Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Posted by PicasaWhen I took this lovely german pancake out the of the oven this morning I cut big wedges and put onto plates and added succulent pear slices in the center and then a drizzle of pure Vermont maple syrup and a dusting of powered sugar. Oh it was heavenly we both enjoyed the tender mouthful of pancake and the sweet tart of the pears and the rich sweet gooey syrup that topped it. I must remember to make these more often. They work so well for four people to share. I also like topping with apple slices I have simmered in butter with broken toasted walnuts. 

Here is the simple little recipe.
German pancake aka Baby German.
4 eggs
1 cup of milk
1 cup of flour
1 teaspoon salt 
6 tablespoons butter

Preheat oven to 425 degrees.
In a medium cast iron skillet(or oven proof heavy skillet)
melt the butter in the skillet in the oven before filling with the batter. This does not take long so do not burn the butter.
In a blender add the four eggs and beat till light and frothy
Add the milk and blend in. Then add the flour and salt and mix until well blended.
Remove the skillet from your heated oven and pour the batter over the melted butter. Replace in the oven for 20 minutes. The pancake will be puffed and golden.

That is all there is to it. A nice simple way to serve is to squeeze fresh lemon juice over the pancake add your syrup and sprinkle powered sugar. 
Of course you can be as decadent as you like. In summer fresh Oregon strawberries are must with a dollop of sour cream. You can add any fruit or jam of choice and then top of whip cream and on and on whatever your pleasure.

When we peeled out of bed this morning the ground was frozen and white. It had snowed and then froze so a cold looking scene out there. Now a couple of hours later it snowing again. The flakes are huge and so heavy and wet so of course they will melt as soon as they land. It is so pretty though like being in a snow globe. Our weather is to be windy and a mixed bag of rain and snow for the next few days and the mountains are to get a couple feet of snow. The snow enthusiast's are going to be loving it.

Hubby is home today but at the moment is on a bid. He has a couple of projects now in the works. Good as we surely need the money. Actually this February was good  for us. Hopefully as spring approaches we will continue to get busier and busier. 

My house chores await me and I have a couple of business call to attend to so I will leave the blog now.
Enjoy whatever the weather throws your way today. For the most of the country it really is not pleasant. How about staying in and baking something wonderful, seems that bolsters one's spirit as the house fills with mouth watering smells.

Monday, February 27, 2012


Posted by PicasaAs the dark clouds of winter's sky descended upon us yesterday afternoon we were settling in to watch the Red Carpet and the Academy awards.
The black ominous clouds rolled in so quickly from the west that our bright rooms turned dark as if someone had flipped a switch. It all was rather cozy however. I turned on some soft lighting  and lit an array of tea lights. I made buttery salty popcorn on top the stove the old fashioned way and opened a nice bottle of pinot gris.
We enjoyed the awards show and after it was over we dug ravishingly into stuffed baked potatoes. All and all a very enjoyable Sunday evening.

I am loving today. It has been awhile since I have felt well, this cold is not totally done with me but it is on it's way out. Hubby is working today and it has been a few days since I have the house to myself.
I just love the pleasure of the quiet or like now with soft piano compositions playing while I type. I am at peace and feel very content.
I suppose the older one gets the more you are satisfied with the simpler things that touch your heart. I know I am. When I was younger it seemed I always needing something to look forward to. Well truthfully now I look forward to each day for it's own merit whatever unfolds I embrace. It is a day of my life never to return again in the same manner. I am thankful for each day and do try to stay in the moment. 
Even though couples live together compatibly for the most part we are all different and to have ones own space to immerse yourself in occasionally is a wonderful thing.
It is a fact that my family knows well that if I am in the midst of others for too many days without my own space to dwell in that I become edgy and irritable. It is because my batteries wear down and need recharging by the things that put me at ease and peace. So today is about me recharging my battery pack.
I will putter in my home perhaps rearrange a few things as my daily to-do's are done for the day. I will catch up on some correspondence there are a couple of friends I like to send cards to occasionally. I will work on my drawing that still awaits me on the dining room table. I can only draw when my house is quiet and I am alone with my thoughts it seems. I am in the midst of reading a book by Anne Tyler that is rather boring at times but in a way that is soothing and I am enjoying learning about other cultures as there is array of colorful characters in this book from different countries. Seems there is always something to be gleaned from books whether non-fiction or fiction. So I will poke my nose in my book for a while this afternoon.
I am hoping to take a walk today weather permitting. As I am at the end of my cold and still have a cough I do not want to overdue nor do I want to breathe cold air into my lungs. The forecast calls for some sun today so I will hold out hope for that to occur so I can get out the door and see what has transpired in the neighborhood since my last walk. I am sure to spy some crocus and tulips as well as trees loaded with buds.

I am looking forward to making a nice meal this evening as we have been taking the easy route lately as I have not felt well.
I have two beautiful bone in loin chops thawing. I will flour them put them into a egg wash then on to a panko crumb mixture with spices. I want to bake them till they are crispy on the outside and still tender and juicy inside.
I am still considering the side dishes at this point. I know somewhere I have a yummy recipe for a hot German potato salad which could be fun. Of course silky masked potatoes with garlic butter and sour cream goes well with the chops. Or I may make buttered noddles with cabbage. This idea's are endless at this point but I will enjoy making dinner that I know.

I will leave you now and move forward with my day that will unfold in this way or that depending on my whim. I just love that!
Well I am off to enjoy.

Sunday, February 26, 2012


Posted by PicasaWe made this simple little dinner Saturday night. This is a mac and cheese recipe that I have been using for years. We add whatever tugs at our taste buds and what is available in our fridge or pantry. There is a topping that you can crumble on and bake in the oven if you like. I have done this a few times but mostly I just dish it up off the stove top.

Really easy mac and cheese with whatever.
2 cups uncooked small macaroni or whatever pasta you prefer
3 tablespoons butter
3 tablespoons flour
1/2 teaspoon salt
dash black pepper, salt to taste
2 cups milk
2 cups shredded cheddar or combination of your favorite cheeses

In medium sauce pan, cook macaroni , drain
In same sauce pan melt butter and blend in flour salt and pepper. Stirring with whisk heat until bubbly. Add milk and continue stirring contastantly until all is smooth and thickened. This is basic bechamel sauce.
Stir the shredded cheese into the sauce and add the macaroni and blend.
At this point you can serve.
If using the topping put the mac and cheese in a greased 8x8 casserole dish. Make a topping of bread crumbs, fresh grated Parmesan cheese and a little olive oil. Spread this mixture over the mac and cheese sprinkle with paprika or cayenne if you like a hot hit and put under broiler on Hi till all is bubbly and crunchy.
That is it for the plain original recipe.
Things you can add when adding the macaroni to the sauce are picked jalenpeno's, caramelized onions, fried bacon , ham or salami bits, fresh minced peppers, leeks and really most anything you find flavorful. 
Last night we added to our portions bacon bits I had fried ahead and sliced scallions. I also used a combination of sharp and med cheddar cheese.
That's it folks!  I served sides of honey glazed carrots and steamed burssel sprouts with lemon butter. 
I had been craving veggies so this worked.

Feeling more or less the same as yesterday but a little less tired. I feel I am certainly on the mend. 

We will be watching the Red Carpet Live and the Academy Awards tonight. I have loved watching this since I was a little girl.
In honor of the Academy awards we just finished watching the Black Swan with Natalie Portman. This movie was up for best picture last year and Natalie won the ocsar for best actress. I love this gal she is so talented and so elegantly pretty. 

We are having a veggie meal this evening while watching the Oscars. Just a huge baker stuffed with salad and whatever tingles our taste buds.

I will say good bye now so I can prepare for the Academy Awards red carpet.

Saturday, February 25, 2012


Posted by PicasaHappy 50th birthday Elizabeth! aka Liz. I think I would have demanded to be called Elizabeth. I just love that name it is so classy.
Liz is my sis-in- law. She lives down the street from us here in Eugene.
She is having a big 50th birthday bash that we cannot attend this evening. I am still on the last legs of my horrid cold, still coughing and feeling lame.
My hubby liz's brother woke with a sore throat this morning so thought it best not to be in the company of others spreading germs around.
As I feel depleted I will just say Happy birthday Liz and we will get together next weekend.  I have some fun thoughts on putting a few little things together for your present that you will enjoy.

Can you believe we woke to wet soppy snow this morning. Of course it did not stick around for the long haul which is par for our part of Oregon. Makes me giddy to think I do not have to drive in that stuff any longer..........yes. The other side of the cascades is a totally different story, one I have told many times.
Well it time for cereal and soy milk. My staple every day.
Till later.

Friday, February 24, 2012


Posted by PicasaActually these little beauties are what I planted last spring. It is early yet but these violets are hardy so I will get some planted soon. I am so yearning for something sweet and colorful like these little flowers to brighten my day. My planter is in view of my kitchen window and as I spend much time in the kitchen they make me smile throughout the day.

I am ill. We took a trip to the and coast visited casino's and restaurants filled with folks. Well as everyone knows it is a total germ fest out there this time of year.
The irritating thing is I had a cold in January. So here I am on my second one now when I usually get one every three years or so. This is my fifth day. Now the mess has moved from my head and ears to my bronchial's and chest. I have a cough and still feel so miserable. So it goes. More NyQuil tonight I guess. So I am in  a gloomy mood for now. 

Hubby and I are making dinner together this evening. We are having mac and cheese made with cream sauce and sharp cheddar. I will fry some bacon crispy to crumble over the portions along with some sliced scallions. To the side we are having steamed brussel sprouts and glazed carrots. I am craving veggies. My husband has not made a bechamel sauce before so I am instructing him. We love our mac and cheese and I have added a variety of ingredients in the past from marinated peppers, caramelized onions, leeks, bacon, ham, assorted cheeses. It is always good.  Not that I can taste much at this point. I made chicken spaghetti last night and tasted like nothing........hubby said it was outstanding. I cannot wait until this cold is gone!

Our trip was fun and crazy as usual we did not stick to our agenda. My husband is always one to come with one idea after another. A two night trip turned into a four night trip with each of us only packing one change of clothes. We were so tired of the same ol' same ol' by the time we got home. I was as they say putting on my cleanest dirty jeans. 
By total coincidence we met up with Gina and Doug. How on earth did we wind up staying basically in the same complex? Too strange. We laughed so hard when we discovered this we almost....  ...  ......! Well you can figure out the dots! Anyhow a jolly old time was had by all.

Well this is about as long as I can be at this computer now I want my blankie and the sofa. I need a little rest before we start our dinner.
Have a lovely weekend. Here there is to be a storm.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Posted by PicasaHere is my beautiful daughter Gina with her fiancee Doug. This was taken at our home last year on one of their visits.
Happy birthday Gina. You have always been such a dear daughter. No Mother could ask for more. You are my friend as well as my daughter and oh the fun we have when we are together. Like two pea's in a pod though one pea is starting to shrivel up a bit lol.
I hope you have a grand birthday.  Doug is having his birthday also as he was a Valentine baby too. So happy birthday Doug!

Gina will be coming to visit us at the end of the month. I am excited about that. I am already making plans as I usually do. What would I do without my plans and lists?

It is chilly out today though it is deceiving. It looks no different than days past with the gray parting to blue above us but the air does not say spring today it says winter. I would love to be somewhere warm for a couple of weeks. I recall one year in February hubby decided that we needed to go to Florida and stay at Disney World. This trip came about so quickly it made my head spin. I called our travel agent inquiring about fares, rooms etc. Well it just so happened it was the last day to book for an incredible deal and it was a fantastic deal but we had to fly out within two days. So I hung up the phone gave the details to my husband, and he said, we cannot afford not to go! So we packed a couple bags and the next day we were headed to my sons in Vancouver. We left our vehicle there and he took us to the airport. I think when I landed in my seat on the plane I was still stunned. I am usually a planner that plans way in advance for trips. But here we were flying off to Orlando with who knows what in the suitcases the packing part was a blur.
We spent eight days there. Bought the super passes so we could see and do everything under the Florida sun. I was getting worn out and actually came down sick.  I was so ill in fact that it hurt me so to even shower.  So the last two days were spent in our hotel room going no where. On the return flight home my hubby came down with it. That was not the first time we picked up a bug while flying.  But I would risk that now to be off somewhere warm with the sun radiating into my winter white skin and nourishing my soul.

Well no sun for this gal today and I must get to my daily chores.
Thinking of you my daughter with so much love in my heart.

Monday, February 13, 2012


Posted by PicasaThis was a very tasty quiche. We will have it again tonight as you can see we ate about half. This recipe is compliments of the queen of calories Paula Dean. If you can imagine this recipe called for a pound of bacon. A pound of bacon? Yikes. I cut that down using about five strips.  I am going to share the recipe though as it is so good and I love making items with fresh spinach rather than frozen.
So here is the recipe.

Spinach and bacon quiche
6 large eggs beaten
1  1/2  cups cream
pepper to taste
2 cups fresh spinach chopped and packed
five slices of bacon fried and crumbled(you can add more if desired)
1 1/2 cups shredded swiss cheese
1 9-inch crust either home made or store bought
(cut or roll to fit 9-inch pie plate.

Preheat over to 375 degrees F
Combine the eggs, cream and pepper in a blender. Layer the spinach, bacon and cheese in the pie crust and then pour the egg mixture over all. I then like to sprinkle with paprika. Bake for 35-40 minutes or until egg mixture is set. Cut into wedges and serve.
We like to add just a little of our homemade salsa on top. Serve with a nice green salad.
Do try it is savory, cheesy and yummy. Would make a great brunch item with a colorful fruit salad.

It is another gray day. I should not say another however as yesterday was grand the first part of the day. However by the time I walked the gray had moved in and covered us like a flannel blanket. 

My daughter's birthday tomorrow so I will write about my darling daughter then.

There are many things I need to attend to today so I must leave you now and carry on with my day.
See you tomorrow on Valentines Day.

Saturday, February 11, 2012


Posted by PicasaToday is Michael's 50th birthday. This photo was taken this past summer. He was riding his newest toy.
Mike is quite a guy for 50. He sure does not look it at all. He is still as handsome as ever. No lie he is a handsome man with his green eyes and dark curly hair. He has kept himself in shape which is always a good thing.
I talked to him earlier and he was not feeling very well. He's had a cold all  last week and continued to work as he was needed. Also he had a tooth pulled a few days ago so it has been a rough week.  
Tomorrow when he is feeling better his son Tyson and Ty's gal friend are taking him to dinner. He just did not feel up to it today. His sister also wanted to take him to lunch today and he had to decline. So a 50th birthday spent at home with his dog. 

I also talked to my daughter today. Her birthday is Tuesday but I will write about her then.
We made plans while talking today for a little weekend together in a couple of weeks. We always have the best time. We are like two peas in a pod really we have always been that way it seems. I am happy that my children love spending time with me. The chatter goes non-stop and laughter abounds. I am so fortunate for those two in my life, I love them so they are such good human beings. What more could a Mother ask for?

I am a little bored today. I really am caught up on house chores as that is all I did all week. So today hubby is working again I am restless. I tidied the house early and then went for my walk. Did some laundry when I returned. I have read, caught up on office paperwork, worked on the puzzle sitting on the table and that is about it other than talking to Mike and Gina. I really do not have dinner prep either except for salad. 
I suppose it is good to have a down day without much on the agenda.
I am now going to put some favorite music on and think about my boys birthday. I mean the day 50 years ago. I will try remember what I can but I had such a terribly hard time with delivery it all seems like somewhat of a fog.
It was funny when I talking to Mike this afternoon. It was 1:15 and I remembered he was born a 1:17 in the afternoon. So I interrupted our conversation and said here you come, your on your way, at 1:17 I said, your here! We laughed.
On that note I will leave you for today.
Have a nice weekend. Ir is mild here and quite nice.
Till later.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I am in a contemplative mood today.  I suppose I am an opinionated person always have been but you know how that goes seems you have to keep the totality of your opinions at bay or who would want to be around you. So having a blog I will just say what I like as I am not talking to anyone specific  to offend. So I can say what is on my mind without remorse or feeling guilty. If I get long winded as I usually do I need not apologize it is my blog after all.  
So I am going to tell you about some things that make me tick or not and you can quit reading at any point if you get offended by what I say.

There are a number of things I do not talk about when conversing with people.
The first that comes to my mind is my spirituality.
Now mind you I am not talking religion. I have nothing against the churches I think they are a wonderful venue for folks that feel they need them and they aspire to the dogma that goes along with each particular church. It is a social thing for a lot of folks, the day of the week that they can go and join others of like faith and share in the reading of scriptures and songs and so forth. I grew up going to church. I actually went to many different churches until in my high school years my Mothers decided she wanted us to be Lutherans much to my Grandmothers displeasure as she was a Episcopalian.  So I went to the local Lutheran church became confirmed, sang in the choir, starred in the Christmas plays and was highly involved. I continued to go to church throughout the years though maybe a little more sporadically. When my children were born off we went to Lutheran church with our little ones in tow. They were christened Lutheran's. We continued to be a church family for a number of years. I took bible study courses every week when my children were small and my kids went to vacation bible school etc.
However throughout this whole entire period of my church life something always loomed in the back of my mind. I had questions lots of them.
Why would one church's dogma be right and another's wrong? Why would you go to hell if you were not baptized? So that means all the folks in third world countries that have their own religions if they are not baptized they will spend eternity in hell? Come on? Why tithe ten percent? Sometimes when the kids were small we barely could put groceries on the table, why should I take our grocery money and tithe so the preacher can have food on his table? If you have extra money and want to give it to the church that would a good thing as I am sure it would be appreciated and needed. But to make tithing a rule......hmmm. Why would the pastor come to the door if I missed a Sunday at church? Wasn't it my business and my business alone if I choose to miss a Sunday for whatever reason? I did not liked being looked at as a sinner.  Well anyhow  many many things did not set right with me.
So no more church, but that did not mean no more God. 
In my spirituality I believe in God.  I finally throughout the years of study and workshops, books and other venues found out what I actually was. I am a agnostic christian. That fits me. That is a seeker of the truth who does believe in God. So I have my own beliefs and I am always studying and learning. 
It is always good to talk to folks of like beliefs it energizes you but to debate religion as opposed to spirituality is exhausting and draining and reaps no rewards.
I have had many spiritual experiences that have deeply cemented the way I believe  and so many amazing things have taken place since I took the metaphysical route and starting meditating and going within to find God. I find I like listening to God instead of the other way around.

Next on the agenda if you are still with me is politic's. 
I am a democrat but with that statement I will say I have voted spilt tickets in the past and also have placed my vote for a republican president at one point in time. I am not hooked on a party for the party's sake. If I like a person and believe in their agenda I will vote for them.
I would call myself a conservative liberal. Is there such a thing?  I think so. I do not talk politic's with anyone other than my family who are of like thought.
I will say this and what I am going to say hurts me to core.
I do hate it when folks say mean things about our president because of his race.  The good old boys can sugar coat it anyway they like and have you believe it is not because of color but it is and they are bigoted. Who cares what color a persons skin is? We are all the same we are human beings. No one should ever say some of the things I have read that have been said about President Obama. What has happened to respecting our president? There is no more respect in politic's any longer. 

Thirdly I would like to say that I abhor materialism and technology at this point. When folks have to have more than they could ever possibly use or need it is a shame and more so a waste of precious resources. Just buy and buy and shop and shop. Always something on the horizon something new to want. People the hole will never be filled, never. Be happy with what you have and you do not need much to have a happy content life.
 I love this quote by Theodore Roosevelt. "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are."
Set an example for your children not to be wasteful consumers. Children do not need to be given everything they desire. Limit's should be set.
I see the school kids wandering down the street after school with their thumbs just flying texting on their cell phone and  I-pod earphones stuck in their ears. Then they go home to their computer games, their I-boxes and on and on. They are just lost in a maze of non-reality. It is so sad to me that there is no interaction between anyone anymore. What a laugh the social network is. Young people do not even know how to be social. They never talk to anyone all they do is text or FB or Twitter a few comments that mean nothing. It is all so silly.

So there you have it my three biggest issues that I(mostly) kept to myself when chatting it up with folks. but it is who I am. That is why I feel I can express myself on my blog as you can tune me out or just delete me. Every once in a while I need to get on my soap box.

I suppose the important thing for me is to be content with myself which I am and  really I do not concern myself with others. There is very little I can change in the large scheme of things but I can keep the things that are important to me held fast.

Tomorrow I will be back with my usual cooking blog with a photo.
I am off now to enjoy nature on a walk in the soft fresh rain through the lush green trees that line the road I wander down. 
Till later.

Monday, February 6, 2012


Posted by PicasaSarah is my niece.
She will be graduating from OSU this spring then in September she will moving to Magden Switzerland for eleven months to be an au pair for a family there. She wanted to take a break for a year before settling into a teaching position which more than likely will be in Europe.
This is one adventurous young woman. She has been involved with Camp Adventure during her college experience and has been teaching summers in European countries. Already she has seen much of Europe and her life is truly just beginning. 
So I raise my wine glass to you Sarah.  I know the obstacles you have faced and nothing has been without hard work and fortitude as you do not come from a family with means. But your parents have given you as much financial support as they could mster and have been supportive in every way.
 I for one am so happy for you and all that life will bring you as you always seek the road less traveled.

Well now back to my own reality. My traveled roads are quite boring at times up River Road and back. 
I ran a few errands this morning actually buzzed around to a half dozen places quite quickly and got much accomplished.
It is another stellar day here. I am loving this weather.

Tonight in Zo'z Kitchen I am making schnitzel with chicken breasts. So nice crispy thin chicken pieces breaded and fried in hot oil. I will serve with chicken mustard gravy, creamed corn and baked potatoes. A old style meal but easy on the tummy after two nights of lasagna with it's red rich sauce we need a change. The pieces if schnitzel that are left over make the best sandwiches.
here is the recipe for the chicken schnitzel.

flour for dredging
kosher salt  black pepper
2 eggs
1 tbsp. heavy cream
Italian bread crumbs
two boneless chicken breast cut into four pieces and pounded thin between wax paper.
canola oil for deep frying 
3 tbsp. unsalted butter

Salt and pepper chicken to taste and then dredge chicken pieces in flour, shake then dunk into beaten eggs and cream, then press into the bread crumbs coating well shake off any loose crumbs and set aside on plate and repeat with the rest of the chicken
Add the oil to a deep skillet(cast iron is best) and using a fat fry thermometer heat to 350 degree's then add the butter and bring the temp back to 350. Lay the pieces in the skillet and carefully spoon the hot oil over the chicken until the breading puffs and the chicken turns golden brown. Turn and repeat procedure until lightly browned. Remove to paper towel lined plate and cover lightly with foil while you do the remainder.
That is it. Enjoy.

Hubby will be late tonight so we will be eating late. This cannot be helped however as he is on a time schedule corresponding to his clients wishes. So be it.
Well I am going to close for now and think of Sarah and her adventures while I clean the bathrooms.........oh yeah.

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Posted by PicasaI took these photo's from the deck yesterday. I sat in the warm sun and read for a couple of hours. It was heavenly considering it was February 4th.  
I sat and stared at the sky for the longest time just drinking up that deep thick blue. Today is repeat, oh yes life it good!

I am out of the house this afternoon while most of America is glued to their TV sets watching the Super Bowl. My hubby is hard at work and I will be out spending money......laugh. No seriously I have errands and a good day to do them I think. I wonder how many other non football enthusiasts will be out there with me?

I did a thing that out of character for me this morning. I did not sleep well last night and after getting hubby out the door at seven-thirty I decided to go back to bed(I never do this) for an hour. So I went off into dreamland and when I awoke I thought that was nice I feel better, rested. I glanced over at the digital and was shocked. It was ten AM. I was stunned I scrambled out of the bed in a flash as if someone where there to scold me. Now it seems to me the day has raced by it is 12:30 PM already and I am just getting started with my day.
I hope I can sleep tonight.

My sis in law called a bit ago and asked if I wanted to join them for Super Bowl. I said I may stop by after returning from shopping and thanked her for the invite. However I doubt I will stop as this year is a reprieve for me. So I am off to do my own thing.

The lasagna was good last night. I had a bit of an issue with the magic cobbler as it turned out it was not quite as magic as it should have been. Most of the cobbler stayed right where it was on the bottom and did not rise to the top. Bummer. I did not nothing wrong it just happened. It still taste good but looks rather odd. We are having leftovers tonight as I am not certain what time my husband will be home.

We are looking forward to our little getaway and also Valentines day.
We are so still in love after all these years. We will have been together 30 years this coming July. I simple could not imagine my life without this caring sweet man in it. He treats me like a treasure and believe me sometimes I am not! We are so close in our daily lives as we do not have an abundance of friends we mainly do things with each other only. We never lack of things to talk about to plan for etc. A romantic love song will come on the radio or Pandora and my throat fills up with so much love for him. Since I have meet him and we committed to be a couple I have never had the urge to even look at another man in a romantic way. So not go on and on but truly we are Valentines and we adore the day to even cherish each other more.

I have a few little things I want to do before heading out the door so I will close this blog now.
Have a fun Super Bowl if that is what you are into. There are millions of dollars bet on this game. So some folks will make a bundle others will lose their  britches but hey there is always next year.
Good luck :)

Saturday, February 4, 2012


Posted by PicasaI am thawing the last package of frozen blackberries that were picked from our side yard this summer. At this point I do not know if I am going to make a berry pie or a magic berry cobbler. I do not have vanilla ice cram on hand only whipping cream so I am thinking perhaps the cobbler. I have made this cobbler twice the recipe was torn from a cooking magizine. It is fun to make as you put the batter in the bottom of the baking dish and put the berries on top but that crust all rises to the top and the berries wind up under it with bits of crust running through the cobbler. We like it and it is easy to make.
However there's nothing like a wonderful berry pie all sticky around the pie crust edges and those luscious tart berries inside that delicate crust. Decisions, decisions.

My sweet husband and I had a really fun afternoon yesterday. He was on a bid and picking up supplies yesterday morning and he called me to ask if I  would like to go to the Steelhead brewery for a brew and a appetizer and sit in the sun in their sidewalk serving area. There is full sun there and with the brick building behind you it a very welcome experience this time of year when we long so for the warmth of the sun. So of course I said yes I would love to go.
So later about two we drove over to the 5th st area of our city. We like this area as it is chucked full of eateries and bars, shopping etc. Quaint stores and also the 5th st market place. They are also building a boutique hotel in this area. It is very exclusive and is a lovely structure.
So we enjoyed drinks, snacks and the heat of the sun. We love to sit and watch the foot traffic traipsing here and there. If you know Eugene at all you know we have a very diverse group of folks living in this city. So it is very entertaining to people watch. So a nice enjoyable time with my guy yesterday.
Later I made rib eye steaks in the cast iron skillet and topped them before they rested with Gorgonzola butter. When I say they were cooked to perfection, tender and juicy with cheesy butter I do not lie.

Tonight I am making for dinner lasagna with a package of my roasted garlic tomato sauce that I froze last summer from our garden tomatoes. I only will have one package left now. I do still have many bags of just the tomatoes  so that will suffice but hubby and I already decided that next year I will make more of that smokey roasted tomato sauce. I will make a butter lettuce salad with radish's, sweet onion and Italian dressing with Parmesan cheese. I think I am going to skip making any kind of bread this evening. Neither of us need the extra calories as the lasagna is a splurge.

I want to work outdoors this afternoon on the back deck. It needs a good sweeping and tidying. The nook and kitchen windows need a cleaning also. When the sun shines in it is not a pretty sight at this point as they are coated with winter grime. 

My husband started a huge job today that he will work on daily for ten days with no breaks and more than likely ten plus hour days. Then we will have a small reprieve. With his work it seems of late it is feast or famine.

Well my kitchen is calling me. I need to clean up the morning mess and get going on my berry cobbler. Yes while writing this I have decided upon the cobbler. With the silky whipped cream it will make a very tasty desert for this evenings meal. I need to think portion control this evening for sure!

Enjoy your weekend.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Posted by PicasaI took the camera with me this morning when I walked along the road adjacent to where live. This is a quiet country road with developments like ours along one side indicating the city boundaries, and quiet farms and fields along the other side of the road which is the county boundary.
I know  I commented on a prvious blog that all is ugly and grim this time of year and this is true for the most part but still one can find something interesting to photograph. 
The day has a spring feel but I was a little fooled as there was a little wind and it was nippy. I really needed to have my little snuggy little cap on and a warmer hoodie. When I returned home I had flushed cheeks, a cold drippy nose and my clothes had that wonderful smell  like sheets brought in from the clothesline. 

We made reservations this morning at Spirit Mountain Casino resort for a couple of nights in February. We have not been there for about ten years. When we lived in Portland we would go occasionally in our motor coach and stay in their RV parking area. By the looks of the place on their web page it is enormous now it has really expanded. The rooms look wonderful very luxurious. We reserved a top floor corner king room with a view of the fountain and courtyard. I think it will be a fun time for us as we have not been to Casino for a long time. We are not big gamblers but do enjoy a gambling on rare occasion.

We will dine this evening on the chicken noodle soup we enjoyed last night. I made a large pot as I usually do as I do enjoy a cook free night sometimes. I will make those cheesy biscuits to go with dinner tonight however. I have fun making them they are so easy and very simple. I have posted the recipe for those in the past.

Last night I put my menu together for the next seven days. I will shop tomorrow for all ingredients.
I am anxious to try "Garden veggie Linguine with Cilantro pesto." A simple recipe and quite a healthy dish. It is a very pretty dish according to the picture.
I am also making spinach lasagna one evening. A stir fry with rice, salmon fish and chips and a German meal. So lots on the agenda. Of course we will repeat some meals as we will have leftovers. I am so lucky that my hubby does not mind leftovers in fact he looks forward to them. Some of my gal pal's have told me the men in their lives will not eat leftovers, what a shame.
A easy good for meal right in the middle of that agenda will be bakers stuffed with salad and homemade ranch style dressing. I will probably be a little bad and fry a couple slices of bacon to crumble over the tops.
We are not doing anything for Super Bowl as hubby will be working a long day and I will not even put the telly on. I could care less about the NFL. However if my husband was home I would watch with him and we would have game fare.

Well I want to sketch a little this afternoon on a rendering of a European village crawling down a cliff. I find it very relaxing to sit at the dining room table and draw. It is a bright room with a large window over looking our garden spot. Of course this time of year nothing is growing out there except for weeds. But it is fun to watch the squirrels dig holes in the raised beds and hide their nuts. Not to fun to watch the neighborhood cats do their thing in the garden beds but if I am sitting there I can at least tap on the window and scare them away.

Have a nice day even the day is boring(like here) it is nice sometimes to just veg out.