Saturday, March 31, 2012


Posted by PicasaI making this asparagus tart tomorrow. I posted a recipe on this blog previously. This time of year asparagus is wonderful  fragile, small and so tasty. I love to make this tart and it is a pretty dish to set upon the table.

Rainy again today as it was yesterday and the day before that and day before that. So many days of gray wet rain and we have had a good doze of wind also.
We are so tired of it all at this point. We have dreams of deserts in the southwest and sun and warmth.
My daughter Gina is now in Las Vegas enjoying eighty degree days and balmy evenings.  I talked to her yesterday and she mentioned they were walking  on the strip the past evening and she was wearing a tank top. I told her I was so so jealous, she laughed but I was serious!

We went out to lunch yesterday at our favorite Mexican place. We were so full though when we got home we wished we had not. Just too much food. My hubby and I are not big eaters and a little of this and a little of that adds up and Mexican food is just so filling and rich. So we groaned and held our tummies and splayed on the sofa's last night watching movies. We rented "The Help" it was a very good movie.  So sad to think a short time ago that sort of treatment was acceptable. Anyhow a moving thought provoking movie.

Today I suppose we will be lazy. I really have nothing on the agenda. I do not need to make dinner as we going out in the country to visit friends and have dinner with them.

I am hoping to catch a small bright spot in the sky today so I can walk.  I have not for several days now and I can tell the difference in my legs. It does not take more than missing a few days for my legs suffer. Please sun, spring and warmth come to our door step.

I will be making some tasty items in my kitchen this coming week.  Last week was rather hard to fix anything but easy fare as hubby worked very late most nights. When I do not know what time we are eating it really needs to be something that can be held or something I can make fast so that limits me.

Have a lovely weekend. Enjoy the rain.............oh yeah :(

Sunday, March 25, 2012


Posted by PicasaThis is one big dog! Bru as he is called looked just a little black bear cub when he was a puppy. Now that he is grown he looks like a big black bear. 
I was visiting on the phone with my son yesterday and we were talking about Bru. Seems Bru is quite protective of his own things such as, food bowls, toys, his blankie and pillows etc. This may not be a good thing in such a large strong dog. I know as much as he loves his grammy (me) I would not want to interfere with those items. Yesterday Mike had just given Bru a doggie biscuit to chew on while we talked. I said I want to say hello to Bru,  I talk baby talk to him as disgusting as that may seem but I have done that since he was a puppy. Mike put the phone to Bru's ear and got so excited he dropped his dog biscuit and tried to get the phone. Mike said, amazing he never lets go a dog biscuit.  So I guess I am still in Bru's heart. Good thing.

Today is a grayish day. I put it that way because at times it goes from light gray to dark gray but not one slit of blue in the sky. Grim is what it is called.
It is not cold though nor is it windy so I will more than likely walk a little later if the predicted showers do not come in.
As it is Sunday today my favorite day of the week I have been self indulgent this morning. I took my time muddling through the paper, same ol, same ol. The comic's were fun I always enjoy Stone Soup the creator of Stone Soup Jan Elliot lives here in Eugene. Also I like Pickles as I suppose I relate to that due to my age. So with the paper set aside I was on to the internet checking e-mails and glancing at FB. Then on to whatever house chores I needed to do. I usually do not take on a project on Sunday but today I am going to do that as hubby is working so I may as well be productive too.
I have a good size project this afternoon going through paperwork that is years old but that I have kept for whatever reason. So time to get things into the shredder. When I tackle something like this that has been lingering in the shadows of my mind to do for years it always gives me lift. A needed chore completed, erased from my procrastination list. Yes I have such a list as sad as that may seem. If I can put off until tomorrow......well that is usually my mode of operation. 

Tomorrow night for dinner I am going to making brussel sprouts and sausage soup. This is a new to me recipe I took out of Sunset magazine. It looks very tasty and we have hubby's smoked sausage in the freezer so that works it also has red potatoes and some flavorful seasonings. I will take a photo and give you review tomorrow on how it tasted and if it is worth making again. I can usually tell by the ingredients if something is going to be tasty and this appears it will be just that.

Today is the 28th anniversary of my Father's death. He passed away two months shy of his 80th birthday. I find it hard to believe that it has been that long. Time has a strange way of playing tricks on the mind.
My father was quite a character. He was entertaining, a story teller of great magnitude, he loved traveling, reading, tinkering in his garage, inventing, writing,  camping,  teasing and joking. This man always worked hard for his family until his health started to fail. I cannot even begin to go into the health issues he had, lets just say they went on for years until he had nearly nothing left to savor in life at all. This is person that lived out he last ten plus years of his life with one leg the other amputated at the top of his thigh. This is man that never whinnied or said poor me, or why did this happen to me. He dealt with it without complaint as there was no other choice in his mind. Within a couple months after his surgery he was back in his garage welding, tinkering doing as he always had. He made his benches lower so he could sit on his walker and work. He attached wheels to everything he could so he could move things about more effectively. With his riding lawn mower towing a trailer he hauled wood to the house and groceries from the car. My father had a lot of grit. He grew up working hard with little pleasure in his young life. He did not even finish grade school as he had to work on his uncles huge farm to help the family out.  However he was one of the smartest men I knew as he was a compulsive reader, he would read everything at hand. Whatever questions I had my Dad could answer them. He was also good at math, science and many things. He was self taught and reading was the one thing he continued to enjoy till the very end of his life.
So today as you have surmised I am thinking of my Father and what he brought to my life. I have his grit and fortitude, his love of travel, good books, storytelling and writing. So through his genes I have been passed many of his good qualities. Thank you Dad.

I find I enjoy reminiscing; to pull out those memories and dust off the edges so they are bright and fresh.  Everyone that has been a part of our lives has given us a gift in one way or another and to take note of that sometimes is a good thing.

Saturday, March 24, 2012


Posted by PicasaLast night I made dinner in the wok. My wok is so old, lets see I think I got in 1980. So it well seasoned and perfectly black as it should be.
We like to use the wok about once a month for Asian food.  Last night I made chicken chow mien. Always a favorite of ours. I served it over rice but sometimes we serve it up over angel hair noodles or soba noodles or rice noodles, whatever you feel you would like. You can either thicken it with cornstarch and chicken broth or just serve the crispy mix of veggies and meat if using over rice or by itself. Always a pleasure to eat and so good for you.
So tonight we are having or I should say I am having leftovers. Hubby is working late so he will not be eating with me.

Here is what I do to make this chow mien.
I grab my biggest bowl from the cupboard and fill it with an assortment of vegetables. I have good knife skills and I think that is important in this type of cooking. I cut the veggies on a diagonal all the same size and thickness. of course some will cook faster than others like the carrots, celery etc. But you want some crunch with your variety and uniform cuts look so pretty. If using chicken or pork or beef I cube it and lightly salt and pepper then I cook in the wok with a little oil and remove and sit to the side then add the veggies right to that oil adding more oil as needed. The meat flavor gives the veggies a yummy taste. 
My fave vegetables to use are: carrots, celery, nappa cabbage, onion, shallots, bean sprouts, pea pods, sweet peppers, bok choy. Anyhow you get the idea. If you like mushrooms they are good and also leeks in place of onions. Dump all veggies into the hot wok and stir fry till the hardest veggies are semi tender. At this point add the meat back in to heat. Here you can either carry on to make a chow mien sauce or serve straight up as I call it. If making a sauce just take a can of chicken broth add it to the wok reserving about a 1/4 cup. In the 1/4 cup add about three tablespoons of cornstarch and a tad of soy sauce  mix well in the cup and slowly pour into the chow mien and stir and heat until the mixture thickens. 
Serve over the above mentioned. That is all there is to it. It is not complicated but does take time. It usually takes me over an hour of prep work because of the slicing. I find it very therapeutic however. I love slicing beautiful vegetables the colors so bright and contrasting.  And knowing how good they are food you is an added bonus.

It is strange after having hubby home for nearly two weeks. The house seems to quiet and lonely today. I do so crave my space but sometimes it takes me a day or so to adjust to the stillness.
I am sad to say I hardly accomplished a thing today. I had good intentions when the day first started but as the hours dwindled away so did my enthusiasm for what I wanted to accomplish. I did manage one project. So not a total bust.
Also I had two great conversations today first with my son this morning and my brother this afternoon. They both called me and even though I was in the middle of chores or in the middle of my intentions I was happy to chat a bit. I love them both so dearly and we always have such good visits.
I have learned there is nothing more important than taking time for those you love. I have been selfish at times in the past, wanting to talk at my own convenience but what really cannot wait? Of course if I am in the middle of making a meal or doing something that needs my immediate attention that is different. One thing I know when someone is not of this earth any longer there are no second opportunities for conversations. There should be nothing more important that those people we love and care for in our lives.

I believe I am going to close now and do one more little project before the evening takes me over.
By for now.

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Posted by PicasaThis photo was taken this morning. The streets were a sheet of ice and snow covered the ground. The vibrant pink blooms of the plum trees were laced with frost and all was silent. Later the sun made an unexpected appearance warming the air as well as the spirit. I took a walk as I had not since the storm. There were many branches broken from trees and littered on the streets and sidewalks. Many of the radiant plum trees had downed branches loaded with blooms making a smear of pink across the landscape. 
The storm is over now and power is restored to many that went without for over twenty four hours. We lost power last evening for about two hours but that is nothing to complain about. We had eaten and the dinner mess was taken care of. When the power went out we to our well stocked drawer in the kitchen, who am I kidding it's our junk drawer. I grabbed a flashlight and matches. I then lit a couple of oil lamps that I keep sitting in the family and living rooms. Hubby lit candles and tea lights and soon the room was a glitter with light. As it was evening and we were tired we just lounged with our blankets on the sofa's and talked until I fell asleep. I awoke with a start when the power returned with all the appliances and the telly making themselves known. I think I liked it better before. One does not realize how quiet it is with no household appliances running and the dead quiet outside. It seemed another world.

In a day or two I will be making nice dinners once again. I am so looking forward to being in the kitchen and doing my thing. Last night I made a quick version of turkey meatball stroganoff. We adore Trader Joe's turkey meatballs. They are fully cooked just the right amount in a bag for a dinner for four or leftovers for two. So that is what we are having tonight again. I will make a green salad to go with.
Hubby is working tomorrow  in a school building so will not start there until school is out tomorrow. So no dinner tomorrow night but Saturday night I am making chow mien and egg foo young patties. I have a yummy sauce I make to go on top of the patties with sliced scallions. So I will share those recipes with you. These recipes really go back as my Mother made them when I was a child. They are still wonderful tasty recipes. We are looking forward to this meal as it is one of our favorites.

I believe we may going on a little trip the end of May if  we can make that work out with hubby's work schedule at that time.  We will fly away for four days and we are looking forward to that.

It is almost six-thirty pm so I had best get to dinner even if it is leftovers.
Have a nice evening. It is still cold here.
Till later.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Posted by PicasaThis is the scene this morning from our window. The snow has now stopped thankfully. The snow is wet and heavy and brought down trees in the neighborhood. In our back yard one tree has lost an assortment of limbs so now hubby has the mess to deal with and now we will have a tree with a bad haircut.
Yesterday was the first day of spring I think more so on the calendar than in reality.
My friend from the other side of the mountains has cancelled her trip here. The pass she would have traveled over had almost a foot of snow last night.  We will wait now until the warmth of real spring is upon us.

I just found out my daughter and fiancee will be moving very close in proximity to my son. So now both of my children will be out in country on acreage that makes me happy as they both love the country and open space. Also how nice and convenient that will make for us to visit them and we can all get together more often. Oh what a happy heart I have.

I have not been feeling the best the past week I have had tummy issues. No need to explain but it has drug me down. It has really made me realize how I miss eating good food and whatever I like and I do miss my wine with dinner. I have babied my tummy this past week with baby type easy to digest foods. It has not been enjoyable in the least and also I have not been cooking up my usual fare and I so miss that. I cannot wait till all is better and I can get back to normal.

Hubby is off with a buddy to lunch today. Then into a long term work run every day for three weeks with a couple half days off and possibly one weekend day. He is doing three jobs back to back. With our work it seems always to be feast or famine. So I will have many hours to fill with projects. There are quite a few things that need doing and I will try to discipline myself to accomplish something every day and not be lazy.

I am listening to Pandora radio as I write. I have put on my station  'After the Rain', a lovely variety of soft melodic piano solo's. The music takes all the hard edges off the day and brings forth peace and contentment. I have always been one for quiet and peacefulness. In our home on a daily basis we are quiet. We work at or do our own things that we like. Hubby playing chess on the computer or working jigsaws, I adore reading as you know. So the house is quiet except maybe for some soft music like now. 
Strange how everyone is different and have patterns in their lives that they are comfortable with but would be chaotic for me. I so dislike disorganization and loudness. What happens to me in those situations is that I become edgy and scattered in thought and just want to flee. My children knew when they were young when enough was enough when it came to racket. My patience would be spent and I would snap and they were sent to their rooms. Then all I would need is a half hour or so to recharge my batteries and how I did that was to just have my space without interruption and noise. So I suppose you could say I was having a time out. I am still that way nothing has changed. My hubby, family and very close friends know that to be true about me and they give me my time out when needed.
So today after hubby leaves I will listen to my Pandora radio station and have a several hour time out. I will so enjoy.

Remember to take time out for whatever it is that puts you at ease and peace with yourself and life.

Sunday, March 18, 2012


Posted by PicasaI wish I was seeing these right now in our yard. What terrible weather we have been having of late. I am so tired of the gray and the rain and wind. I did manage a walk today. It is not a nice day but I took the chance to walk while the sun made a very brief appearance. 
I must say I feel depressed today and I even took my mega dose D vitamin yesterday. I just have not been feeling the best over the past week one thing after another it seems. All will pass that I know it always does. So no more ho hum me.

On the brighter side it is Sunday and I do love Sunday's a day to do whatever pleases you. At least that is the way it is in this household. So with my walk out of the way and the fat Sunday paper read I think I will bake something that always pleases me and puts me at peace.
I am thinking perhaps a lemon bread or lemon cookies that would bring some sunshine in to the house. Yellow cookies hot from the oven yes I think that is a wonderful idea. Not that I need sweets in the house but that is beside the point. I do not need to eat them all!
So off I go to the kitchen to make some magic.
Enjoy your Sunday.

Saturday, March 17, 2012


Posted by PicasaHere I am at Yachat's. That is between Florence and Waldport on the central Oregon coast. It is nice in Oregon that you can build a campfire on the beach. I so remember when I was young and my family and I would go to Seaside and Cannon Beach and build huge bonfires on the beach. Mom packed hot dogs and marshmallows of course. The kids all loved it. Seems there were always friends of our family that went along as usually there was quite group. We would share a cabin and go clamming and beach combing. One time my little brother Jimmy stuck is his big toe in the campfire, I suppose to see how it felt. The rest of the trip rest he never went remotely near the fire. Mom wrapped his toe in a big a gauze bandage I have pictures. Another time my dad and his friend had a few too many drinks and were feeling their oats as they say. They grabbed my Mother and pulled her jeans off and she screamed like a banshee as they carried her to the ocean waded out and threw in her in. Do you know how cold the Pacific ocean is? Can you see what kind of times we had? Well for us kids it was a great time always to be remembered and reconstructed in our adult life.
However I have never been thrown into the ocean only pulled in.

Our next trip to the beach will be next month we are thinking Newport have not been there for quite some time. I am researching now via the net places right on the beach to stay. We like Newport as there is much to do with the Waterfront area and the amazing aquarium. So plans and more plans.

Today is a mixed bag of weather so far though it is still early.
I heard the rain thundering on the roof last night, since we have had showers, sun, rain, showers, sun, dark clouds and so it goes. Another day of winter with spring trying to peek through and she is having a hard time believe me.

I feel like doing something today but what? That is always the question. Maybe I will come up with something it is St. Patty's day so we are having Reuben sammies tonight with fries. Not to inventive but what can I say?  I am no fan of corn beef in it's natural state. I was going to pick one up at the store this week but seeing that big hunk of raw red meat floating in that bag of blood, well it left me feeling nauseated. So Reuben sandwiches it is! I will heat sauerkraut and make thousand island dressing.  I bought some good quality marbled rye bread and some Swiss cheese. 
Last night we had steak in the cast iron skillet I have that down perfect. After I removed the steak from the skillet I topped it with Gorgonzola butter and covered with foil and let the steak sit the optimal time of ten minutes. When I sliced the sirloin steak across the grain it was cooked perfect and so juicy, tender and flavorful. We have not had beef for quite some time and we were hungry for a good steak.

Well here I sit in my sweats and slippers I am ashamed of that fact as it is almost eleven. So I must get into the shower and dress for the day.
Have a nice weekend.
Happy St. Patty's day!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Posted by PicasaHere they are in all their glory. Luckily the blossoms hung tight in the wind storm. The day is not nice though to take a walk and I would love to be surrounded by all this pink. It is cool and showery for the most part and the showers come every few minutes.

I was out and about late morning for grocery shopping and errands. I was very happy that it did not take long as I so wanted to be home in my cozy house.
I am not cooking dinner tonight. I do love a reprieve at times. Though working in the kitchen does give me much pleasure there are days like today that I like to skip prep work, cooking and kitchen duty. So what are we having this evening? Seriously, pizza. I picked up a pizza that is ready to eat, but we like to do this, we heat the oven to 350 and heat the pizza on an air bake pizza pan for fifteen minutes and it is just like new. Crispy crust melted cheese and hot. 

I am sitting here sipping a hot cup of tea. This is something I am going to do more of. Hubby is a tea drinker but I usually have my two cups of robust coffee in the Am and that is it for the day. But I think a hot cup of tea in the afternoon would be nice and keep my energy going. I suppose I take it like the English with a bit of cream(half and half) in my case.
My grandmothers heritage is English and much of her family lives in British Columbia. When I was living with my parents we would visit my Grandmother's family quite frequently. 
I do so remember a huge stately house with a pool and lovely grounds. I was quite impressed being the little farm girl from Oregon that I was. Grandmothers family would gather all the relatives together for food, drink and much music making. Everyone played an instrument or several. I was right at home with that as I would play at the piano or plunk on a banjo. It was a grand time.
What I remember most pertained to food and breakfast it seems. The kitchen was huge, high white cupboards filled with sparkling glassware and dishes in colorful patterns. The flooring was black and white tiles. And I my Mom and I loved the pale yellow walls it always seemed sunny even when it was not.
The table was large and in the kitchen itself and set elegantly. There were many place setting of silverware I was not sure which cutlery I was suppose to use so I would watch what others did. What stands out most in my mind is the egg cups. Each different and appeared hand painted. It was  very exciting for me to have my own egg in a  egg cup of my own. My Grandmother showed me how to tap then cut the shell so you could dip into that wonderful soft boiled egg. There were several pitchers filled with various juices and pots of coffee and tea. There were so many items prepared for breakfast I never knew what to choose. 
In the afternoon it was tea time a celebration with lovely  sweet treats and breads, little sandwiches with the crusts removed and cut into triangles, delicate tea pots and  fragile cups. I was in awe.
So I will once again have tea in the afternoon but I do believe I will forgo the formality and the treats. I could see that becoming a problem.

On those sweet memories I will close and settle myself in my chair and read. I am reading the last chapter of  The Atonement. Maybe you remember the movie several years ago. The book was a good read.
Off I go.

Monday, March 12, 2012


Posted by PicasaHot out of the oven. Crispy, spicy skin and juicy and succulent inside. I surrounded the chicken on the roasting pan with sweet potatoes, red potatoes, onion chunks and whole pieces of garlic. I drizzled with olive and then sprinkled all with fresh chopped rosemary and lemon thyme from my herb barrel. We had steamed asparagus with lemon butter as an additional side dish.
This was yummy comfort food and I hate to admit we rather hummed when we ate.

It is so windy here today I had to take some of decor items down by the front door and anchor a few things down on the deck. The plum trees that are in full bloom now are a swaying mass of pink along the street.

My nose has been in this office this morning as I had paperwork and bills to get out the door before the postman came. So I am just now getting at my house chores. It has been a very busy morning. Hubby had a bid out in the country so he was out the door early.

I am making chicken noodle soup today with carrots, celery and onions. I will serve with cheese bread. My husband loves my silly simple little cheese bread. What I do is take our fave artisan bread slice it and lightly toast it. Then spread a thin layer of salsa bravo which is hot but not intensely hot. Then add  grated cheese of your choice. I usually add some Tillamook sharp cheddar and whatever white cheese I have on hand. Do not put on too much just a nice little pile on each piece then sprinkle with paprika. Put on a baking sheet and put under the broiler on hi when the cheese is bubbling and starting to turn brown at the edges remove from the oven. That is all there is to it. Of course you can always add thinly sliced scallions, herbs, bacon bits whatever rings your bell. This little cheesy crunchy bread is a nice accompaniment for soups, salads, or veggie dishes.

My chores are pressing on my mind now so best get to them. Monday always seems to be a catch up day after the weekend.

This is a perfect day for those you like the wind. Are they folks that do? For some reason it seems to make me edgy. Besides it ruins my walk, I will not walk in the wind especially this time of year as I have tree pollen allergies.
So once again I must house walk today. Put on aerobic music and walk on these hardwood floors for about a half hour. Round and round I go where I stop only I know!

Have a good one.

Sunday, March 11, 2012


Posted by PicasaThese are little blobs of fried dough. Known by different names in many cultures. These are the Spanish version and they are called bunuelos. I made them yesterday a half batch and they are mostly gone. When you plop them in your mouth and take a bite they practically melt in your mouth.

I am bored today oh I am bored. I thought I would be content to putter and read the paper and such today but I am antsy. Sometimes I get like this. Also I feel trapped today. I wanted to walk but the storms keep rolling in one after another. We will get a reprieve for fifteen minutes or so and the sky brightens then all gets dark again and rain and hail begin to assault the windows once again. If I attempted a walk I would not get back to the house before another deluge. So here we both are house bound on a Sunday ugh!

I did not make my butterflied chicken last night as we did not eat till later. Hubby brought his brother-in-law up for a bite to eat when they finished with installing the floor. So I made us all turkey panini's and a big green salad with lots of veggies in it. A good simple meal we all enjoyed. So this evening we will have the chicken feast.

I will have a friend from Bend coming next weekend. That will be fun. We have our little things we enjoy doing when she comes every year. I hope the weather will be agreeable for our little shopping and bar hopping about downtown. This time of year we really do not know what to expect. Hubby will drop us off and we will grab a cab home.
I am a little concerned about my sis-in-law. She is driving home from Bend today. I pulled up the highway cams and there is packed snow on the pass. She does have tire chains with her but still alone driving in not the best conditions is worrisome.  I will be glad when she is home safe and sound.

So that is our Sunday nothing special or noteworthy. It is odd that some days I can feel so content and other days I am as restless as can be. I need to just relax put my nose in my book which is boring also and relax.

I will connect next week.

Saturday, March 10, 2012


Posted by PicasaChristmas in March? Well my Christmas cactus thinks it is. It did not bloom at Christmas but has been blooming the entire month of March. The sweet thing is just a little confused.

I cannot believe yesterday what an extraordinary, unexpected day. The paper said cloudy and there were a few high and wispy clouds in the sky. The late morning warmth soon turned to afternoon heat. I hurried about to get my chores out of way and then grabbed my book and went out onto the deck to spend a hour or so reading. I actually had to go to the shady part of the deck as I got too hot. Hubby got the lawns mowed and cleaned his garage. So things were accomplished.

Did you see the sky last night?  It was so clear and dark and there sat two stars so close together. I thought what are those planets? I knew one was Venus by it's location and brightness but the other one? The morning paper answered my question. It was Jupiter. Wow it looked as if they were right together though they are millions of miles apart but they are aligned in a certain way right now so their perspective from earth seems they are in the same orbit. The paper said that Tuesday it will appear as if they are almost touching. They were quite alluring to look at last night. Unfortunately Tuesday here it is to be cloudy but one can hope.

My hubby is helping install a laminate floor today in his sisters home. So he is out of the house and I have the day to myself. However I do seem to be wasting it. I have no ambition today as I did not sleep well last night. When I first started my day about eight I had many ideas as to how to spend this day now it is just after noon and I am losing interest in all the things I thought would make me happy to accomplish. Well it is what it is I suppose I will not beat myself up. What if I do nothing at all but indulge my lazy streak? Would anyone care?

I know I am doing one thing to make my heart content. I am going to make a wonderful meal. I have a whole fryer thawing and I am going to make one of three dishes I have in mind. All are incredible, tasty and very impressive looking. I have some fresh asparagus to serve along side and I am going to roast sweet potatoes and red potatoes as an additional side. I will post a photo tomorrow of my chicken dish. Sunday's dinner will be leftover chicken pulled from the bones and I will compile a chicken noodle soup. 

I am going to leave you now and get some laundry going and then I will see which direction this day will take. Will it be a day of accomplishment or sloth?
Have a lovely weekend and do something nice for yourself.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Posted by PicasaThis is what my husband has been doing while I have been sequestered in my office getting the tax info ready to send off.
The sausage was finished Monday but no so for the tax ordeal. I still have at least a half day tomorrow. There is just so much to calculate and gather together every little receipt to be accounted for and on and on. Very tired of it now. But once it is done and mailed off in the packet oh how wonderful I will feel. The weight will have been lifted! Now I get to look forward to meeting with advertising salespeople for the phone books and internet...........oh yeah!
What would my hubby do without me?

It is actually Wednesday here today. I started this a few days ago. It is a very pretty day here pristine I would say. It started out very chilly but has warmed significantly. I will take my walk when this blog is finished. It is pleasing now to walk as all the little flowers are showing their faces and everything is so green. My fave time of year is slowly approaching. My favorite in the past was always autumn and I still do love it but truthfully seeing everything sprout from the rich earth and the spring sun so hot what could be better?

My husband is off for his physical today. Oh how he hates it and then tomorrow he is starting the process of getting a crown at the dentist office. Not a favorite week for him for sure.

We are off to Bend this weekend to take my mother-in-law back home. She lives with my brother-in-law, my hubbies older brother. They live out on property with a view of the three sisters mountains. A very serene and peaceful place. We lived in Bend for years and I do not miss it all but I do like to visit from time to time  as there is much to do. I do wish we had the home we had there though. It was an amazing house. Just perfect for the two of us. Overlooking the Deschutes river and the walking trail along the river was a few steps away. We would walk downtown and go bar hopping and sample a wonderful array of food then have the pleasure of walking home a mile along the river. There were always swans, geese and ducks we so enjoyed watching their antic's.  Our house had the best kitchen, I drew the plan myself and worked with the cabinet builders and such to have it just as I envisioned. What a work of art, I loved entertaining in that well thought out space. I do have a very workable kitchen now but nothing like the Bend house :(

I must leave you now as I have still much to accomplish and I truly want to walk while that bright warm sun is out.
Have a good hump day!

Sunday, March 4, 2012


Posted by PicasaThis photo was taken about three years ago. We were camped on the Siuslaw river at the Marina RV park. It is just adjacent to Old Town in Florence.
We miss not having an RV but really could we afford the gas now to use one? So we are thankful we have it no longer. It is costing us $100 to fill the work van and my rig is $70. I cannot even imagine the motor coach gas expense. There are a lot of bargains at hotels especially if you can take advantage of the mid-week specials. Of course nothing beats having your own space and dna in your RV but we do what we can with what have that is available to us at this time.

You know we had over sixty degree's yesterday. It was amazing. I went for a short walk as I have not walked since having my cold and did not want to bring on shin splints which is the case sometimes. So I walked briskly for about twenty five minutes. Then came back to the deck and sunk into a deck chair and read my book in the sun. It felt so wonderful that heat radiating into my skin.
Later I joined my hubby and his family down the street in their back yard all of us soaking up that much appreciated sun.

I have been in the office working on taxes. I am well over half finished and they will be ready tomorrow afternoon to send off to our accountant. I am always so happy when that chore is over. 

Hubby stuffed sausage into casings this morning and now they are tucked into the smoker for the day.We added more fat to the batch this time so it will be juicy and tasty.

Well I have no chatter for me that is odd but I am a little tired I guess. I want to take a short walk again and do what I must and then sit in my chair and read. A lazy Sunday it seems.

Hope your weekend is going well.
Bye for now.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Tax preparation not my favorite!

I suppose I could have shown a photo of my desk loaded with paperwork. This is not my favorite time of year. I do the paperwork for taxes as I must. We have an accountant but I am the one who has to compile all the information that goes into the booklet with the appropriate forms, documents etc. It is a lot of work when you have a small business. So I was in the office about five hours today. I would have been in here another three or so but my brother in law and mother in law arrived from Bend and I needed to be social. So the rest of weekend I am committed to getting all ready to send off Monday morning.

I just returned home from my sis in laws as we all gathered there for dinner. It was nice I did not have to cook a meal this evening. Once in a while it is certainly a welcome reprieve.
My brother in law also loves to cook and it is fun to share recipes and talk the talk about cooking. He watches many of my favorite cooking shows and also spends time as I do looking up recipes online. So we share our expertise. 
My hubby started another batch of sausage today. This time he purchased suet along with the beef and pork. After he ground it and mixed it all up with the seasonings we sampled a patty. It was amazingly good. Now he will put into links tomorrow and then smoke it. As you remember the first batch he made turned out to dry. We are going to save out enough for a couple of ample size patties for tomorrow mornings breakfast.

 I am home alone now as all are still down the street at my sister in laws. I am ready to call it a day. Truly since I have had my cold it seems I am still not quite perfect. I am tired and my cozy bed is calling. I am going to take my book and snuggle in. Oh that sounds so good.
Good night.