Tuesday, October 7, 2014


This photo was taken the last time I saw Steve. I believe it was three summers ago. Steve and Judy were coming through Eugene and I met up with them at a RV park in Coburg.
Oh it was so good to see them as it had a been a while.
As I mentioned in yesterdays post Steve passed away Monday evening the 29th of September.

Steve was bigger than life an entertaining man full of devilment. I met him when I was a teen. Steve and Judy starting dating and Judy and I made plans for our boyfriends to meet. Which they did and they hit it off immediately so it was a good foursome and we had so many adventures and fun times together well into our married lives and our children s lives. 

After I learned of his passing I sat by the campfire that evening as we were camping and thought about him with a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes and a glass of wine in my hand.

Steve was an entertainer. With his magnanimous personality he was always at the center of things. 

When Steve prepared breakfast for company it took three hours and twice as much champagne and OJ to get the meal to the table. But it was always worth the wait as we were starved and half giddy from the bubbly so everything tasted ten times better than under normal circumstances.  Those were glorious times spent with the Danchok's in their cozy little kitchen with comfort food served up with love and laughter. 

Steve was such a good Dad and spent time with his sons and he was so dear to my children also, loving them like they were his own. He called my son Mike, Milo and Gina my daughter, Little crusty chin as she was a droller when she was teething and always had a chapped chin.  Steve would snatch her out of her playpen and hold her on his knee and entertain her with his antic's.

Boy that man could put the whiskey away. He and my father(they were both navy men) and my former husband would polish off a half gallon in an afternoon. No matter whose home we were at after the drinks came out so did the musical instruments. We had guitars, harmonica's, banjo's a piano at times and Judy and I had our singing voices. The kids joined in at times there was much merriment and the good times rolled with good old fashioned fun.
When we went with Steve and Judy on weekend outings to the beach or mountains one never knew what Steve would be up to. We had more fun with him in a grocery store,  a playground, campground, hotel or anyplace as he was such a character. I sometimes would get so embarrassed by the stunts that he pulled and sometimes I would laugh until I couldn't catch my breath and my eyes were blurred with tears.
I could tell stories for the next few hours but I guess what I am trying to say is that man was a big presence not only in my life but in so many's.
He will be sorely missed for many reasons, his big heart, his generosity, his humor, his goodness and his ever endearing love of family, friends and life! Which he lived to the fullest.
So to you Steve I raise my glass and toast you dear friend. I know you will be waiting for Judy with arms wide open ready to share another adventure.
God Bless you.

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