Thursday, October 31, 2013


Posted by PicasaI thought it would be fun for me to relate my childhood Halloweens. Living fairly isolated in the country was not conducive for going door to door tricker-treating. So this is an account of how my Halloweens played out.

My first remembrances of Halloween was when I was in elementary school. The school was approximately a mile from where I lived on the old farm. I walked to and from school most days unless the weather was so foul and I needed to be driven. So I knew the country road well as well as all the neighbors of which there were about eight or so on that mile trek.

On Halloween Mother let me have a girlfriend stay over and we would walk that road as far as the school tricker-treating. My parents felt it was safe enough you have to remember this was the fifties.
So with flashlights and self decorated bags for treats and adorned in our homemade costumes we started out.

Now most folks in the "olden days' gave you a treat for your bag as well as inviting you in for a goodie or two. Usually this consisted of home made doughnuts warm just out of the pot, apple cider, popcorn balls, well you get the idea. It was fun for the folks and fun for us. No matter what costume I wore they knew who I was and would ask about my parents etc making small talk. Then on we'd trudge to the next place a ways down the road.

The best place was the Bardell's. They really went all out for Halloween. It was the scariest place but that is what made it memorable. Sheet ghost hung from the trees in the yard, skeletons stuck on sticks lined the pathway like sentry's and sitting on the porch in a rocker was a wicked witch. There were also tombstones made from piled rocks scattered about the yard and lots of spiders hanging everywhere. But what scared us the most was the music, you could hear it coming down the road before you even saw the house. It was eerie and you would hear screaming and the cackle of a witch and owls screeching. Oh it was so frightening. I recall being so afraid to walk up those steps to the door with that black witch sitting there. But with shaking hands and beating hearts we would knock on the door and it would open and all would be OK after all. Happy faces welcomed us. Sometimes they had small sandwiches and always apple cider doughnuts and homemade root beer. Then also lots of candy for our bags and I mean regular size candy bars or homemade fudge! We also got to bob for apples from a big washtub sitting right in the middle of their kitchen.It was a splendid place.
We would spend a great deal of time at the Bardell's.
When we had finally stopped at all the houses along the way to the school we would turn around and go as fast as our legs could carry us back to my house. As we ran by houses their windows like yellow eyes, past cougar gulch (we were sure many cougar's lived there)back past the Bardell's scary music and up the hill to my house we would be out of breath. We'd tear through the door screaming and giggling like wild heathens.
As I got older the scenario stayed the same only the characters changed from year to year. Tween and early teen years we walked the road as groups of boys and girls. The boys were more into making mischief and the girls into looking cute in their costumes. I still enjoyed it all but there was a difference, boys chasing girls pretending to steal their candy when they probably wanted to hold hands or get a quick kiss. I was growing up and things would change.

Well they did as I went into high school there was usually a party somewhere or a dance to go to or something more grown up. So the days of the Bardell's and others along the road I had to give up to a younger group of kids. But I am thankful for that old road and those folks that lived along it that made that time in my life so memorable.
With fun memories still rolling through my head I will close this blog, hmm I am in the mood now for an apple cider doughnut. 

Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Posted by PicasaWe just returned this morning from our little mini trip(2 nights) in our little mini trailer. We made this little trip to see if everything in the trailer was working properly and it is except we had a small toilet leak once but no more. So hubby will check it out again and if it occurs we will take it in to have it fixed at no charge to us.
Over all everything went well. The truck pulled the little trailer effortlessly. Took us a while to set up the trailer as we are newbies. Having had motor homes it is different you just pull in and hit your electric leveling system and plug in! But in no time we will be experts. My husband is much happier driving the truck and hauling the small trailer than driving a big motor coach bopping down the highway.

Both days we had beautiful weather. You know those deep intense blue skies at the coast when it is cold? And it was brisk when the wind came at times but overall we sat out at the table both days and enjoyed the warmth of the sun.
We walked to Old Town both days as you are right adjacent to the boardwalk that takes you to that sweet little town. We had lunch both days at two different places. Our fave to have chowder, is the old Beachfront Bar and Grill. Good pub grub. I do wish that place was close by us. The second day we went for clam strips and drinks at a restaurant on the river. So we walked the boardwalk and looked at the boats in the Marina and popped into shops to browse. We also watched a tugboat sitting right in front of our RV spot hook onto an old barge and haul it up river this event took two days to get it ready. Then when they did leave they almost smashed their pilot boat between the dock and tugboat, there was much hollering. We watched a pair of seals each day also right in front of our picnic table as they frolicked and fished. If I was not leaving for my daughters Saturday morning we would have stayed another night. But I feel I would have felt to pushed to get all needs done before going if we extended.
Anyone that knows us well knows about extending........We never go for how long we say. We always extend the stay sometimes by two days but most always by one.
My son Michael called me while we were there and before hanging up he said, so are you extending? See they all know.
I will see Mike when I go to my daughters this coming weekend. He will join us Sunday morning at Gina's house for coffee. So I will have the lovely privilege of being in the company of my dear children. 

We were home early as it is only a little over an hour drive home. So I took out our clothing and emptied the fridge and cleaned. Quick and easy. Then we had lunch and I sat in my chair and dropped off to sleep while reading the paper. I was so tired even though we slept well the bed was comfy. However I guess the fresh air and being busy all day took it's toll.

I will end this now as I must make us some sort of fare for dinner. I will say this it will not be gourmet it is going to be easy and quick as we will not last long this evening.

Have a nice evening.

Saturday, October 26, 2013


Well this is what happens to me sometimes. I let my pocketbook dictate my buying and decorating choices.
So I am at Freddie's this morning checking out kitchen garbage cans with a foot pedal and lid. Everything is so expensive and in the black and stainless steel the size I needed was sold out. So I wandered down to the end of the isle and guess what?  There was the cutest bright lime green(is lime green anything but bright?) anyhow actually there were two choices, a purple one too. Just the perfect size both had black lids. Too cute. So my mind is flying about recklessly. I am thinking lime green would brighten things up considerably even if I used it sparingly. So I bought it for a glorious 50% off and put it in it's place in the tiny trailer. This looks ok I thought I just need to tie it in with something. So I added my lime green and black fleece froggy blanket that I was going to put in there anyhow but hidden up in the cupboard. But I folded it into a rectangle and laid it across one end of the sofa. Next I added a lime and dark green kleenex box, and to the stove fan hood I added two lime green magnets. Next I placed a small photo in a green frame of our OREGON DUCK mascot and I set that on the shelf behind the sofa. Now all I need is a couple plush comfy fleece pillows for the sofa. I have leeway as to what the colors could be, as there are several in the sofa fabric. So we will see what happens as I am now stuck with the lime green and black kitchen garbage can.
I am a crazy woman!

Well it has been a crazy busy day for sure. I am taking a break now but this is the first since early morning. I tidy'd the house first thing this morning while sipping my coffee, then showered, dressed and off to Fred's for a few things for our little trip and drinks for the game today. Home to stash all away either in the Hobbit trailer or house. I hung some items in the trailer, clock, key holder and an old little black pot bellied stove temperature gauge that I have always put up in all of our RV's as my Mother always had it her trailers. 
Next I prepared our veggies to go with our chicken wings, next made two different rubs for our wings a mild one for me a spicy hot one for hubby. I will serve with Mommy's blue cheese dressing.

I splurged at the grocery shop while shopping for our wine for the trip, I picked up a bottle of port. Port is aged for years and the more you can afford to pay for the bottle the better and older it is.  I tried it several years ago and find I really like this good stuff for a small glass to sip after dinner. Or if out in the cold while camping it is a throat and tummy warmer when sipped.

Now since I have been sitting here I have crashed. Darn. The game starts in an hour and a half and I need to get my gnome up. 

Now I must share with you how silly hubby and I were last night.
After getting the Hobbit trailer set up we sat at the table with the heater going, it warmed up so quickly and the little lamp was glowing making all look so comfy. Hubby put a CD in the player and the stereo is amazing, a really good sound with two generous speakers in the ceiling. So the next thing we know we are going to house for a bottle of wine and our quintessential can of peanuts. We sat and talked and planned trips and I said, how about a Yahtzee game? Great idea hubby said. So back to the house for the game. We stayed there in the little trailer in the parking spot by our garage for a couple of hours. My husband said, you know we could just stay out here every once in a while and not go anywhere at all, it would be much cheaper.........good grief! I made me think though.
Yes we two are a little different but we are both the same different so it works.

On that grand thought I will leave now and get on to a couple things I must do before game time and hopefully I will wake up.

GO DUCKS. A must win once more.

Friday, October 25, 2013


Our little trailer is home tucked in next to the garage. I have put the staples in it and there is more storage than I anticipated and room for more things. It is laid out for convenience. 
For right now I put our plum colored plush throw rugs from the guest room in there as I have not had time to shop for rugs or pillows. As the main colors are sage green, brown and cream the plumb is fine for this first trip. But I must say being a decorator all those little touches with the right colors that make my heart happy are important to me. I found an amazing Eddie Bauer fleece Sherpa throw with suede trim online. The throw is terracotta and the trim chocolate brown. So I am going to order that get some terracotta  throw rugs. Should look smashing with the color scheme and brighten it up. Right now everything looks quite subdued. One thing I am thrilled about is the large wardrobe.  It has generous closet space and a deep shelf above the rod.
Everything was spotless I needed to do nothing but things in place.

Hubby has worked so hard today. He totally pruned a tree top and bottom so we could get the trailer in the side area by the garage. 
It is so nice to have our RV at our house. The past two motor homes had to be in RV storage as they would not fit at this house.

The little lamp  I bought is perfect for the table and I have it sitting there now with the light on. Looks very cozy indeed. Well I am surmising that you  get that I am very excited. True.

I made the chicken enchilada's and the salad this morning for our company. So all I need to do is put the cheese and whipping cream on top the enchilada's and pop them into the oven. The black bean casserole is ready also just heat and serve. 
The tablescape is very festive. All in reds, oranges and golds. Leaves and gourds, a cute little witch, and candles. I just adore decorating this time of year.

Well this was the one moment I had today and it is gone. Must go throw on a presentable shirt and repair my face.

Thursday, October 24, 2013


Posted by PicasaHere it is our new little trailer. We are getting it this afternoon. So I have most everything that needs to go in it sitting all over the house it is a lot clutter. The tiny trailer is cute and snug and I am happy to be camping again. We have not done so for over four years. After selling our motorcoach we thought it would be a nice change to stay in hotels etc. We have had a good time and stayed in some nice places. We especially enjoyed our times at Florence and Reno,Lincoln City and the cabins at the high lakes. But we are looking forward to having our own digs, though small it will be cozy and warm this winter. With hubby's work we never know when we will get a window of a few days without work and we can be gone and on the road in no time at all. So our own rig works best for our situation. Reservations are hard to get sometimes on the spot.
That is all for now I have much to do.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Just returned from Walmart and $98 dollars later I have supplies for the new little trailer. These are mostly disposable items that will be used up at some point but in the beginning you need it all. I did buy a small lamp for our table. We always have a lamp on our table as it is cozy plus we need it to play games in the evening. The one I had for our last RV found a new home and sits on our nook table. I also bought a free standing paper towel holder as I gave my other to my son. I needed a little clock but did not find anything at WM. Will look elsewhere when I look for throw rugs and toss pillows and bed pillows. I will make do with what we have on hand for this trip. I forget a garbage can as the one I had in our motor coach is now our recycle bin as it fits perfectly in a cabinet in the kitchen. I also need a shower caddie and few other things so I will be gathering for a while.

Today is my grandson's 30th birthday.
Tyson has always been such a pleasure and I am so thankful for his presence in my life. Thanks to the generosity of Tyson's parents I had him every summer for a couple of weeks and also during other parts of the year. The first time I kept him he was two and he did so well being away from his mom and dad. When he came in the summer my hubby and I made it a good time for him. We always did something usually camping in either our boat with sleeping quarters or a RV. So we were off to the high lakes of Central Oregon where we lived. Tyson loved to fish as does my husband so the two would spend hours with their poles dangling in streams or lake. They would catch many fish too. We would eat them at night and that little boy could put down the fish. One evening he ate five good size trout. We were amazed. He also loved to hike in the cascade mountains with us. He would trudge along like a trouper.
When we had our big cabin cruiser boat hubby and Tyson would dive from the bow over the high rail. Everything my husband did to show off Ty would do right after him. On a funny note on that very boat Ty got sick to his stomach. He came to me and said grammy I feel like I am going to puke. I told him to hang over the boat, he did and did his business. He said, I must be seasick. I said, do you think it could be those half dozen peanut butter and jam sandwiches you had?
Anyhow there were great times with that kid. After he graduated high school he lived with us for one year and went to college here in Eugene. So that young man who is now 30 will always have a piece of my heart. He knows it and treats me with so much respect always has. I sure love him. I know he will have an amazing day celebrating with his little family enjoying his new baby girl.

Well I have had my break now. I still have much to accomplish today.
We are having a light dinner as we decided this morning we are going to take a hot tub this evening. The sky has been so beautiful at night clear with a dazzling array of stars and bright autumn moon. The fog has been coming in at night but not till late.
So I am going to have bakers for dinner with lots of fresh toppings and a side of aspargus and that is it. That will fill us but it will not be a heavy meal.

I am off now to fold clothes and get more into the washer. It is such a stellar day I would like to go sit on the deck as I did yesterday about three or so.
Better enjoy this weather as we are pushing the envelope now and rain will be the nature of the day soon.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


My head is spinning. Plans and plans.
Life is busy at the moment and will get busier in days to come.

So yesterday I wrote that we had bought the little trailer and would be taking it to Richardson Park. But we will not as that park closed mid-October. So the new plan is this. We head for Florence and the Siuslaw marina RV park on Monday and will spend two nights. I will leave for Portland three days after returning from that beach trip to spend time with my daughter and met my great granddaughter.
In the meantime we pick up the trailer Thursday afternoon late or Friday morning. Then it needs to be loaded. First time setting up is always difficult as you need put everything in. Also we are having company for dinner Friday evening. The game is Saturday so hopefully I will have time to finish loading and clean the truck inside. Sunday I will make ahead a couple food items to take and pack the food and our clothing in the trailer. Monday morning we are out the door early. So I will stay busy for sure these next few days.

Starting today I am digging into my big totes of RV supplies and essentials. Of course I really need to pare down as our trailer is half the size of our other RV. So today will be a day of sorting and cleaning and getting all ready to load. I must also run to the farm for the weekly produce as I did not get that done yesterday.

I loved our meal last night as you know I made biscuits. I have mastered this biscuit recipe they are so high, I cut them thick, they are fluffy and oh so tender. My trick? The recipe calls for buttermilk which I never have on hand so I add sour cream and then a splash of milk or two to get the dough to come together. I handle it very little roll just to even out and cut thick biscuits. I was in mouthwatering heaven last night as I buttered a hot golden biscuit right out the oven and drizzled it with honey. Oh my word!
Our soup was very good also and extremely simple as all I used was chicken thighs and fresh thyme, salt, pepper and onions, spiral noodles and broth and my usual squirt or two of my secret weapon(ketchup). I will have the leftover soup today for lunch. And you know I will have a biscuit too.

Tonight we are having a mac and two cheese casserole with sausage chunks and a topping of tomatoes and breadcrumbs and butter. I will have a green salad to the side.

I have decided to make for our company Friday evening one of my hubby's fave recipes.
Creamy, Cheesy, Chicken enchilada's. It makes a nice size casserole and I will serve black beans and salad to go with. Ice cream sundaes with homemade caramel sauce and nut topping will top off our meal. As I have no time to bake I thought the sundaes would be adequate.

Well as I have so much to do I had better get at it. It is a sunny fall day here today. The sunlight glittering through the trees is a lovely sight.
It was cold however this AM when we jostled ourselves from sleep and left our warm nest.

Off I go I will post when I have time. 

Monday, October 21, 2013


Well we did it. We bought the little 2010 17 ft Nash travel trailer. It is cute. We made an offer Saturday as it was on consignment we just now found out our offer was accepted. So later this week at some point we will go sign the final papers, do a walk through and hook it up to the truck and tow it home. Then I will start loading it up and putting up little decorator touches. It is just like new and spotlessly clean. Perfect inside and out.
So our first little trip soon will be out to Richardson Park at Fern Ridge Reservoir. It is about a half hour drive from our home. We are mainly doing this just to check everything out and see that all is working properly etc. It will be fun though if the weather holds as it is very pretty out there and all the trees should be in full color. The spots are large and a campfire will be fun as well as grilling burgers. It will be nice to have the truck with the covered canopy for our camp gear. 

So back to our old winter routine. When hubby has a few days off we are off to the coast from Florence to Lincoln City, Belknap Hot Springs and Canyonville always in the early spring to catch some heat and sun. In the summer when time allows it is Central Oregon, Silver Lake WA. Crescent and Odell Lakes on the Willamette Pass and many area's on the McKenzie. There is no shortage of places to go.

When I get it set up I will post some photo's.

Well as I have already posted on this blog today earlier I will get back to my to-do list for the day. Onward I go.


Posted by PicasaThis is my view from our living room windows. I love the trees in our neighborhood they are a blaze of color now.
We have been having fog in the mornings, mostly it has burned off by noon but yesterday it was 2PM. When the sun does make an appearance it gets warm very quickly. We enjoyed time on the deck again yesterday. This has been a amazing October.

I have not posted since the 17th we have been busy. Looked again on Saturday at travel trailers. Still interested in the Nash 17 ft. So we made a offer over the weekend on it. However it is on the lot on consignment so we are waiting to hear back today. We will not go higher so it will be or not be.

So we had the OREGON vs WASU football game this past Saturday. We were the cute ones on the field in the pink helmets, socks and gloves. All in the effort to raise breast cancer awareness and some money for the cause. The helmets will be signed and auctioned off.
The Ducks started out a little rough and rattled once more. I thought perhaps their pink colors were going to be a determent. But they pulled themselves together as always and we walloped WA. state. Now what did bother me however was in the 4th quarter and we put in our scout team(basically our 3rd sting players) WA state kept in their starters both on defense and offense. What? Who does that?
How disgraceful on their part trying to rack up points in the last few minutes of the game to add to their stats as they had no chance of winning. Our defensive coach was quoted as saying,"that was very low class of them". I agree.
Now we move on to UCLA this weekend. It sounds as GAME DAY will be here once again. Always makes it so special and festive when they come. The city goes crazy here. There will be a home game at OREGON STATE as well so I-5 will certainly be crowded.

Well hubby is off to work today and will be working this week. So I have the house to myself. When my husband is home seems he is always in the kitchen making a snack or wanting to cook something up or making salsa or pickled peppers or anything spicy hot! 
We had a very good meal for the game Saturday. After returning home from trailer shopping we hit the deck in the hot sun and had drinks and a snack as we had had no lunch. Later hubby got the chimney starter going and the little Weber was ready to roll. I had roasted St. Louis spare ribs earlier. I had my Carolina mop sauce made up. So we put the ribs on the grill and hubby put in some mesquite chips for smoke and I mopped the ribs and he turned them frequently until they were all sticky and crispy black along the edges. Just the way we love them. I added to our early dinner baked beans and coleslaw I had made that morning. So we watched other college games while licking carolina sauce from our fingers and gnawing on bones. Before the OREGON game started we were through with dinner and I had the mess cleaned up. 

I am making biscuits tonight as I am craving them once again......silly girl. Nothing taste better to me than a hot golden biscuit with a smear of real butter and a squeeze of honey dripping over the edges. I will make a chicken soup with veggies to go with.

I have made arrangements to go to my daughters on the weekend of November 1st. So that is when I will meet my little great granddaughter Olivia. So I will be going shopping for her soon I can hardly wait!!!! Baby girls are so fun to shop for.
My daughter and I are going to have gal time as no one will be at her home. Just the two of us chatting it up, doing our thing, no men. No one to please but ourselves. Sounds like a great weekend.

Well I will sign off now and get on with my chores. I am ready to enjoy yet another amazing October day.

Thursday, October 17, 2013


Maybe, perhaps, we have found a trailer. I am going to say this however. In the tiny short size we need to fit in our space at the house we have to give up some things.
We are hoping to get one with a slide but have not found a plan that we like. Most of our dissapointment has to do with the bed. We found a great deal on a R-Pod. A small retro look, very well built right here in Harrisburg OR (our neighbor.) The bed and bath though are not doable plus there is no oven a must for us as we like to buy pizza and bake it as well as roasted chicken etc.
The closet thing we found in our budget is a 2010 Northwood made by Nash. Good quality, 17 ft long, no slide. But what we do like about it is there is a very large sofa that pulls out to an oversize queen size bed(very cozy). Not a jackknife but a pull out so it is wide enough and plenty long for hubby's 6'2 plus frame. So it would be our sofa by day and bed by night. There is slide out bunk above that would hold all of our bedding and foam pad to put on the bed. I know it sounds like a hassle but would be more comfortable than a full size bed stuck in a corner of the trailer or two bunk beds or the other option which is a bed right in the main area and no sofa. We use a sofa a lot so it is a must for us. So those are our choices in that length trailer.
So we will look at it again on Saturday but we are in no rush. The short trailers are very hard to find however. And we want to buy in the Eugene/Springfield area for servicing or other issues we could have.
I must say we got quite excited yesterday. We have missed R-ving very much. First trip my hubby says is Lincoln City for a few days. So we are looking forward to that as we have not been there for well over a year now.

We looked at all the RV lots yesterday in Eugene, so we skipped stopping to see my mother in law and a good thing as she was down the street here at hubby's sisters home. So it worked out. We got home about three pm and I was so thirsty and it was so warm and wonderful on the deck. I sat out our chairs and little table and made myself a gin and tonic with lemon over lots of ice and oh my it went down fast as it was so refreshing. So I wound up making us a little snack plate and had two more G&T's. It was fun on the deck we spent a couple of hours talking about a trailer and making plans. Then my husband walked down the street to visit his family and I started prep work for our steak taco dinner.

We ate and watched the movie "Mrs. Pettigrew" with Amy Adams(love her) and Francis McDerment we like her a lot also. Anyhow a funny cute film. We then watched "Survivor" as hubby had DVR'd it. We barely stayed awake to the finish. Then off to bed, right to sleep but we both woke about two AM and there was no more sleep. Hubby finally drifted off about four something but my eyelids were twitching and I could not shut my mind down. So needless to say I am a little tired today. I am thinking I had trailer fever!

Tonight we are having comfort food. I am making chicken fried steaks out of cube steak the way we like it with mashed potatoes, gravy and boiled carrots with butter and parsley. I am going to finally make that lemon pie cake today. As we were not home yesterday I did not make it.

I need to hang my Halloween lights around my nook window today as I do every year and then my Halloween decor is done. The front door area looks cute though simple and my dining table is very festive with a fall garland of leaves twining about red and orange candles, colorful gourds and my little witch.

I am off now to finish my daily house chores and then onto baking. I will spend some time this afternoon online checking out travel trailers in our area on Craigslist and the RV Trader.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Posted by PicasaWe sure hope that soon we will be enjoying the view while camping here in Florence along the river adjacent to Old Town. Only not from a motor coach window like our previous one here but from a travel trailer window.
We are starting our search today. It will be a fun day as the day is absolutely pristine. So we are heading to some lots to get some idea of what we want, what will fit in our side yard and what will fit our budget. We will go for fast food later, just small burgers and cokes. We are also going to stop in and see hubbies Mom, bringing her a strawberry shake, he fave.

Speaking of husbands he is up on our roof right now and I am holding off taking my shower as his being on our steep roof makes me very nervous. He is using the power washer and ridding the roof of moss that is still lingering there since he put moss remover on it last week. So he is on a wet roof......scary. Of course it does not matter that I washed all the outside windows last I will need to do that chore once again. Darn.

We are in the last stages of planning our trip to see little Olivia Jarvi. Hopefully it will work out on my grandsons end for us to go mid week, next week. I cannot wait. I am going to Nordstrom's Rack(yes we have a brand new one just opened) and scout their baby department for the most adorable baby dress and accessories to go with that I can find. I also want to find her a piggy bank and we will make the first donation. I know there are things that her mommy and daddy know she needs that I do not. Also we will take treats for her Mommy and Daddy as they cannot be left out. Olivia's daddy Tyson has his 30th birthday next week so a celebration all the way around.
I just cannot wait to hold that little baby in my arms and kiss her soft sweet little cheeks, look into her eyes and tell her I am her granny great. I know hubby will be nervous to hold her. Seems men are way more hesitant holding them for fear they will hurt them in some manner.

Those big juicy sirloins we dined on last night will be morphed into steak taco's this evening. We each had almost a half steak left. I will do nothing to the meat but slice it thin add a dollop or two of unsalted butter and heat to warm in a skillet. Stuffed in to corn shells(hubby's shell crisp mine soft). We are different in that way. A filling of all the regular taco toppings with a side of pinto beans and dinner is ready!

I can hear my husband on the roof peak now as it is right above the office. I see the water spraying into the sunlight out the office window creating little rainbows.

I am off to make the bed and do a few other little chores until my man is off the roof then into the shower I go.

I hope you are enjoying this incredibly beautiful day, it is a Indian summer day for sure today. I mean that in no disrespect to our Native Americans in fact it is a compliment.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Here it is almost ten pm. Hubby is out in the hot tub and it is such a gorgeous evening I should be out there also.  But I am tired and did not need the hot tub to make me even more tired. Also I went on a long walk today and I thought perhaps the spa may dehydrate me and I would have leg cramps. So I made a decision logically instead of doing what my heart wanted to do.
So I will write a bit and then off to bed with my huge book "Cold Mountain" not the easiest book to read in bed, it is heavy. It is very detailed of course in describing the civil war and all the gore that you can imagine. But unfortunately all is more than likely true. It is unfolding to be a very good read.

We had a nice day today but for some reason I was out of sorts. Do you ever get that way? No reason really just hard to stay in a good mood.
We both went to the grocery store as we decided as it was such a splendid day that we needed to grill steaks tonight outdoors. So we went in search of superb rib eyes and a bottle of good red wine. I made a green salad to go with and my mom's Russian dressing. I put butter and blue cheese crumbles on our steaks while they were resting. They were so juicy and perfectly grilled. Our dinner was yummy.
We sat on the deck earlier and enjoyed the sun and warmth. We also played cards after dinner. So in all a very nice day and evening.

I am going to bed now and I will take my book and try to prop it in some manner so I can read it without dropping it.
Have a nice Tuesday night.
Ah sleep is calling.

Monday, October 14, 2013


You know I think I have possibly posted this recipe before but I just looked back through the past couple of years posts and do not see it. For me this simple tasty pie cake is a winner in that it takes no time at all to make especially if you cheat and do not make your own pie crust. Sometimes I do cheat depending on my time schedule, most times not as I really prefer my homemade crust.
I am going to make this desert next and serve it to my hubby's Mother when she comes for dinner later this week.

Lemon Pie Cake.
Pasty for a nine inch pie single crust.
3 eggs separated
2 tablespoons grated lemon peel
2/3 cup fresh lemon juice
1 cup milk
1 1/4 cups sugar
1/3 cup all purpose flour
1/4 teaspoon salt

Heat oven to 350 degree's. Prepare pastry. Beat egg whites in large mixer bowl until stiff peaks form and set aside. In a separate bowl beat egg yolks;beat in lemon peel, lemon juice and milk. Add sugar, flour and salt; beat until smooth. Now beat the lemon mixture into egg whites on low speed until blended about 1 minute. Pour into a pastry lined pie plate. Bake until golden brown 45-50 minutes. Serve with sweetened whipped cream if desired.
This pie cake has a nice texture and has the perfect tartness of lemon.

I have to admit I have been making this very old recipe since the early years of my first marriage and that was so long ago I can barely remember for the cobwebs in my mind. In those days I could hardly boil water but gradually throughout the years I became quite skilled in the kitchen. But truthfully I feel I really came into the cooking and baking scene this past ten years. I am fortunate that my husband will eat just about everything I put in front of him and enjoy it. I have more time now that I am retired to peruse what has become a voracious hobby.

I am an avid reader of cooking publications. I adore the cooking channel and the food network. Now days one can learn to be a good chef just absorbing yourself in what you hear, watch and read. It is almost like osmosis. The thing that constantly amazes me is the little tricks one can do in the kitchen that makes all the difference in the world for either convenience or the quality of your food. Knowledge is success.
However sometimes an old go-to 1960's recipe just fits the need. 

The sun will break out later today but once again we have an inversion here in Eugene and up the 1-5 corridor. The weather report(if you can believe it) states that after today there will be no more fog. Lots of sun each day and into the sixties. It will be good walking weather and I surely need to walk I have been so remiss lately.

My man is on the job site today so a day for me to get caught up on some much needed chores without hubby underfoot.
I have accomplished much this morning and after this post I will clean this office and then attend to Halloween decor. This is what I was going to do yesterday but truthfully I was tired and worn out from game day. The older I get the more I realize that my body likes to go to bed no later than ten, that I need to eat and drink moderately and exercise daily. These are the truths of my life and I must adhere to them whether I like it or not.

Have a nice Monday. It seems to me that Monday's roll around incredibly fast these days.
Bye now.

Sunday, October 13, 2013


Posted by PicasaThis photo was taken last Saturday. Tyson's Mom says he is so love with Olivia. How wonderful to have such a loving, caring daddy.
I can hardly wait to meet her I am in the midst of trying to figure something out. I just do not want to run up and back in one day though I could if need be. But in the meantime my heart is with my little great granddaughter. 

Well the OREGON/WASHINGTON game. Quite a nail bitter in the beginning wasn't it? I did not want to chew on my nails so I was crocheting instead, but that did not work to well as I kept laying it down and jumping up and down and hollering and stressing. Well you get the idea.
But it did come out all right and we really knew it would but your mind plays tricks on you sometimes.
So with our happy hearts the game ended and we moved to the nook table to play gin rummy. We played several hands going back and forth with the lead. But if you play gin you know anything can happen in that game and at any time. In the end my hubby battered me..ouch! We popped the take and bake pizza in the oven and proceeded to eat large quantities  Then we watched the telle for a while and I went to bed as it was late and hubby went to the hot tub. Under a black sky with a crescent moon hovering above he soaked his cares away.

Today we are both laid back and enjoying a relaxing Sunday. Actually I have done nothing but tidy the kitchen and make us scrambled egg and cheese muffins for breakfast with a pot of Starbucks coffee. 
It is gray here today as the sun has not come out as of yet. However the rest of the week looks absoluelty amazing. Big sun and blue skies for days on end and warmer temps in the day and colder nights. Which will be splendid for soaks in the spa.

I am going now to the kitchen to reheat a piece of pizza and cuddle into my chair and start a new book. I picked up "Cold Mountain" remember the movie? Of course if you watched the movie you know the story. We loved the movie so the book will be even better as they always are. It is a really thick book, lots of pages, I cannot wait.

Saturday, October 12, 2013


Posted by PicasaPizza and the Ducks, sounds about right!
We are so looking forward to today and have had a good morning. Up early to watch GAME DAY at the University of Washington. The entire nation is watching this game and we had better QUACK a lot, do you hear that Ducks? We have not looked that bright the first few plays of the past games. Maybe this time it will be different I hope so as hubby hollers and he is loud!
I am going to run for the pizza now and will finish this when I return i need to get my duckies in a row, still a few things to attend to.

Well back. A big cowboy pizza hanging out in the garage fridge. 
I just had a small leftover bowl of rice, teriakyi chicken and steamed veggies. This is amazing stuff yummy, yummy. We both really liked it. So I told my husband this morning that I plan on making this dish at least once every month or so. So I will share the basic recipe with the additions I made. Here it is.

1/2 cup Kikkoman teriyaki marinade and sauce
2 tablespoons sugar
1-1/2 pounds boneless chicken breasts.(I used two frozen chicken breasts thawed). Cut crosswise into 1/2 inch slices.
2 teaspoons cornstarch
2 tablespoons canola oil
Hot cooked rice (I use Cal Rose short white) we call it sticky rice.
Steamed veggies. The recipe called for just broccoli but this what I did.
I nice size broccoli crown cut into segments. 
1 large red bell pepper sliced into rings seeds and membrane removed. I added this.
1 bunch of scallions sliced for garnish( I also added this).

Combine teriyaki and sugar in a measuring cup stirring until sugar dissolves.
Remove 3 tablespoons of mixture and pour over chicken slices in a zip lock bag. Press air out of bag and close then mesh the chicken up with sauce. Marinate 15 minutes.
Meanwhile add enough water to the remaining teriyaki mixture to make 2/3 cup. blend in cornstarch.
Heat oil in skillet and add chicken and saute about five minutes or so until chicken is just done.
Add the sauce mixture, cook stirring until the mixture thickens slightly.
Spoon chicken over rice in bowls. Serve steamed veggies on top and sprinkle with scallions.
Hubby added some Sirracha(Rooster as we call it) in little drops around the sides of his bowl.
I put the broccoli and pepper rings in my steamer and cooked till barely tender.
This is one good recipe if you like a little Asian flare.

As I have a few family members living in Washington State and mainly Huskies fans this is a fun game for us to taunt one another. All in good fun believe me but still........OREGON needs to win.

So off I go to enjoy this day. Hubby has the hot tub ready and hot. He is going to take a soak tonight but I am sure I am going to pass. Perhaps tomorrow night for me.

Enjoy the game if you are fan.

Friday, October 11, 2013


Posted by PicasaThis is a photo of the recipe I am going to make this evening. Only I am adding red bell pepper strips to the brocoli and a scattering of sliced scallions over the top and the dish will be served in deep bowls. Looks good and I am anxious to make it. I love Asian food but my husband is not a big fan but will eat it of course. So I decided that tonight I will make something for my dining pleasure.
I am also going to make those apple cider doughnuts that I still have not made. As we did not have my mother in law for dinner I did not make them as we have been making our way through the apple pie. so hopefully this afternoon I will be little ol' doughnut maker Zo.

It sounds like tomorrow it is Papa Murphy's for the game. I am not crazy about this pizza but I am not wanting to make pizza and there is not a pizza place in our area that we care for. Our favorite pizza is over in east Springfield quite a drive for us. So is it worth the drive? Maybe but neither of us want to do that tomorrow. I will make some snacks for earlier. We are looking forward to this game but rather nervous also. Washington is not to be taken lightly this season. 

I have to thank my husband for his hard work around our home yesterday. He had the day off, yeah sure! This is what he got accomplished.
Gutters cleaned,the entire house power washed, moss control on the roof. His vehicles power washed, the driveway approach and sidewalks power washed, the hot tub power washed and cleaned as well as the filters, filled and heated. He was amazing.
His next day off if it is not raining he will trim the hedge in back and strip the garden area and he is done! These things have been on his agenda for quite some time but every time he has made plans to do them, he either winds up with a job, or it rains. So good accomplishment yesterday my husband. He is on the job site today but has the weekend off. So we will play tomorrow, game day.

I went out to the deck and worked this morning and put all items undercover(the eves)that are not stored in the garage or garden shed and cut back the rosemary in the barrel that was encroaching on the hot tub. It is good to cut it back regardless. I put some in a vase for the kitchen window. I love the smell of rosemary it is so pungent. I washed the outside windows also. The pressure washer did a great job of releasing all the grim but still of course they need glass cleaner for shine. I cleaned my entry and back door. They are both a rusty red color and look great when clean, not so great when dusty and dull.
The front step area is so nice now since being power washed yesterday. Our concrete looks brand new again.
So this afternoon along with doughnut making I am going to get my Halloween decor up. I was going to do that a couple of days ago but hubby said don't as he would have to remove it when he power washed the house.

I will post the teriakyi and rice recipe tomorrow if it is a keeper. I think it will be perfect as I can tell by the ingredients. Oh that dinner sounds so yummy to me. A deep bowl of rice and meat in a glazy sauce with a topping of steamed veggies. Heaven.

I am leaving you now as I have too many things yet to do today. I want to have time at the end of the day to call my brother so we can discuss the game tomorrow as he lives in Washington and I am sure he will be going for the Huskies but he is also a Duck fan so it will be a fun game for him.

See ya tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Posted by PicasaIt will soon be a scene like this on our country road but not yet. Quite lovely isn't it? Oh how I love the fall colors.
A friend of mine is now on the east coast visiting family she has been there about three weeks at this point. She and her hubby drove their motor coach there. He stayed for about ten days and then flew back home to Oregon. He will fly back in a couple of weeks and they will drive home across america. They want to both be in New England to see the fall colors. But what we have here is nothing to stick your nose up at. This valley is a blaze of colors. Every year I post photo's of our street and neighborhood area and along the country road. It truly is stunning.

Well no Mom in law this evening. My hubbies sis had already made arrangements to have her this week. So we will have her for dinner next week. So I will not be making Italian food this evening. I really think I am going to make a pot of sausage potato/cheese soup. It is a fine day to have soup as it is chilly. This is our coldest day since last winter. It finally has reached sixty degree's but has been fifty-five for most of the day and there is a stiff breeze at times. The week ahead looks very similar to today only a little warmer.
I was going to dress up the front door area with Halloween decor but does not sound like a good plan today so I will wait.

My husband and I have been in the office for most of the day getting all finalized online for his contractors license renewal  Finally all the classes are done and all is in order and paid for(the nasty part). This is an ongoing thing every two years when you renew. Good to have it done. Now I must start reading on our health insurance policies. I do do not like these types of chores..but we need to see where we are and what is open to us with the new health care plan.

It is after three now and I am ready to sit in my comfy fading red plaid chair and read. I have a little ceramic heater I keep by my chair and will turn it on to keep my tootsies warm. We keep our house on the cool side as I do not like the heat pump pouring dust throughout the house on a constant basis. With all hardwood floors there is nothing for it to land on but the hard surfaces so you see every piece of lint and the dust bunnies come out quickly.

I am liking my current book OK. Not a fave but it is an interesting and quite intriguing book. The name of the book, is Caroline's Daughters, of which she has four from three different husbands. So there is a lot of sub plots. Anyhow some foolish fodder for the brain.
Off I go.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Posted by PicasaYep, I need to get my Halloween decor up or be left in the rain(no dust here).
I do so enjoy decorating for Halloween and will do that tomorrow. I have been looking forward to it. I basically just put out the same things every year but sometimes add a new twist.
This year I do have a great huge pot of mums mixed with white daisies and they are flourishing as I gave them a treat of Miracle Grow a couple of weeks back. They look pretty on my step for Halloween as they are white, orange and red.

Tomorrow afternoon we are having my Mother in law for a late lunch early dinner. Hubby will pick his Mother up from the Memory Care Home about three or so. She is doing better but still she is so hard to understand as she talks so low it is a strain.I wonder how many times I smile at her and nod in approval when maybe it is not appropriate. But I do my best.

I am preparing a Italian meal with a meat sauce made from our fresh tomato sauce that I froze. I am opting for penne noodles for the pasta as they will be easier for her to eat than a bowl of spaghetti noodles. A green garden salad with Mom's blue cheese dressing or Italian vinaigrette and a crusty loaf with garlic herb spread completes the meal. I have apple pie and vanilla ice cream or apple cider doughnuts and ice cream for desert. 
I will set the table festive with fall decor.
After our meal hubby and his Mom will start watching ariel America. We are going to watch Montana. We have seen it before but know that she will enjoy it as she likes that kind of thing. I will join them when I am through with the cleanup. After the show hubby will run her back to the home. So she will have a little outing which will be therapeutic for her. 

I was out the door early this morning. I thought I would do my grocery shopping today as I needed a couple of items for my meal tomorrow. So no more traipsing out this week which thrills me. 
After returning I have cleaned the bathrooms hardwood and tile floors. Vacuumed the remainder of the house and did some much tidying in the office.
So I believe I am through for the day except for our dinner.

I bought fresh Alaska cod today. So this evening we are having pan grilled cod with butter, olive oil and lemon. Orzo with lemon, parsley  dill and chives and corn on the cob the last there is at the farm. So a simple meal which pleases me and really quite a healthy one.

Yesterday I heard via the email from two dear friends. I enjoyed their messages so much as I miss getting together with both of these great women. So now I must reciprocate. Perhaps this afternoon I will write them both.

Monday, October 7, 2013


Yes it the most awesome day we have had for weeks. 
How do I describe this day?
A step onto the deck and there it awaits. Air so fresh you want to sip it and let it linger on your tongue. A sky so rich blue you want to jump into it and soar. Trees with leaves edged in yellow and red but green is still the order of the day.  A breeze that is so gentle you are barely aware of it yet the wind chimes quietly sing. I am in love with this day.

So we strive to get our days chores that we have allotted ourselves out of way so we can sit on our deck and enjoy all that God has given us today.
Before long we are on the deck it is barely after one. We plop into our favorite chairs and sit with our faces to the sun, leaning back to take in all the heat there is. After a while I am rolling up my crop pants up past my knees and unbuttoning my shirt. I am sweating and thinking of shade. We are both on the same page and head for the shady part of the deck laughing.
So we chat and I go fetch us glasses cold white wine tossing in some mixed frozen berries. Hubby's choice is pinot gris and mine is chardonnay. I grab a can of peanuts on the way back to the deck. We are loving this day.
The jays are having a screaming fit over something and a few minutes later a murder of crows comes circling over. The jays are going wild now, I know they have babies in a nearby tree. Those crows better not try to steal those young ones. Jays keep their young with them for a long time and as the babies grow larger there parents look the worse for wear so bedraggled. We have not seen the babies but have heard the whole scenario since spring. The crows leave and now there is a red tailed hawk circling high in the sky occasionally swooping down toward our back yard near the tree where the jays hang out. Thus the nest.
The hawk finally departs through the deep blue and all is quiet.
Who would ever think there would be so much excitement in a tiny back yard in the city? 
Add to this crazy squirrels running the fence rails as fast as their little legs can carry them and stuffed into their mouths peanuts courtesy of Dee next door. We enjoy their antics as they dive into my flower pots and herb barrel hiding their treasures.It seems a wild place our backyard! 

I will post this now as I will not be back in to add on to this post this afternoon. We are looking forward to grilling burgers late afternoon and enjoying the outdoors as late as possible. There will not be many more opportunities this year.

Post note. I did not post this yesterday when I wrote it. Today is Monday and cloudy.

Saturday, October 5, 2013


I was not going to take the time to post today. But after getting the ingredients together for the Sloppy Joe's and putting all into the crockpot I felt I needed to share this little gem of a recipe with you. I have used this recipe for years with some variations such as adding spicy peppers(which I do no longer)black or green sliced olives, more garlic, well you get the idea. Today I made it as is.

Sloppy Joe's
3 pounds lean ground beef
1 cup chopped onion
3-4 cloves of  fresh garlic minced(no jarred stuff please it taste bitter)
1 cup diced red bell pepper
1 1/4 cups ketchup
5 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
4 tablespoons brown sugar
3 tablespoon apple cider vinegar(I just had white vinegar so I added a splash of apple cider to the vinegar)
3 tablespoons prepared yellow mustard, if you only have spicy brown on hand that is fine too.
2 teaspoons chili powder(I used a teaspoon)
Salt and pepper to taste.

In a large skillet cook burger with onion and garlic until browned. In a large measuring cup put in the rest of the ingredients except the red bell pepper.  Now drain excess fat if any from skillet and add the rest of the ingredients and the diced bell pepper to the skillet and mix well. Here you can also taste it, if you like a sweeter taste add more brown sugar if more tart add a little more vinegar. Adjust to your liking.
Pour all into crockpot and cook on low for six to eight hours.

I like to serve the sloppy joe mix on small potato rolls or slider buns.
That's it grab a big dill pickle and enjoy!

So now the Joe mix is doing it's thing in the crockpot and there are potatoes in the oven baking away for the potato salad, I have eggs boiling on the stove.
When I leave this blog I will start on my apple pie as the oven will be hot from baking the spuds.
When the food items are completed I will run and put on my game gear. I have already showered so that will save time.
Hubby is outdoors working in the (once again) fog. He has cut back all the tree's that needed it and the blackberry vines now he is starting on the hedge. There is much to do. He just popped his head in the door and said when do we start tailgating? What? I said not yet! He laughed he was joking. But we will soon as the game is at three. I am thinking about one will be about perfect.

So I am off have to a fun game day. I am sure this will be a yawner but hey we love the wins and next week we just might have a challenge with the Huskies. They are doing well this year.