
Today on the agenda is bathrooms and the guest room(mess)and the office furniture. Tomorrow it is floors, Thursday it is grocery shopping and errand day and Friday Gina my daughter is here! Yesterday I completed all my office duties and did four loads of laundry and cleaned the deck. Wow what an amazing day it was! We had 74 degrees here that broke a record set back in the 1920's.

My son emailed early this morning and said it snowed early on today. His house is cozy and warm and life is good he said.

Gina and her daughter Kali my granddaughter of course, have been at Lincoln City for a couple of days. Sounds like they have been having a very fun time and to top it off the weather was great.

Tonight for dinner I am making chicken veggie soup with mile high biscuits with honey butter. Yum I cannot wait what a biscuit freak I am! And I am so proud as I can now make biscuits every bit as good as my Mother's. I struggled for years and the only thing I was doing wrong was over working the dough and not cutting them thick enough. I have a recipe now that works for me and I will not change. The biscuits are high and fluffy and oh so tender and moist. Of course I still make my cheesy biscuits when we desire them, oh they are heaven.

I will not walk today as it is lightly raining and the weatherman said it will increase as the day goes on. But as I will be busy with chores I will not be sitting on my butt so I will get some exercise.

I will leave you and start my day. I enjoy my mornings when hubby is working. He leaves about seven thirty or seven sometimes then I have my two cups of tea and read the paper thoroughly. Then it is my computer time. Check my emails, write if needed, check out FB and then do any bids or billing that is needed for the business. Then off to start my house chores. Which is NOW.

Monday, March 24, 2014


My son emailed this morning and said his big dog Bruin is loving it in central Oregon. This photo of him was taken at his Portland house. Mike said he just has his snout in the pumice dirt continually sniffing and that his nose is white from the dust. It was nine degrees there this morning it is always colder than La Pine as it is a hundred feet higher. He lives on the way to the high desert. He said Bruin justs curls up like a sled dog he has so much hair. Well cold is cold and I do not like it since I am older but my son and his dog are loving the heck out of it!
It is to snow shower there starting tomorrow for a few days. Rain here. Darn. I have piles of debris in the yard as the refuse bin is full and will be until it is picked up on Wednesday. So now all those piles will be mattered and wet with rain.

I hear we have a new addition to the neighborhood, some little lap dog making a big noise all day across the fence. Oh yeah something to look forward when we want to enjoy our deck. I get so sick of folks not tending to their dogs and letting them yap and yap. Don't they even think of others nearby? I don't think the constant yapping will be conducive to sitting on my deck and reading which is what I had planned to do about now as it is so pretty and warm outdoors. Bah..humbug!

Tonight in my kitchen I am baking pork chops and making a apple cider sauce to drizzle over them. Rice pilaf and Trader Joe's baby green beans with lemon butter will finish off the meal.
Our pizza last night was just amazing. Loaded with crispy bacon, two kinds of cheese, and sliced leeks that had been sauteed in a tiny tad bacon grease. Now I know this is a fat fest but believe me nothing makes anything better the way bacon does. So once in a while does it hurt? Now I know I mentioned yesterday it was to be a veggie pizza......but we thought why not do this? We can have veggie pizza when my daughter is here as she is not a big meat eater.

Well though the yapping dog is still yapping I do want some sun today. I have finished what I set out to do today. It was a full day considering I was tired as once again I did not sleep well last night.
So off I go for a little vitamin D.

Sunday, March 23, 2014


So here is our little baby Olivia looking quite fetching in another new outfit no doubt. What a charmer, just look at those lips. I cannot wait to see her again she is growing so fast now.

We just finished our Sunday morning breakfast of waffles, little pigs for me and fried potatoes, little pigs, eggs and toast for hubby. A joint effort in the kitchen getting in each others way, same as usual..laugh.

It is another beautiful spring day here today. We so enjoyed yesterday. It was 60 degree's and under the warm spring sun working outdoors it even seemed warmer.
I could not take down the star jasmine as it's branches were heavily entwined along the fence rails, so twisted and large they were that hubby had to use the hedge trimmer to cut them loose. That poor white deck railing now is dreadful looking. It is moldy and filthy. It will need two coats of white paint. I always give the deck railings a fresh coat of paint each spring. There is one good thing cutting that jasmine away and that good thing is we will put our patio table in that corner this summer leaving a much larger deck space for our loungers and chairs and small table.  The jasmine plant was so large it encompassed all the space at that end of the deck.
We scrubbed the hot tub and cover and drained the tub. No more hot tubs until next winter now.
After we completed what we wanted to we sat in the sun and shared a bottle of wine.

Later we grilled burgers. It was such a nice day and evening.

I talked to my son Mike yesterday. He is finally in La Pine to stay. He is so happy but in a terrible mess. He said his shop is full of boxes and bags as well as his house. His knees are so swollen that he will have to rest them for a few days before he does a thing. Then he will gradually start getting things in order.

He said the dog is a little confused but basically doing well. He has not barked at all not even as about thirty deer wandered along his fenced enclosure. Mike said the deer come every morning. They seem quite tame so he assumes someone is feeding them. That is the mule deer winter range in that area. They will be heading to high ground as the spring commences.
Mike also said it is so quiet at night you cannot hear a thing. A dark black sky with stars appearing so close you could touch them. Yep I remember that about La Pine myself.
Hubby and I are so looking forward to our first trip there for a visit.

Tonight is pizza night. My same crust and sauce and cheese but tonight we are making a veggie pizza.

I am wanting to take a morning walk and the morning is slipping away so I must get with things.
I do feel a little lazy though but as it is Sunday I really do not care if I accomplish anything today.
Hubby is working this coming week so I will have time to do what is needed.

Saturday, March 22, 2014


These tuna cakes are loaded with flavor tender inside and crunchy outside.  I enlarged the photo so you could see their texture.

So I had quite a shopping spree yesterday. I had one very full cart at Trader Joe's. I bought six loaves of bread alone. It freezes well if I put into ziplock freezer bags. They have wonderful sourdough sandwich bread and their specialty breads are so yummy and reasonably priced. So I stocked up at Traders as I have not been there for some time. This time of year they always have their basil plants and I get one each year. They are large with lots of leaves. I just pick off the plant all summer using it in many dishes.

I then went to Shopko and yes I found three green rugs for the trailer. They are a combination of sage green just what I was hoping to find. They are very thick. I like to use bathroom rugs in my RV's as they are so cozy underfoot, wash well and things to do not stick to them like so many rugs nor do they fuzz. My daughter suggested I buy green rugs as they will go so well not only with the upholstery but with the cherry cabinets. She was right.  I also bought some small items I needed in the trailer. A magnifying mirror to suction to the bathroom mirror a good quality paring knife etc.
Then on to Walmart for needed staples. So my suv had a load. Then home to grab the quickest thing I could put in my mouth. It was after one pm and I had had nothing to eat but a half piece of toast for breakfast. Why do I do this myself? I know I will get hungry at my usual time 11:30. Anyhow I had some egg salad made up in the fridge so I spread that on a piece of toast and wow it was good! A tall glass of ice tea and I back in the groove.

Today is so beautiful and when I finish this post I am going for a walk before I start my outdoor work. I will not take a long one just twenty minutes or so. I want to make sure my back holds up to doing all I want to accomplish today.

I heard from my daughter last night and Doug will not be coming with her as he will be with his children. There was a switch in plans. So Gina and I will have some gal time. However my husband said he would take us to lunch on Saturday. That is sweet. I hope the weather will be nice next weekend as the deck will be presentable it would be nice to sit out and enjoy the spring sunshine.

My son Mike moved to Central Oregon a couple of days ago but have not heard from him as yet. I am sure he is very busy. He had so much to do in a short amount of time. Moving in always so hard especially if you have the amount of garage items and play toys my son has. It entailed several trips from Portland over the mountains to his new home. My hubby and I will go see him when the weather allows so I can help him with the finishing touches in his new place. We are looking forward to having a place now in central Oregon where we can take our little trailer and spend a few days in the hot summer sun. With all the lakes throughout the area and hiking etc. we will have some fun times. Going via the way of the Willamette pass from Eugene, it is only two hours from door step to door step. The same as it was when Mike lived in Clackamas. Only this drive will be much nicer than zoning down the interstate.

Well time to lace up the walking shoes and head out the door into the sun and walk down the street rimmed by soft pink plum tree blossoms. Beautiful!

Friday, March 21, 2014


The eighties the time of big hair and tight jeans and big sun glasses, puff jackets, shoulder pads and fun times for us!
Just look at us too funny. However I wish I had that mop of hair now. Hubby with his big mustache. Honestly I miss his mustache. He is so handsome in one.
My brother Jack took this photo as he and his wife Brenda trailed us to Canada. We were there for about eight days. It was a great time sharing camp spots at night and traveling through the Canadian Rockies by day. We had run in's with bears, Brenda and I saw the largest elk right off the side of the road I have ever seen in my entire life or even in a photo. But alas both of our men took the camera's on their fishing trip that day. How dumb is that? We spent time in the many hot springs resorts and made amazing food on the camp stoves. We hiked in bear country and rode bikes till our butts hurt. We had lunch at the incredible Bnaff Springs Hotel and tried to evade the elk that were all over the streets of Bnaff. We slept in a tent they slept in a van. They were safer and drier by far. We dealt with two days of pouring rain trying to keep everything dry under tarps. So the stories are many and a wonderful time was had and lots of memories to reflect on.

I heard from my daughter yesterday and they are coming next weekend for a visit. So it will be fun having Mr.and Mrs.Douglas Roan with us for the weekend. This time we will not stay in the house all weekend as Saturday we will be poking about the 5th St.area. One of my favorites area's in our city. Lots of pubs and eateries and stores etc. We will take a cab from here both ways. A little expensive but not nearly as spendy if one were to get a DUI. No one should drink and drive and of course we will be consuming alcohol while bar hopping.......duh?

Today I am off for a fun shop(I hope). I have not been to Trader Joe's for a long while and I am out of so many staples that I buy there. Then off to Shopko for some sale items and hopefully find the right color green rugs for the RV. I also want to check out Nordstroms Rack. It has been here since xmas time and I have yet to go. I used to love the Rack when I was a working gal and bought many garments and shoes there. Then on to Walmart for necessities, then to pick up some fresh produce. So there are a couple fun stops in the agenda today.

It is to be nice weather this weekend. So hubby and I talked this morning and we are going to work outdoors. I will take care of the deck and the jasmine plant and my big herb barrel. Now can you believe it looks like my rosemary that has been growing for four years now also froze this winter as well as my lemon thyme. They will both have to be replaced. My snapdragons did not make it either. The mint is fine as it was under the eves but that I did not really care about. Anyhow a lot of plants to replace this year and a tremendous amount of cleanup to be done.

Tonight I have decided to make tuna cakes with cal rose rice and fresh tender asparagus. I have not made tuna cakes for sometime and we always enjoy them. I love that I can get the outside so crispy by using panko.They are chucked full of flavor as I mince an array of ingredients that is mixed into the tuna.

So I had better be taking my shower, getting myself together and be on my way.

Thursday, March 20, 2014


I remember this photo like it was yesterday. I was 39 and visiting my parents in their Ryderwood WA. home.
I had been working out since my ordeal with cancer and I was running also. In fact right after this photo was taken by my mother I went for a run. Oh how I miss having energy. I will say though these were trying times, divorce, new jobs, changes in my lifestyle etc. the eighties were a wonderful time of enlightenment and growth for me. I think we all have a period in our lives where we felt most excited about our life in general. For a lot of women it is when they have children or when their children are young. Well of course nothing compares to having a child, but for me it was not the best time of my life. In the eighties I found myself evolving on every level and achieved much growth. I was physically fit, I was mentally sharp, I was exploring the spiritual side of my self, I was making new friends and eventually found the man I am still with. So a lot of living for me occurred in the eighties.

We woke this morning to sun flooding into the house. The moon was still high in the sky and so bright all looked very pristine as it was cold. Now as I type and look out the office window the fog has rolled in. Funny how the fog or gloom takes away ones energy. I was planning all I would do outdoors today when the sky was happy with sun. Well I am quite sure this is only temporary as we are to have a nice day today.
Really what I want to do accomplish today is working in my kitchen. My cabinets are so in need of a cleaning and waxing. The windows need washing, the appliances need attention and some of my utensil and silverware drawers need cleaning and sorting. So I really feel I am in the mood to do that project today. I will put some music I adore on Pandora and make my kitchen shine.
There will be time to get at the outdoor work as the weather looks decent for quite a long while now.

Hubby is working the rest of the week. Nice to have him out from under my feet.....laugh. I just do not accomplish what I want to when he is home. Do not ask me why it is just the way it is.

We had salmon fish fingers last night as I mentioned. Very yummy as usual. Tonight I am making another easy meal. Mac and cheese with kielbasa slices, sauteed green beans with butter and lemon and italian toast. Which is nothing more than our leftover Italian loaf that I will slice plop into the toaster and spread with herb butter.
I like to use radiatore pasta for the mac and cheese. It is short macaroni pieces that is ruffled. All the creamy cheese settles into the creases coating each bite....heaven in your mouth.

As it is now almost nine-thirty I must get busy. I have been up for hours and have not accomplished a thing that matters.
Bye for now.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Our street is once again a thing of beauty. The pink blossoms against a backdrop of deep blue is so lovely.
Today again is a gorgeous spring day, no wind, warm air pungent with blooms. I so look forward to days like this when we are enduring the dreary gray days of winter. So I will be outside today doing this and that. There is so much to attend to it boggles my mind at this point. As we had such a cold winter with lots of freezing days our plant life around our house has suffered. Today I may get that star jasmine cut back to a few inches from the ground. It looks like a plant you would see in the Adams Family show, withered, gray and dying.  So sad as it was the showcase of our back yard and deck.

My husband has gone to see his mother at the memory care home. He will stop and get her a little burger and milkshake for a treat. I sent along magazines.

It is later now.  Hubby was back home in a flash as his mother has yet another cold. This is her third, in as many months.  I suppose it is hard to stay healthy in that environment. Anyhow he left the burger and shake with her to enjoy and did not stay. We do not need to be sick in this household.

Now that it is early afternoon the sky has mostly turned cloudy but there are still blue pieces spattered here and there. That was what the weather forecast called for. So I have been working indoors. For one thing I was looking for my fried salmon fingers recipe. It is my own recipe and it is good. But it appears I did not write down what I did. I remember it was a simple light breading. I also remember it being delicate. Well there is another place I can look and if I have no luck I will fly by the seat of my pants.  Nothing new for me.

My next chore now is waxing the furniture in the living room and cleaning the glass. So I am off to finish my house chores.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


I always make the same crockpot stew. This stew is simple to make and delish.
This is what I do.

1 1/2 to 2 pounds chuck roast or steak or sirloin steak cubed in one inch pieces.
1/4 cup flour, salt and pepper to taste.
1 can of beef broth
2 -3 carrots sliced
3 potatoes diced
1/2 onion chopped
1 clove of garlic minced
1 tablespoon Worcestershire
1 bay leaf
1 teaspoon paprika

Mix flour, salt and pepper and paprika together and dredge cubed meat.
Put into slow cooker
add the carrots, potatoes, onions, bay leaf, garlic and stir. To the beef broth add Worcestershire sauce pour over all in the slow cooker.(you can also add a shot of red wine).
Cook on high for six hours or on low for ten.

Now this makes for a brothy stew which we like sometimes, or if you prefer a gravy stew you can make a packet of brown gravy mix as directed and then add to the pot stir well and serve.

Hubby is on a bid this morning so he is going to stop by the bakery and pick up a baguette which I will heat till crisp and hot.
So dinner is cooking as I type I will have an easy night in my kitchen.

I just heard from my son in La Pine. They are building fence today for the dog. He is so happy but his knees are giving him fits. One is so badly swollen he said it like a basketball. That is why is not working any longer, both of his knees are bone on bone as the doctor says. He will have surgery at some point on both knees. But first things first waiting for his disability to come through and resting his knees after this move. Once he gets all of his things moved over there he can just relax and do a little everyday putting all in place. But the move is taking it's toll.

So today I still must clean the trailer. It does not take long as it is so small. I keep it clean while we camp. So usually just the floor needs cleaning the fridge and potty and that is about it. I also have office chores today which I did not get at yesterday. I just was tired yesterday after four loads of laundry, grocery shopping, doing necessary things in the house, putting all the items away from camping and cleaning out the truck, then dinner to make. When you are retired there is always another day, thank goodness.

It is a stellar day here today. Very cold last night but is so clear this morning. Today brings springs sunny face pasted on a deep blue sky. Truly wonderful!

Well I need to get some bills out before the postman comes.
Have a great spring day wherever you are. Get outside if it is nice and breathe in that wonderful air. Luckily I can still do that no effects of tree allergies yet. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Monday, March 17, 2014


Here is our little dumpling sitting on her mommy's lap. What a little character. She is a plump "little O" as she is called.
I have made up a album for Oliva and her family is very thoughtful to post photo's to my timeline on FB so I can download them. I surely wish I could see more of them all especially Olvia as she is growing so quickly. But at this stage of my life I am getting a little weary of driving long distances. I-5 traffic wears me out and going over the passes is a little stressful. So I do not make the trips as I used to in the past.

My son Mike has a bought a property outside of La Pine and is in the process of moving there now. He and a buddy are making a trip over the mountain today with a load. They will stay for two nights building a fence with the help of Mike's father for Mike's dog. Mike wants a secure place for the pet before he takes him over. Then he will return to Portland and make a couple more trips with a moving truck and his pickup.
He asked if I would come asap and help him set up as I always do but I do not like to travel over the mountains this time of year as the weather is not reliable. My hubby and I have come back from Reno many times the first part of May and have had snow or slush on the Willamette pass. I would not like to drive it alone. So my husband and I will go over later in the spring or early summer and spend a few days. I will hang art work and cozy the house for him. I know he is buying a new leather brown sofa and chair/ottoman. He wants some new wall art, throw rugs etc to tie in. So he may wait until I can help him.

Mike is very excited as there is a large shop for all of his toys and hobbies. He loves to tinker as I call it in his garage. There is a big wood stove in the shop for those cold days in central Oregon. The place sits on a acre. So my son is very happy and pleased. He is more than happy to get out of the city of Portland. He has always been a country boy at heart.

This will be my second post today and it is a busy day for me. But after seeing these photo's of little O I thought I would sit down and rest my back and write another post. It is restful to me to sit here and write. Actually I love it. I am a fast typist and with spell check all goes quickly.

Now the back has rested a few minutes so off I go again to toss another load in the washer. The last one! I am looking forward later to plopping in my chair and putting my nose back in a difficult book. I think I may have bit off more than I wanted to chew in choosing this book. It is heavy. It is story about a Swedish family who took in a baby who was Jewish and raised him as their own. It is the time period of 1939-1945. So you can guess at the stress of this family in knowing what the Germans were doing. There were not many Jewish folks in this little town in Sweden but still their was anxiety among all of the town folks for their own reasons. The book is not a page turner and is quite slow at times going into the past of the characters etc. But I am hanging with it as I am learning history and what happened in other countries during world war II. I am a trouper when it comes to reading.

I will post tomorrow.


We just returned yesterday. We spent five nights in Florence. We spent four of those nights camped at the Hecta Head KOA campground. It was a quick ten minute walk to the beach, then we walked on the beach for hours so lots of walking, it felt great!
We left Tuesday morning our excitement rushing out the door with us. As it is only a hour drive at most we certainly do not need to hurry. The first night we spent in the Three Rivers Casino parking area for RV's. It was a sunny day so we sat up our chairs and enjoyed watching folks come and go.
Late in the afternoon we went into the casino for about an hour and returned to trailer no richer, but did not spend much. We are so tight when it comes to gambling, hate to spend a cent. No wonder we do not win! We gamble a small amount about once a year. We used to really enjoy it but we have changed I guess or it could be it seems that one does not win like in days past. Regardless we look at it as entertainment and nothing more.
Back at the trailer we had a dinner of grilled cheese sammies dunked into tomato soup.

The next morning we off to the KOA. Our days there were so nice the campground itself has private spots we like that. We walked to the beach everyday but one as that day it was gray and cloudy with wind unlike the other sunny mild and windless days. What a treat to be on the beach with no wind,the sun in your face or on your back. We took a lunch or snack with us and our drinks. In the evening we gathered around the campfire.
In Zo's trailer kitchen I prepared simple but yummy meals. We had juicy meaty ribeye steaks grilled to perfection on our Smokey joe with a green artichoke salad with italian dressing. The steaks were large so they filled sourdough bread the following day for steak sandwiches at the beach.

Now the reality of cleaning the trailer and doing a mound of sandy laundry. I needed to grocery shop this morning so I have just returned and the washer is sloshing away. So my day today is one of cleaning and laundry.
At this moment I am hungry so must fix a little something to nibble on.
Tonight in our kitchen I making terrakyi chicken in rice bowls with red pepper, broccoli and leeks. I have made this before it is a good tasty asian dish.

So off I go to fold a load of clothes.
See you tomorrow.

Monday, March 10, 2014


Actually when this photo was taken I was taking a nap on the boat. I was tired so I waded to the boat for a snooze and my hubby took this photo from shore where he was gathered with family. I must say I still miss that boat. There are times I long to be out on the water just drifting along as we did so many times. But I am not as young as I was then and it is a lot of work maneuvering a boat that size to the docks, jumping out securing it etc and getting it on the boat trailer. And a lot of effort getting it filled with provisions, clothing etc for your outing. Seems all I did was crawl around that boat, up the ladder, down the ladder up on the front bow, down into the cuddy. But it did keep me in shape I suppose. Anyhow it was one the best times our lives living on that boat for days at a time. I have always thought it strange in a way I love boating the way I do as I am not a great swimmer by any means. But to be on a boat that size I always felt secure and loved cooking in the galley and dining either in the cuddy or on the top deck. Sleeping in our comfy bed below deck was heaven with the water gently slapping the bottom of the boat and the easy rocking lulling you to sleep. And in the daytime just being afloat on the lake under the blue sky with the hot yellow sun bearing down on you. When we got to hot we sat on the swim transom and sloshed ourselves with lake water from a bucket, or climbed down the ladder for a short swim to cool off. Evening time would find us back on the swim platform taking a bath with the bucket of water and peppermint biodegradable soap. Ah the good life. I was meant for it...laugh. It was my favorite RV ever and I am so happy for those memories.

Tonight in my kitchen it is seared salmon fillets with asparagus. I am so happy the asparagus is here once more. A definite reminder spring is here.

Well the washer is sloshing doing it's thing and I need to put some potatoes in the oven. I am going to make a potato salad this afternoon. That just sounds good to me. I like to bake the potatoes rather than boil them it gives them a nicer texture for the salad.

It is a pretty day here today. The sun is basking in a field of blue with little cotton ball clouds blowing around. I love it.

Sunday, March 9, 2014


My oh my these were the best party wings made right here at home. I am going to share this recipe that I adapted. We will always make these when we want wings. As I cannot have hot sauce, hubby likes these wings just seasoned and coated and fried and then he adds his buffalo sauce and ranch. I just dip into the ranch. We had a wonderful slaw and shoestring fries to go with. We ate the entire ten pieces between the two of us.

Here is what you do.
ten wings or party pieces
one shy half cup flour
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
salt and pepper

Dry wings and roll in flour mixture. Let sit for 30 minutes. They will get sticky, then put into the flour mixture a second time. This how they get a double crispy crust.
Heat oil to 375 degrees or until a wooden spoon dipped into the oil begins to sizzle(this is what I do).
Add the wings and fry till golden and done about ten minutes or so depending on the size of the pieces. Keep them moving in the oil.  
After they have fried put them on a wire rack to drain for a couple of minutes.
Put in your mouth and crunch away! So good.

So tonight in my kitchen we are having sausages from the meat market(so good.
I just put them in the slow cooker with a bottle of beer. They will simmer slowly all day in the beer. We have not done this method before but it was recommend by the meat market. For a side I am making fried red spuds with the skins on with shredded savory cabbage mixed in. I will make a horseradish stone ground mustard sauce to go with. A very simple dinner the kind my hubby loves.

Speaking of my husband he has been working two days now painting the garage cabinets. They are gray and he is putting red metal handles on them. I think it will look smashing.

Today I will finish the Cover Oregon forms and put into the mail tomorrow. Then my extra paperwork will be finished. Thank goodness between that Cover Oregon form and taxes I am worn out from it all.

It is rainy and showery here today. Gray and wet. The weather coming up though in a couple of days is to be sunny. We are watching the weather at the coast. I can be ready in no time at all.

As you know I do not much on Sunday's and today will be no exception.
I remember my childhood when Sunday's meant church in the morning for my mother, little brother and myself. No way my dad was going to church so we left him to tinker in his garage. After church we would come home and Mom would spend the rest of the day in the kitchen making a delicious Sunday supper as she called it. More than likely there would be company for dinner, either family or neighbors. It was always a nice special day.
Have a lovely one yourself.

Saturday, March 8, 2014


Yep a little spring happening right under our noses. Fields full of daffodils and crocus. Most trees have budded out overnight it seems. Now I will just be happy if my allergies are not bothersome this spring or better yet not affecting me at all. 

Oh what a fun filled day we had yesterday on the deck. The spring sun is so warm and penetrating. I went out in jeans, shirt and tennies. Well that lasted only a short while and I was back in the house slipping into crop pants and flip flops. My legs would have blinded us if we were not wearing sun glasses!
The deep blue sky was ringed with white bright summer clouds. But later in the day those clouds scudded off to somewhere else leaving behind only the blue.
We spent the entire afternoon on the deck letting our winter skin pick up some color.

After the sun dropped out of sight we came in and played card games. I lost every one. Five dollars of my hard earned winnings went into my hubbies money bag. Well to be honest my bag is full to the brim and so heavy with quarters as opposed to my husband puny lightweight bag. So I will say I could not have lost to a more worthy opponent.

We did not make dinner our mexican fare keeping our tummies content.

We walked out on the deck after the card games and the sky was black velvet with sparkling diamonds scattered about. The moon was about a third full and was so bright you could not look at it for long. All looked so mystical and surreal.
We looked at each other and both said at the same time, hot tub? So off for our spa duds and back out to enjoy the very hot water under heaven's roof.

Well after we came in I did not make it long before falling asleep. I drifted off on the sofa watching something on PBS woke and in a trance wandered off to bed.

My son wrote late last night on email. The power window in his pickup stuck in the totally down position. So Mike took the door off and apart trying to fix it. He could not. He had to go to Sisters this morning a visit with his father for the weekend. So he said he hoped for no rain as he would get sopped. So I surely hope it all works out for him. Maybe he will get it fixed over there before heading home.

If the weather is decent mid week this coming week we are going to Florence for three nights. At this point it looks good Tuesday through Thursday. Of course we are taking our little munchkin trailer. We will spend the first afternoon and evening in the Three Rivers Casino parking lot. We have stayed there before in our motor homes. It is quiet and not bad at all on one side you are bordered by the sand dunes. The next two nights we will spend at the KOA by the beach. It is a two block walk. The campground is nice and the spaces are very private each spot enclosed by high shrubs and evergreen trees. Picnic tables, fire pit and grass lawn make it nice for being outdoors. The plus is if it is windy you are protected in that campground. And you know the coast sometimes when it is sunny the wind is perfect for kite flying!
So we are hoping this will work out.

We also decided when we go to my brothers we are going to meet up with him at Silver Lake where he has his large travel trailer permanently set up. We will get our own space, hubby has his favorites spots with views of the lake. So we are hoping for April weather permitting.
Then in May over my birthday we would like to go Seven Feathers in Canyonville. The RV park there is one of the best we have ever stayed in with outstanding views and always so warm in the canyon there. A summer fix in spring that is why we like to go that time of year. So we have a few things lined for fun when their are pauses in the work schedule and the weathers blesses us.

Well in my kitchen tonight we are making fried chicken wings, with ranch dip and buffalo sauce. Accompanying those little tasties I am making a coleslaw out of savory cabbage and also we will have fries. So a nice little weekend meal that my husband will love.

I am going to go now and try to do something constructive. I had too much fun yesterday and so today I am feeling a little tired.