Monday, October 6, 2014


What a great time we had at the beach! One of the best trips ever. The weather was absolutely amazing for the first part of October. I was barefooted on the beach actually wading to my knees. It reminded me of when I was a child and would do the same thing. The breeze was even warm.

We enjoyed our wonderful meal at Waterfront Depot in Old Town Florence. Our first night was spent at the Siuslaw Marina and RV park we were fortunate to get a river site the only one available. We were there early and sat by the river and then strolled down the boardwalk poking around the docks and the little touristy shops. We went into the Beachcomber Bar and Grill to play a little Oregon Lottery which was fun as hubby won some money and we had a drink or two. Then wandered again for a while before our dinner reservations. Then home to play games in the trailer and watch the stars come out over the river. That evening was spectacular. As the sky turned black the stars shown like diamonds and they glittered in the water like a million fireflies. The pier lights smeared the water with their color. The half moon hanging bright projected itself into the still river. My eyes loaded with tears and my heart had a lump I could barely swallow it was so tenderly beautiful.

In the morning we loaded up and went to our next camping place. The Heceta Beach Good Sam Park. Here we spent four nights. Our spot was secluded but provided good sunlight. My husband cooked breakfast each morning outdoors on the camp stove saving me the trouble and mess in our small trailer. In evenings we grilled. During the day we packed our packs with drinks, snacks and reading material for me and would walk the fifteen minutes to the beach. Hubby carried our camp chairs though he much prefers sitting on a log. But there were not that many logs and we feared they may be taken. However there were not many folks on the beach during the week and barely a spattering more on Saturday. 

It was nice to be home yesterday. Now today I have the trailer to clean, a mound of laundry and awaiting on the counter are the last of the red tomatoes that will need to be processed for another quart or two of sauce. Then we will pick the remainder of the tomatoes the end of this week and the vines will be cut down. The green tomatoes will go into brown paper bags to ripen like magic usually one or two a day will be ready for eating.

Now on a very sad note the night before we left on our trip a dear friend of mine passed away. Judy whom I have mentioned before on this blog lost her husband Steve and best friend to cancer and the other diseases that had riddled his body and caused such pain for a long while. Judy insisted that Steve be at home until his time came as she wanted to care for him. They were married for 54 years this past summer. I can only imagine how difficult this has been for Judy and now the loss. She is a strong woman and has much support of family and friends so that is a blessing.  
There is much I want to say about Steve so I will devote my little blog to Steve tomorrow.
I must go now and start my chores.
See you tomorrow.

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