Sunday, April 28, 2013


Posted by PicasaHere they are again my little darlings. I always seem attracted to the same colors. I adore the purple and yellow.
Today is cloudy but oh so mild and no wind. Yesterday was divine. I pulled some weeds late afternoon after the sun left the front of the house. Today when hubby gets home late afternoon we are going to pull weeds fun, not. But we need to get the weeds out of the gravel area that connects to our driveway apron. We must get our newly purchased pickup off the street. Hubby will also have to trim back a tree that is taking over that area.

I managed to take care of all my most needed chores yesterday. Today I have a couple special projects to finish up and then a run to farm for veggies and some fruit. Yes the farms are now open and I am so happy.

Tonight for dinner I am being lazy. But first of all I need to say that dinner last night was so delish. That pork loin was cooked to perfection and so juicy. I cut it into thick slices to be dunked into horseradish sauce. The gravy was rich and loaded with flavor. I am sure my husband is enjoying his big fat pork sandwich with zucchini relish for lunch today.
So tonight's easy fare is pre-made ravioli's with Classico Vodka sauce, a green salad with Zo's creamy Italian dressing and french bread slices coated with a little olive oil and rubbed with a half clove of garlic and a smear of fresh tomato. So an easy Italian dinner this evening.

I had a lovely visit with my daughter yesterday. I so enjoy our phone visits. She is planning on coming in two weeks time. It will be lovely weather then so we can sit on the deck and have drinks and dine. At least I am assuming it will be nice weather. But it is getting into our warm southern Willamette valley sunshine time.

My birthday is Wednesday. I am not sure what we will be doing. I told my husband I would be content to stay home as we just got back from a trip and much eating out. I said I would make us rib eye steaks on the grill with iceberg lettuce wedges topped with my mommy's blue cheese dressing and crumbled bacon. I can detect though that he feels he should take me somewhere and wine and dine me. I will leave it up to him as I really do not care. I would be happy to stay home as the day is to be in high seventies. Oh happy me!

Well I had better finish my projects for the day and head to farm before my honey gets home so we can have a gay old time pulling those weeds......

Saturday, April 27, 2013


So we are back! Are we refreshed? Hardly. But that is the nature of this particular trip.
After spending our first night in a luxury king room we went to the desk and upgraded to a large players suite like we stayed in last year. It was nice to have the extra room, the spa and two huge walls of windows with incredible views. Just snuggling in the amazingly comfortable bed on the 23rd floor and gazing at the full moon hanging in the black sky over the city was so worth the price of the upgrade.
Sadly we did not win. Everywhere was very tight as they say so we concentrated on doing  other things. We were up early every morning and back to the room in the afternoon for a few hours to relax then after a little gambling and dinner we were back in our room and into the spa to soak surrounded by thousands of city lights. 
We ate at the Little Nugget and split the awful, awful burger twice.......what a great burger!
I know I wrote on my post previously that it was called the Terrible burger. Well let us just say that was entirely a senior moment. We also had good Asian food, tasty salads and soups and brick oven pizza twice.
So now it is no junk food for a long time.

The drive through the desert is so pretty this time of year. The oak and birch trees, poplars and dogwoods and more were all bright with their fresh new foliage. The higher distant hills and low mountains had snow and the sage brush and desert grasses were spring green.
The same was true on the way home over the Willamette pass. In one weeks time everything had leafed out. I just kept saying to my hubby as he drove that I could not take my eyes from the trees. The sunlight was filtering through the new born leaves and all was sparkling with  green new life in every hue imaginable.

It was good to drive into our driveway after so many hours on the road and I am always so thankful for a safe trip.

Now back to daily matters. The washer and dryer are doing their thing as I type. Hubby was off early this morning to start another job schedule. I walked early no one about at seven-thirty on a Saturday morning. I loved the quiet and seeing how all the flowers, trees and plants had bloomed out while we were gone. It is truly a grand spring scene right now. I always say there is no where prettier than this valley in late April and May. Tis true.
After my walk I drove to the car wash to get the hoards of bugs scrubbed from the car. I would have normally done this myself but there were just to many insects to deal with.
The house now is tidy but I still have some unpacking to do and will clean the inside of the car.

I have a small pork loin in the slowcooker. I seasoned and browned it before placing over a half dozen cloves of garlic in the crockpot.
I deglazed the black iron skillet I browned the meat in and poured the reduced sauce into a cup and added some apple cider and poured that over the pork loin in the pot. All is smelling good at this point.
So a little comfort food this evening. I will make sides of red potatoes rough smashed, make gravy from the slow cooker drippings and saute spinach for a green.

Well off to finish my chores then out to the deck to hose everything off and give my violets a drink and perhaps plop in my comfy deck chair and read.
It is a perfect spring day here today. Yesterday we topped out at 77 degree's. I love the mild temps and am looking forward to more of the same.

Have a wonderful spring weekend.

Saturday, April 20, 2013


It's back............yes the truck we bought new and then sold seven years ago is back in our driveway. I must say my husband is very happy about this event. He loved that truck. It will be perfect for hauling his fishing boat and then a travel trailer next summer.
He is looking forward to detailing it and taking care of the repairs that need doing. Sadly the inside was not given the tender loving care that we give our vehicles.
But mechanically we feel it is a gem! So back in truck world for us.

Today is to be sixty degree's. I sure will enjoy that. It is gray this morning but it a bright gray so hope prevails.

Our big pot of chicken veggie soup finally was depleted last night. Tonight I am making panni's. We make those about once every two weeks we love them and my Cusinart Griddler makes them soooooo good. So tonight the panni's will be layered with black forest ham, munster cheese, tomato slices and fresh basil leaves. I will make home fries to go with and secret sauce for dipping the fries in.I am sure my hubby will toss a couple hot pickles he makes on his plate.
That Griddler is a good piece of kitchen equipment to have. I am not a gadget person I tend to like simple utensils in my kitchen but the griddler is good for other things other than panni's. It has flat plates if you have company and want a nice size griddle for pancakes. I have made steaks on the grill plates. When we had the motorhome I always took the griddler along as that is how we grilled our steaks if we did not want the mess of the bbq grill. It does a good job on most everything. 
I am thinking of getting a full size food processor. I have a small one that fits onto my cusinart blender. It works great for small batches of salsa etc. However I want to make pie and tart crust and various things and a large one is needed for that. So I am considering purchasing one. I just do not know where to house it in my kitchen as it is a big appliance and I have the cupboards loaded as it is.

I must get on with my day as there is much I need to do.
Have a lovely spring weekend.

Thursday, April 18, 2013


Posted by PicasaSo it will not be long and we are off on a little adventure to Reno NV. Now mind you we could fly direct from Eugene here to Las Vegas a nice airline and quite a quick flight. But no we like the drive in the desert to Reno and make this road trip most springs.
We have our favorite hotel, the Eldorado it has lovely rooms if you get in the right tower. One thing about always doing the same thing you learn all the good things. The Sky tower is a must at the Eldorado. It is newer and taller and if you ask for a luxury king you will be on floors 14-24. We like the higher the better. Of course the players suites are marvelous and we stayed in one last year. We lucked out and got a corner room so we had windows from ceiling to floor on two sides of a huge room. The views were amazing. There is a lovely spa in the room for some soaking time, a very spacious bathroom with walk in tiled shower. A large flat screen telly and a cal king bed that is so comfy and luxurious you never want to crawl out.
We look forward to hanging out at our fave eateries. Have you been to the Little Nugget for the very famous Terrible Burger? This  place was in a competition on national television with the Nugget in Sparks to see who made up the best burger. The little Nugget won. So thus the famous Terrible Burger as it is called, but believe me it is not terrible it is fabulous. We love this burger and always split one when we go to Reno.
Gecko's in the Eldorado is a great tex mex place and we also make it to the Brews Brothers Brewery for brews of course and brick oven pizza. If you are there at happy hour the pizza's are two for one, we each get a individual to our liking. They also have a noodle place now which makes me happy. 
So we know what we like and it works for us. We normally take a drive while in the Reno area we have been to Virginia City more times than I can count and also Incline Village, Lake Tahoe etc. The weather will be warm and sunny for our visit there.
Of course we gamble and I think we enjoy it more as we do it but once a year.
Will we be lucky? Is it in cards? Or in the machines I should say.

I do not know what was wrong with me early this morning. I woke at barely four am and could not go back to sleep. I tried for an hour and that was stressing me out. So I got up at five and tippy toed out of the room as not to rouse my husband. I fixed a cup of tea and sat in my chair and read until my honey got up at 6:00. I may get a little sleepy today who knows? However I know one thing I am hungry and it is only 10 am. I can usually hold off easily until noon.

It is a pretty day here so is spring really here?

As I looked through the kitchen window this morning I saw my little viola's their sweet faces pressed toward the sun. My Mother always had them planted along the sidewalks in flower boxes. Their bright colors and hardiness bring much joy to my heart.

Well I am through playing on the computer now and must get back to the desk to finish my office chores.
Maybe this afternoon I can press my face toward the sun and soak up some warmth.Yes I will make a point to do that.  

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Posted by PicasaA storm quickly moved in and bang went the lightening. In a flash hail was pounding on the deck and we were running for the door! So much for grilling.
This whole scene took place two afternoons ago.
Today is much nicer. We actually saw the sun smiling through clouds this morning. Now she is playing peek-a-boo what a tease.
It will not be a bad day.

Well it seems we may be buying our Dodge Ram 4x4 truck back. We sold it to my hubby's sis and husband about six years ago as we did not need it any longer. We bought it new so we know the history very well. It is a good truck and still looks nice though the silver part of the truck needs repainting.
It will be nice to have it back as now we are considering getting a small travel trailer by next summer. Also hubby bought a small fishing boat sometime back and now will have the truck to tow it with instead of his work van. Now just to figure out a place to park it! We have the little boat in our small RV spot and then when the trailer comes will we have things on the street? Oh my.

I am excited about our trip coming up. Sometimes with me I think the anticipation is almost more fun than the trip itself.

I made a casserole last night that my husband enjoys it is so easy. So I will share it with you now.
Rueben casserole
1-1/2 cups uncooked egg noodles
2/3 cup condensed cream of mushroom soup undiluted.
1/3 cup milk
2 tablespoons chopped onion
1 teaspoon prepared mustard(I like dijon)
1 can (8oz) sauerkraut rinsed and well drained
1/3 pound kielbasa,or cooked sausage of your choice. Something with smokey flavor works well.
1/2 cup shredded swiss cheese
3 tablespoons bread crumbs
1-1/2 teaspoons melted butter
paprika for sprinkling

Cook noodles according to package
In a small bowl combine the soup,milk,onion and mustard and set aside.
Spread the sauerkraut into a 1 qt baking dish(my 7x10 was perfect)coated with cooking spray. Layer the soup mixture and sausage and sprinkle with cheese.
In a small bowl combine the bread crumbs and butter and sprinkle over the casserole and top with a little paprika.
Bake un-covered at 350 degrees for 20 minutes.(I put my baked casserole under the broiler for just a few minutes before serving to make  cheese and bread and butter topping all bubbly.)

Enjoy! This is not a gourmet recipe it is simple and taste good. On those days you do not feel like spending much time in the kitchen this little gem is a winner.
I have also made it with deli sliced corn beef or pastrami......very good.

Well my day is on a slippery slope as it is almost noon and I have much to do.
Have a nice hump day.

Monday, April 15, 2013


Out the door today to shop a bit.
A good day to do that I think as it is showery and gray the rest of the week is to be better so maybe I can get some things done outdoors then.

My husband will be home early afternoon today as it is what we call a coat day on the floor he has been sanding. Depending on the finish for the hardwood floors one coat or two coats can be applied per day. The floor he is doing now has a polyurethane finish so only one coat can be applied each day as the drying time is longer. So when this happens it gives him a short day which is nice when jobs are lined up back to back.

I meditated yesterday afternoon and it left me feeling so relaxed and centered. I actually did a guided meditation that I found online and it was very good.
In years past I meditated every day. I found I needed it to bring my life into balance. I was working full time and also helping my husband build houses and meditation renewed me.
I am going to try meditating a few times a week now.  It truly soothes me.

I loved my salad last night. A big bowl of mixed greens with carrots,onions,kalamata olives and tomaotes. I made my Mom's russian dressing and we added sliced hard boiled eggs to the top and a sprinkle of fresh grated Parmesan cheese. The combination of the slightly sweet russian dressing and the acidic bite of the olives was a big burst of flavor.

It was crazy in our front yard this morning. Two little squirrel pals were chasing each other and jumping on one another. One had a nut in his mouth compliments of the lady next door. He was trying to stash it but his friend was right on his tail. Finally frustrated he bolted from the yard as fast as his short little legs could carry him.
I get much pleasure in observing wildlife. Not that these squirrels are too wild but they are not tame either. They are morphed to being neighborhood wild pets. We have several always hanging out, running the tops of the fences and scampering across the deck.
When I was cleaning out my flower pots a few days ago they were full of peanuts. I know their hiding places.

Well it is time to head out for a bit of shopping. I hope I return home with a nifty rolling, spinning suitcase.
Our other poor old things have been all over the Caribbean  Mexico and Canada. Too many trips have them tattered and made them old beyond their years. Oh, if they could only talk, I would love to hear the stories. 
One time on a stopover in San Juan PR we saw them just tossed and thrown in a huge pile behind a cardboard sign that read USA. We were nervous they would wind up in New Jersey or Kansas or wherever. However I was the one who almost never boarded the plane. I really got scrutinized. They went over and over my papers and then intently searched through my bags. Reason being is I was so so dark and looked foreign.  That is what the lady with the badge said to me. You do not look American. I was shaking in my sneakers. But after a while she sighed and waved me through and we boarded the plane and our tired old suitcases made it to PDX.

I am back from my little shopping trip. I made haste it is barely after twelve noon.
And yes! I have a lovely new rolling,spinning large black suitcase with bright orange leather trim and a lining in black and white print. This is a cute case and very roomy with two side pockets and two front pockets and it is expandable.It is the perfect size to hold both of our duds.
The best part is this. It is a Lucas brand, very nice. Suggested retail $280. Department store price $120. TJ Max price $60. I love TJ Max for that very reason. Good brand names at very desirable prices. 
So enough about this subject how do I go on and on about a suitcase?

I am off now to do the remainder of my chores and then grab something to eat, healthy I hope and to read a bit. My back is nagging at me so best get off my feet for a little while.

Saturday, April 13, 2013


Posted by PicasaHere's my little friend. Actually I found this guy at the Dollar Tree. I wanted a gecko for my wall so I did not mind spending a dollar..laugh!

Today is chilly and it is going to get colder by tomorrow morning it is to be 32 degree's. I am wondering where is spring.
I did get my violets planted yesterday and the deck cleaned a good thing as the next few days will not be conducive to being outdoors.

We have made our vacation reservations. So unless something changes our minds we have plans. That something that could happen is that my hubby could land an amazing job that would need to be done in the vacation time frame. It has happened before. It really is no big deal we just reschedule our trip for another time. Work always comes first with us.

As it is rather chilly today I decided to make a slow cooker meal of navy beans and ham. Yes it the left over bits and pieces of the Easter ham that I had put in the freezer. I will make some cheesy corn muffins to go with.
I am also going to make hermit cookies this afternoon. My Mother made them frequently. Made with coffee and nuts,warm spices and raisins. I skip the raisins not a fan. These cookies are so good with coffee or tea in the morning. Not that I need a cookie with my morning drink but that is beside the point.

Our beef and pepper stir fry last night was very yummy. I had intentions of taking a photo while it was still steaming in the wok, but got sidetracked obviously as that never happened. I will have a small dish of the leftovers today for my lunch.

I need to make a couple purchases before our trip. We need a new piece of luggage of course one that rolls, spins and all those little tricks. Also I want a new skirt. A saucy little thing. The skirts that are out now are so cute. Short, mid-length, long whatever you desire. All are in a great mixture of colors and patterns and remind me of gypsy skirts. I am going to get a black and white print as that is very practical to go with all my tops.

After we are home and rested from our trip we will start the garden. It is always something my husband enjoys doing. This year the beds need a complete overhaul of soil and fertilizer. We are going to plant only tomatoes and walla,walla onions in the beds. Some herbs and peppers in pots on the deck. With the farms being so close we buy everything else there. The produce at the farms is always so fresh and beautiful. I cannot wait until they open.

I had better get on with my Saturday. The house is quiet with the exception of French Cafe playing on Pandora.
The sun has just made an appearance also. I think I am happy.

Friday, April 12, 2013


Tonight on the menu is a beef and pepper stir fry over sticky rice. My husband likes this spicy but unfortunately spicy does not like me. So I will use some Chinese five spice in the dish but he will add his Chinese chili paste when he dishes up.

I have had a full morning. I just finished putting bags full of groceries and paper products away. That was a chore.
The pantry is very full just the way I like it.
I was out of the house early. Right after hubby left I made haste so I could beat the grocery store crowds.
I miss my husband today as he is back to the grind of hardwood floor refinishing.

I am pleased with the weather today. We have clear skies at times and then a few high clouds come in and out. It is a nice day as there is no gray.
I plan on doing a few things on the deck this afternoon if the weather holds.
I bought my little viola's sometime back but they still are not planted. I have had them sequestered under a table to protect them from the hard showers we have had recently. So today they finally get to settle into their new home.
I am amazed at the amount of bird poop that is splattered on our deck. This is first year we have had to deal with this kind of mess. 
We have less crows this year I notice and I feel that may be the reason for more birds of every variety. Also our neighbor feeds them so I have a feeling they fed at her house and on their way back home they fly over our deck.... will I need not say more.
So giving the deck a good cleaning this afternoon is on the agenda also.

Tomorrow I am making hermits. They are an old fashioned cookie that my mother made quite frequently. They have coffee in them and nuts and are very tasty especially with a cup of tea or coffee in the morning.
Not that I need a cookie with my morning drink but that is so beside the point.

I paid our income tax today. Ouch. I will say though for what our income is we pay very little as we have so many write offs for the business. But I still dislike writing those checks!

I have had no lunch and I am getting a little hungry and there is a greek yogurt in the fridge calling my name. I absolutely adore Greek Goddess yogurt however it is twice as high in calories as the other greek yogurts. So as a splurge I will indulge myself once in a great while in lieu of eating a healthier brand.

So I am off now for a little break then out to the deck to take care of business.
Have a good Friday.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Posted by PicasaI was going through our beach trip photo's and I am getting excited to go in a few weeks.
First photo left top, me at Sea Perch RV park near Yachats. 2nd photo hubby on the deck of Driftwood Shores watching the sun sink into the ocean. 3rd shot top and first shot left second row were taken in Bandon. Then comes sunset Florence, Zo at Sea Perch(we always had fires on the beach). Bottom row left, Zo at Bandon, Imre by our motor coach in Florence at the Marina campground, then shadows of us on the beach and marine life on rocks at Bandon and finally hubby on the beach at Florence.

I love going through our photo boxes. Thirty some years of photo's depicting our life together. A lot of years and a mega load of photo's.
We are anxious to make more memories and take more photos in a few weeks.

Today was gray until mid afternoon. Now that it is almost five it is glorious once more. We are certainly in a coastal weather mode. Tomorrow it is to be sunny(they say)who can believe at this point? 
Tomorrow I am running some errands. We need a new heavy duty paper shredder ours has died. Office Max is having a sale so off I go tomorrow to purchase one and once again we can shred......yeah!
Then I am off to several different locations and I am also out the door on Friday I need to pick up fresh cod and fresh ingredients for this weeks meals.
I will once again heat a black iron skillet and melt a combo of olive oil and butter and lay in the beautiful Alaskan cod fillets sprinkled with salt and pepper. Turn once after a good sear. Then serve with lemon butter. This is a straight up simple cod dish. Tender, juicy and succulent  I am going out of my way to get tender asparagus and some vine ripened tomatoes to go with brown rice. I for one cannot wait for this meal.

Tonight we are being bad(food wise). I have pre-baked potatoes to turn into shreds, to go with chicken fried steak and all will be smothered with country gravy. I will have a side of fresh cut veggies. I will say this we will have small portions of the country fried items. But still..........bad.

I need to leave you now as the local news is about to start. Time for a glass of wine and to relax before dinner.
Bye for now.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Posted by PicasaThis photo was taken two years ago at Sweet Checks Winery in our southern Willamette valley here.
I like this photo because it reminds me of such a fun day.
It was my birthday and for some reason after tasting several wines I managed to tell all the folks at the tasting bar that fact.  Good grief what can I say? We selected some delicacies from the food case and bought a glass each of our favorite wine and headed for the patio where the view goes on love with that place.


Once again we have been foiled. Where is the sun? According to all data, paper, weatherman, online, we are to have a lovely day of sun and clouds and 65 degree's.
So far all we have are the same gray clouds that were already cemented into the sky as we opened our eyes this morning.

We went to the store this morning for goodies to grill and planned on working outdoors and then grilling early evening. This has to be the ugliest April I can remember. Gray grim and gross!

I have started reading "Return to Love" again. It has been several years since I read this wonderful book from Marianne Williamson. 
One forgets how important it is to put love into all things. When there is not love, there is fear. And fear destroys us. I for one need to read a spiritual book from time to time to keep myself reminded of what is truly important in our lives and for our souls. This book was based on the "Course of Miracles" series. 
A Return to Love is a book for anyone of any faith. If you have not read this book it is a must. 

My husband is now settled deep into the sofa watching a movie and I will go sink in my chair in the living room and read.
We will wait for the sun to appear and it may, who knows, if so we will go to the deck to soak up some warmth.

I have no more to say it is a dull day but it must be enjoyed in some way as it is a day of my life.
I heard from several friends on the email this morning and that is always a treat.

Monday, April 8, 2013


Posted by PicasaI finally made French lemon tart. I was going to make this when my daughter was here, she did not come as planned so I waited until the other day to make this lemony delicacy.  So I will share this recipe from Bon Appetit magazine.

French Lemon Tart
1  9" piecrust
1  beaten egg
2/3 cups fresh lemon juice
2/3 cup sugar
3 tablespoons heavy cream
1 pinch of salt
5 large eggs
sweetened whipped cream

Preheat oven to 400F
Prick the bottom and sides of piecrust with a fork.
Line with a double thickness of aluminum foil covering the edges. Fill with dried beans or pie weights. Bake 10 minutes. Lift out foil and beans. Lightly beat egg in a small bowl. Brush egg all over warm pastry. Bake pasty until firm and dry about 5 minutes. Cool on a wire rack.
Reduce oven temperature to 375F
Whisk together lemon juice, sugar, cream and salt. Add eggs one at a time whisking well after each addition. Pour into piecrust.
Bake until set 25-28 minutes. Transfer to a wire rack to cool 1 hour. Chill 2-3 hours in fridge before serving with sweetened whipped cream.

As you can see this is a very easy recipe. Use a regular pie plate not a tart pan.
I am needing to purchase pie weights. I wonder how many bags of beans I have thrown out over the years. Ridiculous at this point!

Now truthfully my husband and I have had enough of gray weather. Ugly and depressing. He has not worked the past few days so trying to keep ourselves entertained is getting to be a quest.
We have caught up on all that is truly needed in our home. Today we have decided to play scrabble. We were going to play yesterday but we were not in the mood.  Tomorrow we are hoping to go for a ride out in the country to check out a fishing hole for when the season opens. I will take us munchies along. Hopefully there will be some sun the forecast calls for it.
We need to appreciate this time together as shortly my man will be working non-stop until our little vacation.

Our dinner was very good last evening. I made a recipe of my own.  Italian mild sausage  peppers, zucchini and onion and polenta casserole. All is layered in a casserole dish and baked with cheese and marinara sauce. I saute the veggies first and of course pre-cook the sausage. You can either use links or ground. Or I have made it occasionally without meat. Both ways it is a flavorful mouthful.
Tonight we will have leftovers and I am making Paula Deans biscuits to go with.

Have a nice Monday.

Saturday, April 6, 2013


Posted by PicasaThis was a tasty meal last evening. I want you to know that yes this was my plate but I took half of the meat off the plate after taking this photo.
It was just a sirloin steak but it was sitting in the fridge with my steak rub on it for hours so it developed great flavor before putting it on the grill. I put a dollop of blue cheese dressing to the side to dip my steak in.

We found a great place to stay in Lincoln City. Within walking distance to the casino and restaurants. We have spotted these little condo's before while in Lincoln City. They are right on the beach, loaded with amenities  There is a nice fireplace, glorious views from the many floor to ceiling windows, fully stocked kitchen with nice appliances and granite countertops.  Very small and cozy, perfect for us. We called and at this point in time they are available for the time we would like to go. The reason we did not book just now is if you do not show up they charge you for the entire time you would have stayed. Which for us would be four nights so that is a lot of cash to  forfeit if we were unable to go.
We are excited though for this little adventure and we could extend longer if we have the time free staying along coast at another place on the way home.

Well is is showery, wet and gray today as it was last night.
When we grilled the steak last night we put our rain jackets on and stood under our big patio umbrella while the steak sizzled on the grill. It was not cold just wet.

We stayed in bed this morning as there was nothing special for us to get up early for.  After we finally groaned and moaned and crawled out of our nest we made breakfast together. We had big fluffy waffles and fried ham (yes still working on the Easter ham). I made a big pot of coffee we always grind our own beans and I had fresh cream.  I have been drinking primarily tea in the mornings that is hubby's morning drink of choice also. So the coffee hit us this morning. I felt like bouncing off the walls, it was hilarious I buzzed around the house like a bee and in no time it was orderly.
So now we have a rainy afternoon ahead of us. We decided we would play scrabble today instead of gin rummy. We played cards last night each winning a game apiece.

Tonight we are fixing taco's. I will make the filling and toppings and hubby will fry the shells. He does a great job. I made refried beans yesterday and will make a batch of guacamole today to go with.

I am going to leave you now and settle into my chair  and finish the newspaper while the rain splatters the windows.
Have a nice wet weekend if you are in the northwest.

Thursday, April 4, 2013


The rain is on it's way. It is lightly misting this morning. We were hoping for a just a cloudy day today as the lawns need mowing again. 

Heard from my daughter and they are not coming this weekend. They are going somewhere else and taking a three day weekend. Boo hoo. Well such is life.
So my husband and I will spend this weekend of rain together . We want to do a little something so we will see what we come up with.

We are rethinking our Reno trip over my birthday. Reason being is, the Eldorado hotel has not offered that players suite room to us. The offers on rooms and packages have been terrific in the past few years and that was the nugget that keep us going there. The reason they offered such incredible room rates was the recession. Now that recovery is in the works the offers are not as good.
We are thinking we will take four-five days and go to Lincoln City. We love it there and we can do the beach thing, get a room on the ocean front with a kitchen as we love to cook while at the beach. There is gambling at the casino, the outlet stores( love the kitchen shops).  There is  much to do and is only two and half hours from Eugene compared to eight and half.
So today my hubby is getting online and is going to check out hotels and condo's.

We played gin rummy last night until we were almost blind. I was so tired of sitting at the nook table on a wooden chair. We sat there for over three hours. I won two games and my husband won one. Way to go Zo!
I was going to fix chicken pomadora but that did not happen as we were locked in card world. Could we not even stop to make dinner? After we finally finished I made cheese, basil and tomato panni's with tomato soup. 
So tonight we have the dinner we were to have last night.

I am going to make a lemon tart today. I was going to do that when I thought I was having company a couple of weeks ago. I love this tart it is so lemony of course but the texture is wonderful, like lemon curd.
As soon as the rain is over we are making beer can chicken on the grill. My man thinks this is the best chicken this side of the heaven. He loves slowly grilling it and with that lovely aroma overwhelming your senses who wouldn't like it?

I must get on with my day.
Have a nice Thursday. 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Yes, I bought many viola's today. Tomorrow I will plant them in a big ceramic pot. I cannot wait to see their smiles when they are happily rooted in their new home.
I also purchased a new grill cover to replace the tattered one that has given us five years of service. Everything is looking better daily on the deck.
Rain coming in this weekend however.....that does not make me happy. But today is here and it is a beauty and tomorrow a repeat. So I will live as I always do, in the present.
Hubby just said to me the other day, we have always lived our life in the moment. He is right and living it in that manner brings us much happiness. We are the same.

I am having a rather nice day today. Out and about early so errands are done and the house tidy. So I have the afternoon to meddle in whatever pleases me. First thing is a walk, then I will go from there.
My sweet hard working husband will be home about four and then goes on a bid at five. He is always busy which we are happy for.
We were chatting last night and he was trying to think of a little something fun for us to do this weekend. I will let him come up with an idea. I always go along with whatever I am easy in this manner and he is a very fine planner.

We are still working on that Easter ham. Last night we had a repeat Easter meal. Tonight one more night of ham and then I will save some out for breakfast and sammies and freeze the rest.
So tonight I am making scalloped potatoes with ham and scallions in a cheesy cream sauce.
So I get to use my handy dandy mandoline tonight, goody! It is fun to use and so fast. Also I am preparing a big beautiful green salad with a from scratch creamy Italian dressing and I will make some garlic croutons this afternoon to top it off with.
I forgot to pick up some white wine this morning. We finished off the last bottle in the wine cooler this past weekend. I do have some pinot noir which will go nicely with the meal. So no worry.

As I was typing one of my favorites songs by Adele just came on Pandora. It is called "To make you feel my love". This song brings me to tears as it how I feel about my man.
Some songs can just take you deep into your soul this is such a song.

So on that beautiful thought and song I will start puttering through the remainder of this grand day.

Note: So here we go again the change in font size. I am not going to re-type all these large paragraphs, sorry. I know it looks so odd. I need figure out why this happens. But sad to say I am not most technical person.