Sunday, October 12, 2014


I choose a photo of myself when I was a little girl for this post. This photo which is a childhood memory certainly has nothing to do with a food blog which endorses what I am going to say. I am letting my cooking blog go off into oblivion. For the past year I realize I am posting less and less recipes and not focusing on food.  So it is time to switch gears at least for a while. I think what I am going to do is keep a personal journal on my word processor as I am in the mood to do that again. Yes again as I did that in the past. I will write when I feel I have something to say and then I will print it out and put into a binder. Sometimes things are lost from the computer even with back up and I would like to keep an old fashioned written record.

Today as I sit here and type there is gray outside the office windows. As I view our big tree at the edge of our front yard it is finally changing colors on the north side of the tree. Orange, yellow and red are now taking over the fading green foliage.  Soon the tree will be a blaze of glory and quietly and softly the leaves will float to the ground and bare branches will scrape against one another in the cold wind. Not that I mind I am ready for change.

I am quite certain I will start another blog at some point in time, a different name with a different approach, right now I intend to use the time I have spent blogging to compose some new songs on the piano and learn some new pieces. I played the other evening and it filled me to the brim. I have not touched the ivories for quite some time and I so enjoyed playing. Really it amazed me that most of the pieces I played I remembered them completely and played them well.
I also am thinking of bringing out my oil paints and brushes and seeing what I can do on canvas. I may have to replace the oil paints as it has been years. But the brushes and the stack of canvas's I have still will be usable.  I already know my style will be different. Before I was more of a landscape artist as that is what I was taught in art classes. I think I may dabble in buildings, ancient cities, hillside villages, that type of thing with detailed images but more subdued. I could use some new artwork in my house. I love canvases hung on walls with no frame. So I am excited to start again some old hobbies with new twists.

So I will leave you now until I get the urge to start up a new blog.
Thank you for enjoying what I have posted these past few years.
I am off now to dig out those art supplies. I am excited!

Post note. October 14th. Well I could not stay away from blogging it seems.
New blog is called  Plums and Pits-Scraps and Bits. You can catch it my going to

See you there.

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