Monday, January 30, 2012


Posted by PicasaYes cozy winter nights are wonderful but could I possibly be thinking spring? Shame on me it is not even February yet. This is the way I get every year. This time of year all is so dismal looking. When the sun shows itself it softens the scene somewhat but still the streets are grimy, the trees bare, the lawns in disarray, the gutters littered. Just unattractive and bleak especially under gray cloud cover which is the case of late.

I heard from my dear friend Judy this morning and Steve her husband is in the hospital with pneumonia. Steve is also dealing with other health issues. Any of you that know Steve and Judy please say a prayer for them. This is a very hard and scary time in their lives.

I am making chicken noodle soup for this evenings dinner. Sounds homey and comforting on a rainy gray day. I am not making the noodles from scratch but I am using old fashioned home style egg noodles which are thicker and more like what you would make at home. I have a half loaf of sourdough artisan bread left from another meal so I will make cheese bread with that to accompany the soup.

For a breakfast lunch combo I just scarfed down a nice little bowl of beans and rice left over from our enchilada dinner. It hit the spot and will probably last me through the day. It was a good carb hit.

I am hoping to have lunch with my niece Brooke this week. She is a sweet gal and is attending her freshman year of college. I have not seen Brooke for a while but keep tabs on her through her postings on FB. She is a very artsy gal and enjoys the same types of things I did at her age and really do still.
She will be in a production, a play in one of our smaller venues here in Eugene in March. We will be there to cheer her on. 

Well I have no more chatter today.
I must jump into the shower and get on with my day.
Have a nice day whatever the weather. I know I will be out there trudging along on my walk today just trying to get through it.  Who knows though maybe I will spot something of interest.
Till later

Sunday, January 29, 2012


Posted by PicasaThese are wintertime hobbies. Puzzles usually adorn our dining table in winter. I also got into my head a few days ago that I wanted to sketch a little. So I drug out my old sketch book and found my charcoal pencils. So that is now in the works on the table as well. If we entertain we finish the puzzle quickly or else do buffet style and sit where we will.

Now as I mentioned I made enchilada's last night using a new enchilada sauce recipe...........hmmm. The sauce tasted like marinara sauce thus we did not care for them. So back to my old recipe that I know is good. Hubby will eat the remainder of the enchilada's today as I made only a small casserole of them. He said well if you like Mexican and Italain food...........there you go!

I will share what I do for mexi rice.
I make this recipe for the two of us but you can make larger portions of course.
Zo's Easy cheesy Mexi rice.

1 cup of long grain rice
1 cup of your favorite salsa we like to use Picante salsa
1 cup of chicken broth
Bring all to boil then simmer for twenty minutes or until rice is tender.
I then remove the lid and let the rice dry a bit sill on simmer then stir to fluff.
Spray a casserole dish with cooking spray and spread in the rice mixture. 
Drain and rinse a can of red beans and sprinkle theses over the rice. Then add a package of shredded Mexican cheese over the top of all.
Pop into the microwave and heat until cheese is bubbly. Or I sometimes pop in the oven on 350 and heat. 

There you have it simple and easy. You can also just mix the beans in with the rice if you like. If you do not like red beans you can use pinto or black beans as well or a combo of them all.
At least the beans were a hit last night.

We had a fun afternoon yesterday. We went down to the little Oregon video parlor that is in our neighborhood and each had a glass of wine and played a little video poker. We rarely do this so once in a while it is fun.
Not that we won anything to speak of but we were out of the house for a bit. We tend to get cabin fever in winter.
When we came home I beat hubby in a card game of  31 twice. Well he had to get his revenge so we played a third game and he won.
We then played a couple games of Wii golf. I won one game and we tied a game. Then I proceeded to make dinner.
We watched a movie after dinner and then off to bed.
A good simple day.

Life is good.


Posted by Picasa I feel you know me well from what I write as I wear my heart on my sleeve. You know I am not materialistic at all. But the one thing I would wish for if were possible to have such dreams is to travel to interesting and beautiful places like this place in Italy. However there also many places in the good ol U S of A that would be grand too I am thinking.
I was fortunate as a child as my father was a traveler. At a very young age I traveled much of the Untied States. Starting with my first adventure at four years of age I traveled by train with my Mother from the old farm where I grew up in Oregon to Detroit Michigan where my Mom's family lived. Can you imagine the trains in 1946? I still have the little children s menu's from the dining car. They look like new as I have kept them in a safe place ever since my Mother gave them to me over 50 years ago. I recall certain things on that trip. One was a black porter. I should say African American as I do not mean offend anyone but in those days that was the term. This one particular  porter took a liking to me. I was only four and I was very cute(I was) no brag just fact. He always tried to elicit talk out of me but being very shy I  would not say a word. then he would tease saying, hey little girl has the cat got your tongue? I still would not respond. I just remember looking down at my shoes my face burning and my Mother saying something for me. I recall getting into in my bed at night on the train. We had a sleeping car and my berth was above my Mother's and she would help me up into the small bed. I would snuggle in and then not pull the shade at the window as I liked to go to sleep looking at the landscape whizzing by. The click-clack of the train on the tracks and whistle frequently blowing kept me awake but then the same sounds would eventually lull me to sleep. It took days to get to Detroit.  That was my first experience with travel that I recall and I think it set something off in me a quenching for adventure that may never be filled as I love to go and go.
From that point on it was traveling with my Father, Mother and little brother by car. I can remember going across the united states at least five times to the east to visit family there. There were also many trips to different area's my Dad would get a yen to see. Like the southwest, the Dakota's, Canada as family was there the also. One year we drove to Ft. Lauderdale  Florida and stayed for six months. I spent most of my sophomore year at Ft. Lauderdale High school. That school was huge and I was overwhelmed. However I did so well in my studies I actually got on the honor roll. It was hard work in the classrooms too. The teachers were so different from Rainier High school in Oregon where I attended. The teachers allowed you no slack in my new high school. There were no excuses for missing homework or homework turned it late. It was so quiet in the classrooms no one whispering or note passing, all things I was very accustomed to.
I got acquainted with two wonderful gals that were more academic than social. Judy was from Indiana and Bunny was from North Carolina. Both were snow birds as I was. Meaning they had their main homes in other parts north and were spending the winters in Florida which they did every year.  We became fast friends. They were in most of my classes. We studied hard we got good grades, we went to the beach after school, we ate off campus most days at a little burger joint that had the best plain and simple burgers. A soft greasy grilled bun a few dill pickle slices and a yummy patty and some mustard that was it. We loved them as they were as cheap as a hot lunch or packing a lunch, my Mother did not mind. 
It really was a wonderful experience for me though I surely did not want to go when my parents mentioned going for the winter. But when it was time to return to Oregon I did not want leave Florida. I had made a new little nest right there in Ft. Lauderdale. My friend Judy lived on one of many canals that led to downtown. They had a boat and on weekends the three of us gals would jump into Judy's Dad's boat and he would tour us around via the canals to downtown where we were dropped off to go the movies or shop for clothes. It was really fun and something so different from my Oregon life.

Travel now does not coincide with my life at this point. As my hubby is not retired and will not be for a long time we try to glean what we can out of small trips near our area. But one never knows what the future will hold.
In the first fifteen years of our marriage together we did a lot of traveling. We were building homes at the time and the money was there and the time was available. After finishing a home we would take a break after we put the house  on the market. We worked so hard and so long for months at a time we needed to take vacations to recharge our batteries.
We traveled four times to various islands in the Caribbean staying two weeks or more at a time. Also we traveled a good deal in the united states. Through the southwest and south. Also we enjoyed many trips to Canada and saw much of British Columbia as well as Alberta. So we have had a good deal of travel in the past and I am thankful for that.
I do have a few places in my mind to visit and I hope those trips will come about.

Now as this blog is primarily about food I must get back on track. And not a train track!
Tonight we are having shredded beef enchilada's with a new enchilada sauce recipe that sounds good and three kinds of cheese. I will also make a dish of mexi rice and beans. I have a easy fix for the rice and beans that I will share with the photo's of dinner. 

We are out and about today for a little outing. We feel a need to get out of the house. The air is cold the sky is blue with little ribbons of  wispy clouds.
When I looked out the windows this morning there was still frost on the rooftops of the nearby houses and smoke slowly curling from chimney's.
I made coffee in my new coffee maker. I love it. I ground beans and set the machine for robust flavor. It was good to sit and look outdoors at the cold and sip my rich coffee and be warm and cozy indoors.

Well I must get on with my day time is slip sliding away.
Right now I need a bowl of multi grain cheerio's which I will scatter blueberries over top and add a splash of soy milk. A typical breakfast for me at eleven.

Have a great weekend. Hope you see some sun it brightens ones spirit.

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Posted by Picasa I cannot even believe I am posting this photo. Who is this girl? I think maybe it is the hair that makes it all seem so distant and surreal. For the most part after high school I never had short hair. At that time I wanted that Gina Lollobrigida look. You know the little spit curls so in vogue. Well it was what it was. I liked it then obviously or I would not have had it done that way. Don't you love the eyebrows? Well to tell you the truth I wish I had them now as my brows are sprouting gray hairs. The more I pick out the gray the thinner my brows become. I wonder why it is when one is young you do not appreciate what you have? You are always striving to be better, be more, be something that you are not.  Why do not you like what you are in youth? 
One reason for me is  I matured in body quickly but sadly in mind a little slower. Not a good combo. 
I was a little girl and I grew up poor in the materialistic view of things but in the actual realm of life, I was rich. But I was isolated really growing up where I had little interaction with other kids my age except for my cousins, all boys. Well how you can relate to boys?  So I did the best I could I suppose but with few social skills when I headed off to high school and I just had a hard time fitting in, not because I did not make friends but over all I was shy and others at school took it as stand offish or I am searching for the word oh here it is..........stuck up. Not true. I was just uncomfortable and unsure of myself. 
I swear my high school years were the hardest years I ever lived.
I was popular yet  I wasn't. I was pretty but yet I wasn't the prettiest. I was involved in lots of high school activities as all my friends were very popular. Yes I was part of the popular high school group but what did I bring to it very little I feel I was just absorbed into pack.
I surely wish I could go back and have the maturity and wisdom I eventually gleaned as I would have been a totally different person. But for whatever reasons I was who I was at that time and so be it. I am not who I was and thankfully I like who I am now. I have found myself maybe later in life than others but still  to find what it is that makes you content and at peace in your life and makes your bell toll at any age is a huge blessing.
So to all all those eighteen old's like I was in the photo, there is a lot of life to live and a lot of  time to discover who you are truly are. I suppose every day we live we learn something different about our selves and the way we see and understand this life. So to the cute girl in the photo I say, You were a little poop sometimes but you surely had your moments and I love you regardless. All is well.

Have a lovely evening and  have a lovely life you earned every minute of it.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Posted by PicasaI made peanut butter cookies this afternoon. I tried a new recipe. They are luscious cookies, so tender inside and not to sweet. That is an issue I have with most peanut butter cookies they tend to be to sweet.
I made the cookies with Trader Joe's natural peanut butter and that may have kept the sweetness level down also. 
Here is the recipe.

Irresistible peanut butter cookies.
3/4 cup creamy peanut butter
1/2 cup Crisco all vegetable shortening
1 1/4 cups firmly packed brown sugar
3 Tbsp's milk
1 Tbsp's pure vanilla extract
1 large egg
1 13/4 cup all purpose flour
3/4 tsp baking soda
3/4 tsp salt

Heat oven to 375 F. Combine peanut butter, shortening, brown sugar, milk and vanilla in bowl and beat at medium speed until well blended. Add egg beat until blended. Combine flour, baking soda, and salt and add to creamed mixture at low speed. Drop by round tablespoons 2" apart on baking sheet. Flatten slight in your implement of choice. I use a potato masher.
Bake for 7-8 minutes or until set and just beginning to brown. Cool two minutes on baking sheet and remove to a rack to finish cooling. I usually put in a plastic container with snap lid inserting wax paper between layers of cookies. They stay soft this way.
As I said I love this recipe as they are tender and soft and melt in your mouth.

After running this morning for groceries and doing some errands I just wanted a laid back afternoon and baking cookies while listening to music seemed so comforting to me.

I did do a bad thing though. On the way home I stopped at Little Caesar's for their Hot and Ready pepperoni pizza. My hubby and I like this pizza. We put the oven at 350 F and pop the pizza on a aerated pizza pan and heat for ten minutes. It is just like it was made in your own oven. So you pick it up and pop it your oven and there you go. We like the crust and the sauce we add other ingredients to our liking or what is in the fridge. For $5 bucks how can you beat it? We each had lunch today and will lunch on it again tomorrow with another five minute heat up.
To compensate our unhealthy lunch we are having for tonight's dinner a green salad with lots of veggies and good albacore tuna and home made dressing. I am sure we will have a cookie for desert so overall not the best day for health. But surely once in a great while does it really hurt? No one wants to be deprived. Furthermore it is really more about portion control.

It was mild today. When I stepped out of the car at the grocery store the sun had popped out and the breeze was warm and welcoming. I stood outside my car door and drank in the air. I am thinking I could detect a hint of spring on the horizon.

The remains of my cold are slowly taking leave. Leaving me with a sore nose, chapped lips and feeling jet lagged for lack of sleep.
Tomorrow I feel will be a stellar day. A date with my husband and well on the road to recovery.

Have a lovely evening even if you do not have peanut butter cookies. Wish I could share them with the world it bring forth a lot of smiles. Who does not like a good cookie?

Till later.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Posted by PicasaRain and more rain.
We awoke to hard rain on our roof this morning and nothing has changed throughout the day. The windows are blurred the streets are a running stream of water, the gutters are overpowered at times and all is a sopping, spongy sodden mess.
However as not to be a pessimist I am happy and content in my dry cozy house where nary a rain drop will touch me.
The lamps give the rooms a soft buttery glow, the little electric fireplace looks warm and inviting, candles are lit emitting their vanilla scent throughout the house and I have soft piano music filling the rooms as well as my soul.
So all is good in my world today.
Soon I will look forward to spotting the first burst of pods on the trees and the crocus and daffodils sprouting up out the earth. All the trees just get fuzzy looking and the air is fresh and the earth is so alive. So soon when I am walking I will be watching with anticipation for those first moments of spring to arrive.

We are having sausage tonight with paprika potatoes, and string beans with garlic. I suppose it is a old fashioned European meal. Hubby is cooking. I will enjoy his homemade sausage. He takes such pleasure in cooking especially when he makes all from scratch.

Tomorrow I will grocery shop and do some errands. Then Thursday we are going on a lunch date and will possibly see a movie. It will still be rainy weather so a movie would be a good way to spend the afternoon. We read the reviews for WAR HORSE and it looked as if it would be a good choice.

I heard from my brother this morning. He had just returned home from spending a few days in his trailer at Silver Lake. He had caught some fish returning them to the lake as always but still fun for him. It is so nice he has that home away from home at the lake that he so enjoys.
I also got a call from my daughter. She may be coming to spend a couple of nights with us as she has five days off from work. I am hoping that works out as I always love to have her come and spend time. She is my friend and we have fun doing little of nothing.

Now I must attend to the laundry then off to my chair for more reading.

Monday, January 23, 2012


Posted by PicasaHere is the sausage after a full day and night the sausage is done!!!!
It is no easy task to grind, mix in the spices etc, chill then pack into casings then smoke and then bloom it and hang it to dry.
It is very tasty as far as the spices are concerned but it is a tad dry. Next time hubby will use a fatter pork shoulder or boneless pork short ribs or add some suet. It is the fat that makes it juicy. It is nice to know just what clean ingredients went into the sausage and that it was prepared in a healthy manner. There are so many recipes to try I fear my husband will be making sausage forever. As for me I am thinking, chicken, basil, garlic sausage. Yum!!!

Since returning from our Washington trip we have both been dealing with colds. First my husband and then I came down with one Friday. As miserable as I feel I know it is short lived as hubbies only lasted three days. So tomorrow I expect I will be feeling much better. In the meantime is is sneeze, blow, cough and repeat!

Now if you read my previous blog you know we were in Washington state for a few days. While there we finally got to meet our great, great, nephew Jack Thomas and great, great niece Audrey Christine. What a fun time we had with the babies. They are both just so adorable and precious. I loved kissing those chubby cheeks and seeing their fat little toes and playing , this little piggy went to market.
I found myself talking to their mommies my great nieces about my own babies. They would comment on something that Jack and Audrey did and I would say something I remembered just like a new mother would. Well lets see, how odd I must have seemed as my son will be 50 next month and my daughter 48. But you know I still say the kids and think of them in that nature. My memory is amazing actually I can close my eyes and recall the most intimate moments with my little ones. Like bathing them and how they smelled after their baths all clean and cozy in their jammies or a clean set of clothes smelling of Johnson's baby lotion or Baby Magic (my fave). Their hair damp and curling around their ears. Their skin so soft and dimpled, well I could go on and on. I just close my eyes and all that and more is tucked tightly into my being forever. So I related along with the young mothers as if I was one of them.

It is always good to see my brother. He treats us so wonderfully and we enjoy his company so much. I always have that lump in my throat when we drive away down the hill from his house. I see him standing at the living room window as he watches us make our way down the road and I just want to turn around and go back. It is always hard to leave those you love so deeply.

Well because of my cold I do not have my normal energy and I am lagging now. So it is a good time to sit and read in my chair for a bit before I start dinner prep. A simple dinner tonight of boneless rib eye steak in the cast iron skillet. I put the rub on the steak about ten this morning so it should be well melded. They are thick steaks so we will share one. I am making a simple salad of greens, scallions and radish's with a homemade creamy Italian dressing. Hubby loves a baked potato with the works so I will make small ones. There is still a serving each of my one bowl chocolate cake sitting in the fridge. A wonderful chocolate cake with a glaze of cream cheese frosting and toasted walnuts sprinkled over the top. I  make a nine inch one layer cake instead of a double layer cake it seems less fattening in my mind, maybe not though depends on the portion. I have posted this recipe as ONE BOWL CHOCOLATE CAKE on a previous blog. Check it out.

Well on that note this woman is going to plop in her chair with her nose in her current book. I wonder sometimes how many books I have read in my lifetime. I have no idea, maybe I cannot count that far.....I so lovey my books!!!!
Till later.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Playa Azul ll Kalama WA.

My husband, brother and I had the opportunity to dine at the Play Azul in Kalama WA last week.
This was our first time at this establishment though my brother lives in Kalama.
We sat in the eating area adjacent to the cozy of bar. The service was good and the menu had a nice selection of entree's. 
We all ordered something different. My brother and I had the house wine a chardonnay from WA state. It was amazingly  fresh and bright with a nice finish.
My hubby's carne asada steak burrito was delicious I snitched a bite could not resist. It was grilled skirt steak right off the grill hot and charred. I had a shredded beef taco and cheese enchilada and of course the beans and rice come as a side. All was very tasty, saucy, cheesy, and the taco was stuffed with tender perfectly seasoned shredded beef.
My brothers dish was equally as good. We all enjoyed our meal to the fullest.
The prices were reasonable especially the Washington State wine. In Eugene here we would pay twice the price of $3.75 a glass for that lovely wine.

So bottom line if you are cruising down I-5 and feel the urge come upon you for Mexican food. Do stop at the little berg of Kalama in southwest WA and go to the main street find yourself a parking spot and pop into the Playa Azul for an amazing lunch or dinner.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Blackened Salmon in a cast iron skillet

Posted by PicasaThis fish was grand. Spicy and blackened on the outside and moist and flaky on the inside. I surely did not want to over cook it so easy to do with fish. I made my fave aioli sauce to go with and sauteed squash with cilantro, onions and garlic.
Here is what I used for the rub for my fish. I applied the rub both sides of the fillet after removing the skin. Then I wrapped in plastic wrap and put in the fridge for about two hours.
This amount of rub will coat four pieces the size in the skillet photo.

2 teaspoons of kosher salt
1 teaspoon black pepper
1 teaspoon Curry powder
2 teaspoons cumin 
2 teaspoons Cayenne pepper
1 teaspoon onion powder
Mix all together well and rub on fish.

Heat a black iron skillet to hot with canola oil covering the bottom.
Sear one side of the salmon turn and sear the other side. Do not over cook after both sides are crusted,using a fork just gently pry the fish if it still hangs together tightly it is not ready,  fry a little longer turning. You can adjust the hot skillet to a notch or below high.
Serve with Aoli sauce, lemon wedges and salad or veggies, rice etc.
So yummy.

Aioli sauce. 
1/2 cup mayo
2 cloves garlic minced
2 tablespoons lemon juice
a sprinkle of ground red pepper( or cayenne)
black pepper to taste.
Mix well serve along side fish or chicken.

A stormy pacific northwest day today. Lots of wind gusts and never ending rain. The streets are a wash and the windows are blurred with rain.
It is quite cozy inside however and I am a cozy sort of gal so I am content.
I have my Pandora radio station set to 'After the rain" quite appropriate . When you set up that station you will get amazing piano artists. No lyric's just wonderful soul wrenching music. I love it on a day like today.

We had such a good time with my brother in Washington. We also met our great, great, nephew and niece. What sweet little ones. I am so happy for my great neices that they have darling babies. Their Mother my dear niece Chris has been gone from us now for over two years. I could not help but think of her often while playing with the babies. She would have so adored to be a grandma. She would have been amazing in that role.

Well hubby is out giving a bid for refinishing a hardwood floor and hopefully we will get the job. Work is slow this month.
I had better finish up my house chores as I belive we are going to play scrabble again this afternoon.
I was ahead throughout the whole game yesterday but at the last I could not place my V so hubby won by three points. So I am thinking there needs to be a rematch. Nothing better than board games on stormy days.

Have a good day no matter what the outdoor circumstances are right now. Stay warm and dry.

Friday, January 13, 2012


Posted by PicasaNow we are in the sausage business? Surely was fun for my husband. For the first try at sausage making he decided to make chorizo as we like the flavors of it but do not like what the store brands put into chorizo like lymph glands, cheeks basically all the face parts. We made ours with pork shoulder roast and lots of spicy seasonings. We did not stuff into casing this time just used the ground product last night in taco's and for hubby's breakfast I just made a scramble with it and potatoes, onions, peppers and eggs. Very tasty though we did have to add some oil to the cooking process. Next batch will be old fashioned Hungarian sausage that will be stuffed into casings and smoked. Just like my husbands father used to make. Yeah little old sausage maker hubby!!!!

Our weather is due for a change on Sunday. A big cold front is coming in from the north and will collide with a moist front coming from the west. The paper this morning  reported that this could be a nasty storm for us here in Eugene. Snow and or freezing rain could happen. Well that is just dandy as we are going to Washington and returning  just at storm time. So we will have to watch closely the forecast on tonight's news. Seems our local weather folks are more accurate than the weather channel. We will postpone if need be do not want to take risk on the interstate.

We had a fire in a our big fire bowl a couple of days ago and spent the entire afternoon on the back deck. We wanted to be out in the sun and the only way to achieve that was to have a fire as it was bitter cold. A little wind did not help the situation. But the fire warmed our legs and feet and after a bit we settled into comfort. It was fun and something different to do on a winter day. It made me want to roast a hot dog  in those deep red coals. But we had tuna melts and soup instead.

At some point in time I will add a couple sausage recipes as we get on to what we are doing. All seems fairly simple. Smoking the sausage could be a trial trying to get the smoker the right temp.

Have a lovely day, stay warm. So cold here but so pretty also. The sky is a deep blue with high ribbons of light clouds adrift. Lovely.

Till later.

Monday, January 9, 2012


Posted by PicasaI know you may get tired of seeing more sunset photo's but I truly cannot help myself. When I see through the kitchen window what is occurring in the twilight sky I have to go for the camera. It sits nearby the back door and I wait for the right moment of color and start shooting. Each and everyone like a snowflake is different. I guess that is what the draw is for me.

I am making more pickled peppers today with veggies. This time I am using an assortment of carrots, celery, onions, canned artichoke hearts and jalenpeno peppers. I wish I had some cauliflower on hand but do not and I am not running to the store to get them. I had made several jars at the end of summer with our own peppers. Those are all gone now. We ate a lot ourselves and I also gave some jars away. I enjoy making them. They are so bright and pretty sitting in the jar with all the different colors.

We are excited. We are finally going to meet our great, great, nephew Jack and niece Audrey. It will be a short but sweet time. I cannot wait to play with those little ones. Jack turned one in November and Audrey will be one in February. We will meet up at my brothers home on Sunday for a few hours. So I will have pictures to share of our playtime with the babies.
We will spend a couple nights with my brother and the time will go fast as we have much planned. We have not seen him since the first part of September when we joined him at Silver Lake to camp.
I am taking the makings for dinner one night. I decided to take my wok and make chicken chow mien over sticky rice. I will make a wok full and leave the remainder with my brother. Then one night we are going for Mexican food my hubby's favorite if you recall. My husband is going to check out the Kalama River to see what is going on with the steelhead fishing. If all looks promising we may be back in the near future so he can try his luck at catching one.

I have nothing more to chatter about I need to do a few household chores and then take my daily walk. It is a fresh and bright day today though cold. I will bundle up. Then home to make my pickled veggies.
We are having crispy fried mini tuna cakes this evening with my everything but the sink salad with blue cheese dressing. That is it! a protein and veggies.
Last night we finished off the last of the bean and lintel soup with ham. I made my favorite cheesy biscuits to go with. We sure love those biscuits. You do not open them up just slather some butter right over their golden tops. They are so light but packed with cheesy flavor.

Well I am outta of here as they say.
Have a good day.

Saturday, January 7, 2012


Posted by PicasaHomemade cinnamon rolls could anything be better?
I love these rolls but have not made them for quite a while. I love making bread the yeast so alive and warm under your hands.
These rolls are filled with lots of melted butter, sugar, cinnamon and roasted chopped walnuts. In the bottom of the baking pan I also add a good quantity of butter and brown sugar and cinnamon and on top a they are drizzled with a powered sugar, vanilla and whipping cream glaze. Now you understand why I do not make them that often just a few of them will load on the pounds. I must walk everyday this week without fail to stave off the effects of Granny's cinnamon rolls. I made one little loaf of bread with the left over dough I love it toasted with jam.
To make these rolls just use whatever bread dough recipe that is your favorite or you could buy frozen dough and put them together like this. Wonderfully tender on the inside and lots of gooey goodness elsewhere.

We are out to lunch today we were going to go a couple of days ago but decided to save it for the weekend. We will go to McGrath's and have seafood.  Always a treat going out to lunch with hubby.

We woke to a wet deck and streets this morning but it is not raining so it was a nighttime occurrence . No matter we were fogged in again yesterday so I prefer the rain. Seems I cannot breathe in dense fog the air is not fresh I get somewhat claustrophobic. The  rest of the week is to be sun and clouds, make me happy :)

I love having the house all clean and the Christmas mess put away for another year. We really cleaned well this year. My husband gave me a helping hand and it made all the difference. I have sparkling windows, clean hardwood floors, polished furniture and I took away clutter as well.

Hubby is going to have a new hobby. Making old world sausage. His father did this and also his uncles. Being of Hungarian decent has a lot to do with the desire to make ones own sausage.
So yesterday we ordered a meat grinder and sausage stuffier to attach to my Kitchen Aid stand mixer. Now we will buy a smoker and he will revise it to hang sausage in. He is excited. The sausage is made primarily from pork shoulder with some beef chuck roast added lots of paprika and other seasonings. I am sure he will have fun coming up with idea's for more and more types of sausage. He so loves to make his specialties and give away to family and friends. I may give it a whirl also with perhaps some chicken basil garlic sausage.

I made an amazing chicken Parmesan the other evening. Made from the roasted garlic tomato sauce I put up last summer with our own tomatoes. The Au gratin dishes were layered with a succulent chicken breasts that had been seasoned and breaded in egg and panko and then browned, mozzarella and Parmesan cheese and the rich sauce. My husband said it was the best he had ever eaten and I agree and it is so easy to make. Why would anyone order it out?
I also made a fifteen bean soup this past week using the leftover spiral ham from Christmas. The ham held well in a sealed container. The soup is loaded with a variety of beans and lintels as well as diced tomatoes, onions, arugula and seasonings. Very hearty and certainly warms you up on a winters night.

I will sign off now and get my chores out of the way and look forward to my afternoon of lunch out and then home to play games. A great Saturday I am thinking.

Sunday, January 1, 2012


New years day 2012! Well it is here the year when the earth is to change and be no more at least in the way we know it to be.  According to a lot of folks a wobble of the planet or some other catastrophe will occur on December 21st winter solstice the day all the planets in our solar system line up in a row and the end of the Mayan calendar. All these events coincide. But what do they mean if anything at all?
Our paper even had a article this morning regarding this but on the internet ideas about the event run rampant. 
Well I think in this household we will go about our days as usual. If something were to occur what could we do anyhow? I will say though that we do have  food and water and a medical kit, batteries etc. In other words a emergency kit of sorts. We have primarily done this in case of earthquake or flood. Should there be no power or water for a few days at least we can eat and drink.

It is another foggy day here in Eugene. There may be a bit of sun this afternoon according to the forecast. Whatever.........I will not hold my breath.
We are going to go for a tacos this afternoon just for a little outing to get out of the house.

Tomorrow is the Rose Bowl game. OREGON against Wisconsin. It should be a tight game. Hubby is very nervous as am I. They will be a tough opponent. All I can say is GO DUCKS!

New Year Resolutions. 
I really hate to say I make resolutions as I really do not. But what I do is concentrate and think about what I need to do to make my life happier.
First I always I think of my body and what it needs and does not need. These are my own idea's for myself and there's not need to share them. I know what I need to do. Secondly  I think about my husband and family. I want to always be here for them. A ear to listen, a smile to encourage, a kind word to soothe. But mostly to give my love to them all. I must be understanding and remember that we all have our own realities of life. I must remember to be so very grateful for their presence in my life.
Thirdly I will work on my spirituality. I must aside time for more spiritual books and keep the novels at bay. I must not judge others no matter what the circumstance. I need to do a better job of keeping my mouth shut. And I must set time aside for meditation. All these things I will work on.
So it is not really a list it is more about myself coming together body, mind and soul. Giving myself a tune-up of sorts. 
I also want to be more adventurous. I seem to find myself being so content in my little world and that is great but I do need to step outside that box at times and experience something new and different.
So there it is. 

I have no photo today to post. As we move into January I will be doing some new recipes and plan on taking many more food photo's. It takes time and sometimes my food gets cold while I am snapping the pictures or other times I am just to hungry and start eating and  forget to get the camera. But I will work on that.
I am looking forward to eating more vegetable dishes and grains and lighter fare.

Well I must get ready for my little date with my hubby so best be off.
Have a wonderful 2012.